Paragliding in Armenia offers a thrilling way to soar above Yerevan’s captivating landscapes. Guided by experienced instructors, visitors can take to the skies on tandem flights launching from altitudes up to 9,200 feet. This activity provides an unparalleled aerial perspective of iconic sights like Mount Ararat and Lake Sevan. Though the logistics are straightforward, the experience itself is anything but ordinary. Those seeking an adventure beyond Armenia’s renowned cultural heritage won’t want to miss the chance to witness its natural beauty from above.

Key Points

Paragliding in Armenia - Key Points

  • Paragliding tours in Armenia offer the opportunity to soar over Yerevan and its picturesque landscapes, including Mount Ararat and the Caucasus Mountains.
  • Tandem paragliding flights depart from launch sites situated between 6,200 to 9,200 feet (2,000 to 2,800 meters) in elevation, providing stunning aerial views.
  • The tours include professional guides, GoPro video capture, air-conditioned transportation, and a flight certificate, ensuring a safe and memorable experience.
  • Paragliding sites are carefully selected to offer both seasoned and first-time flyers a thrilling yet safe adventure.
  • With overwhelmingly positive reviews, the paragliding tours in Armenia are described as a ‘must-do’ activity for visitors seeking an unforgettable aerial experience.

Overview of Paragliding Tour

Paragliding in Armenia - Overview of Paragliding Tour

The paragliding tour in Yerevan, Armenia offers visitors the chance to soar over the city and its surrounding landscapes, with launches from altitudes ranging between 6,200 to 9,200 feet (2,000 to 2,800 meters) above sea level.

Participants can experience thrilling tandem paragliding flights, accompanied by professional guides who’ll capture the aerial views with GoPro video.

The tour includes convenient air-conditioned minivan transportation, pickup and drop-off from designated meeting points, as well as insurance coverage and a flight certificate.

With 368 highly rated reviews, this activity promises an unforgettable adventure for those seeking to admire the stunning vistas of Yerevan and its picturesque environs from a bird’s-eye perspective.

Tandem Flights and Launch Sites

Paragliding in Armenia - Tandem Flights and Launch Sites

Participants can embark on thrilling tandem paragliding flights, soaring high above Yerevan’s stunning landscapes from launch sites situated between 6,200 to 9,200 feet (2,000 to 2,800 meters) in elevation.

With the help of experienced guides, adventurers can enjoy unparalleled aerial views of the city and its surroundings.

The launch sites are carefully selected to ensure a safe and exhilarating experience, allowing thrill-seekers to glide effortlessly over the region’s diverse terrain.

Whether you’re a seasoned paraglider or a first-time flyer, this activity promises an unforgettable adventure amidst Armenia’s breathtaking natural beauty.

Inclusions and Amenities

Paragliding in Armenia - Inclusions and Amenities

Professional guides accompany participants, providing GoPro video shooting, insurance, and a flight certificate. Helmets are used, and air-conditioned minivans transport guests from designated meeting points to the launch sites.

The tours operate with safety in mind, ensuring participants have the necessary gear and support throughout the experience. The included transportation makes it easy for visitors to get to the launch sites, which range from 6,200 to 9,200 feet above sea level.

With the GoPro video, guests can capture their aerial adventure and share the breathtaking views of Yerevan and the surrounding landscapes. The inclusions and amenities provide a well-rounded and seamless paragliding experience in Armenia.

Meeting Point and Schedule

Paragliding in Armenia - Meeting Point and Schedule

Yerevan Mergelyan Scientific Research Institute of Mathematical Machines serves as the meeting point, with tours starting at 6:00 AM. From here, adventurers are whisked away in air-conditioned minivans to the launch sites, which range from 6,200 to 9,200 feet (2,000 to 2,800 meters) above sea level. This early start ensures optimal weather conditions for the paragliding flights and allows participants to soak in the stunning aerial views of Yerevan and the surrounding landscapes. Pickup and drop-off at the designated meeting point are included, making the entire experience seamless and convenient for all.

Meeting Point Start Time Pickup/Drop-off
Yerevan Mergelyan Scientific Research Institute of Mathematical Machines 6:00 AM Included

Cancellation Policy

Paragliding in Armenia - Cancellation Policy

A full refund is available if the experience is canceled at least 24 hours before the start time. No refunds are provided for cancellations less than 24 hours prior to the start.

