The rugged Basque Coast is a magnet for travelers seeking a glimpse of Spain’s maritime heritage. Its charming fishing villages, like the colorful Bermeo, captivate visitors with their quaint streets and centuries-old traditions. But the region’s true showstopper lies just offshore – the dramatic site of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, a rocky islet connected to the mainland by a winding staircase. This stunning location, featured in the hit TV series Game of Thrones, promises to transport anyone who ventures there into a world of awe-inspiring natural beauty and cinematic wonder. Beyond the coastline, there’s much more to discover in this captivating corner of Spain.

Key Points

Villages on the Coast & Games of Thrones Site - Key Points

  • The Basque Coast along the Biscay Bay offers charming fishing villages with unique characters and a centuries-old maritime culture.
  • San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, a dramatic natural wonder and filming site for Game of Thrones, features a 241-step winding stone staircase leading to a tiny chapel.
  • Bermeo, a colorful seaside town, showcases the warmth and energy of local fishermen and their families, as well as the freshest seafood offerings.
  • The Biscay landscapes feature lush meadows, towering limestone formations, and picturesque seaside villages nestled in sheltered coves.
  • Visitors can enjoy the authentic Basque way of life, sample traditional pintxos and txakoli wine, and appreciate the region’s rich heritage and traditions.

Basque Coast Charm

Villages on the Coast & Games of Thrones Site - Basque Coast Charm

The Basque coast captivates visitors with its rugged beauty, where dramatic cliffs plunge into the churning Atlantic waters.

This untamed, windswept landscape is dotted with charming fishing villages, each with its own unique character. One such gem is Bermeo, a colorful town that has been a hub of maritime activity for centuries. Wander its narrow streets, lined with brightly painted buildings, and you’ll feel transported to a bygone era.

Further along the coast, the famous Game of Thrones filming site of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe stands as a testament to the region’s dramatic natural splendor. With its winding stone staircase leading to a tiny chapel perched atop a craggy islet, it’s a sight that will leave you in awe.

Filming Site Exploration

Villages on the Coast & Games of Thrones Site - Filming Site Exploration

Leaving the charming villages behind, visitors can now explore the famous Game of Thrones filming site of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, a dramatic natural wonder that has captured the imagination of fans worldwide.

This iconic islet, connected to the mainland by a long, winding staircase, is a breathtaking sight to behold. Visitors can climb the 241 steps to the hermitage at the top, taking in the stunning coastal vistas and the crashing waves below.

Along the way, they’ll feel as if they’ve been transported to the mystical world of Westeros, where numerous pivotal scenes from the show were filmed. It’s an exhilarating experience that brings the fantasy world of Game of Thrones to life.

Bermeo’s Colorful Fishermen

Villages on the Coast & Games of Thrones Site - Bermeos Colorful Fishermen

After exploring the dramatic filming site of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, visitors can now discover the charming and colorful town of Bermeo, a quaint fishermen’s settlement nestled along the Biscay coast.

This vibrant coastal community offers a glimpse into the traditional maritime culture that has long defined the region, with its lively harbor, bustling seafood markets, and picturesque houses adorned in a rainbow of hues.

Strolling through Bermeo’s winding streets, one can’t help but be captivated by the warmth and energy of the local fishermen and their families, who proudly display their catch of the day and invite visitors to sample the freshest, most flavorful seafood.

Bermeo is a true gem, a place that celebrates the enduring connection between the land, the sea, and the people who call this corner of the Basque Country home.

Stunning Biscay Landscapes

Villages on the Coast & Games of Thrones Site - Stunning Biscay Landscapes

Amidst the rugged coastline of Biscay lies a tapestry of stunning landscapes that captivate the senses, from the dramatic cliffs plunging into the crashing waves to the verdant rolling hills that stretch inland.

Drivers along the winding roads are treated to breathtaking vistas around every turn, including:

  1. Lush meadows blanketed in vibrant wildflowers swaying in the salty ocean breeze.
  2. Towering limestone formations carved by the relentless power of the sea over centuries.
  3. Charming seaside villages nestled in sheltered coves, their colorful homes reflecting in the tranquil waters.

This rugged yet beautiful corner of Spain offers a truly striking contrast of land and sea, a feast for the eyes and the soul.

Local Experience Enjoyment

Travelers can soak up the local atmosphere as they wander through the charming coastal villages, mingling with friendly residents and seeing the authentic Basque way of life. They’ll feel the brisk sea breeze on their face and hear the lively chatter of the fishermen mending their nets.

Strolling through the colorful streets of Bermeo, visitors can stop for a bite at a local café, sampling traditional Basque pintxos and sipping on crisp txakoli wine.

The rugged landscapes and quaint seaside towns offer a glimpse into the region’s rich heritage and traditions, leaving travelers with a deeper appreciation for the local culture.

Guernica’s Picasso Inspiration

Villages on the Coast & Games of Thrones Site - Guernicas Picasso Inspiration

Guernica, the small town on the Biscay coast, served as the inspiration for Picasso’s famous painting of the same name, a powerful work that captured the devastation of the Spanish Civil War. The painting, widely regarded as one of Picasso’s masterpieces, was a response to the bombing of Guernica by German and Italian forces during the conflict.

Today, visitors to the town can explore the powerful legacy of this event through:

  1. The Guernica Peace Museum, which chronicles the history and impact of the bombing.
  2. The iconic Oak Tree of Guernica, a symbol of the town’s resilience and independence.
  3. The Picasso-inspired murals and artworks that adorn the city’s walls.

Coastal Air Enjoyment

Villages on the Coast & Games of Thrones Site - Coastal Air Enjoyment

As one drives along the stunning Biscay coastline, they can’t help but be invigorated by the refreshing sea air, which carries the salty scent of the nearby ocean.

The cool, briny breeze sweeps across the rocky cliffs and sandy beaches, energizing the senses and awakening the body.

Inhaling deeply, visitors feel a sense of calm and rejuvenation wash over them, as the stresses of daily life seem to melt away.

This coastal air is truly a natural tonic, cleansing the lungs and clearing the mind.

Whether on foot, bike, or behind the wheel, travelers can’t help but pause and savor the revitalizing properties of this seaside atmosphere, leaving them feeling refreshed and renewed.

Booking and Duration

This tour is available for booking from €9,121 per person, with flexible options that allow travelers to reserve now and pay later.

The experience lasts for 8 hours, though it’s important to note it’s not suitable for wheelchair users.

The tour’s booking flexibility offers several advantages:

  1. Travelers can secure their spot in advance without the need for immediate payment.
  2. The duration of 8 hours provides ample time to explore the coastal villages and the famous Game of Thrones filming site.

However, the tour’s exclusion of wheelchair accessibility may limit participation for some visitors, so it’s crucial to consider accessibility needs when booking.


Villages on the Coast & Games of Thrones Site - Recap

The Basque Coast’s captivating charm and dramatic landscapes transport visitors to a bygone era.

From the colorful fishing town of Bermeo to the mystical Game of Thrones filming site at San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, this region offers a unique coastal experience.

Whether marveling at Picasso’s Guernica inspiration or simply enjoying the invigorating sea air, travelers can enjoy the local culture and natural wonders of this remarkable destination.

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