The company understands that plans can change, so they offer this flexible cancellation policy. Customers who cancel with enough notice can get their money back, while last-minute cancellations aren’t eligible for a refund.

This policy aims to balance the needs of both the company and the customers. It’s a straightforward approach that sets clear expectations around refunds.

Customers can book with confidence, knowing they’ve the option to cancel if necessary, as long as they provide ample notice.

Customer Reviews

Paragliding in Armenia - Customer Reviews

They’ve received overwhelmingly positive reviews from previous customers, with an average rating of 5 stars out of 368 reviews. Customers consistently praise the professional guide, aerial views, and overall experience.

Many highlight the convenience of the air-conditioned transportation and express their satisfaction with the included video and insurance coverage. Reviewers note the unforgettable experience of paragliding at such high altitudes above the beautiful Yerevan landscape.

Customers describe the tour as a ‘must-do’ activity, emphasizing the stunning scenery and exceptional service provided by the paragliding team. The reviews reflect the company’s commitment to delivering a truly memorable and safe adventure for all participants.

Aerial Views and Landscapes

Paragliding in Armenia - Aerial Views and Landscapes

Soaring high above the city, paragliders are treated to stunning aerial views of Yerevan’s historic landmarks and the surrounding mountainous landscapes. As they glide effortlessly through the sky, they’re afforded a unique perspective of the region’s natural beauty.

Some of the must-see sights include:

  • The iconic Mount Ararat, which looms majestically in the distance
  • The shimmering waters of Lake Sevan, one of the largest high-altitude lakes in the world
  • The rugged, snow-capped peaks of the Caucasus Mountains that border Armenia
  • The lush, verdant valleys and rolling hills that characterize the countryside
  • The ancient monasteries and fortresses that dot the landscape, reminders of Armenia’s rich cultural heritage

This aerial adventure offers a truly unforgettable way to experience the breathtaking scenery of Armenia.

Professional Guides and Gear

Experienced guides accompany participants on these paragliding tours, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience. They provide comprehensive briefings on the necessary equipment and safety protocols before launching.

The guides also operate the specialized gear, including the paragliders and GoPro cameras, to capture stunning aerial footage throughout the flights.

Flights depart from the Yerevan Mergelyan Scientific Research Institute of Mathematical Machines, and participants are transported via air-conditioned minivans to and from the launch site.

The helmet and insurance provided offer additional peace of mind, while the flight certificate serves as a memento of the thrilling experience.

With the guides’ expertise and the high-quality equipment, participants can fully enjoy the breathtaking views of Yerevan and the surrounding landscapes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Experienced Do I Need to Be to Go Paragliding?

No prior experience is needed for a tandem paragliding flight. The experienced instructor handles all the flying, and participants simply enjoy the aerial views. As long as you’re healthy and comfortable with heights, you can try paragliding.

Can I Bring My Own Equipment for the Flight?

No, guests generally can’t bring their own equipment for a tandem paragliding flight. Paragliding operators provide all the necessary gear, including the paraglider, harness, and helmet, to ensure safety and proper operation during the flight.

What Should I Wear for the Paragliding Experience?

For a paragliding experience, one should wear comfortable, breathable clothing like athletic wear or light hiking attire. Dress in layers as the temperature may change during the flight. Sturdy closed-toe shoes are also recommended for the best comfort and safety.

Is There an Age or Weight Limit for Participants?

There are typically age and weight limits for paragliding. Most operators require participants to be between 12-65 years old and under 230 lbs. These limits ensure safety and proper equipment functioning. It’s best to check with the specific operator beforehand.

Are There Any Medical Conditions That Could Prevent Me From Flying?

Some medical conditions like heart issues, recent surgeries, or severe back/neck problems may prevent safe paragliding. Participants should consult with their doctor before booking a flight. The tour operator can also advise on any medical restrictions.


Paragliding in Armenia offers a thrilling way to soar over the country’s stunning landscapes.

With professional guides, visitors can experience tandem flights and capture breathtaking aerial views of Yerevan, Mount Ararat, and the Caucasus Mountains.

The tours include transportation, video recording, and a flight certificate, ensuring a safe and unforgettable adventure for travelers seeking an extraordinary perspective of Armenia’s natural beauty.

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