Priorat’s reputation as a premier Spanish wine region precedes it. This full-day tour from Barcelona offers an immersive experience, guiding visitors through the captivating landscapes and renowned wineries. With three tastings, a Catalan lunch, and a small group setting, it’s the perfect opportunity to explore the region’s winemaking traditions. Whether you’re a seasoned oenophile or simply curious about the art of viticulture, this tour promises to unveil the charm and complexity of Priorat’s vintages. Prepare to indulge your senses and uncover the secrets that make this corner of Spain so alluring.

Key Points

Priorat Wineries Tour With Wine Tastings and Lunch From Barcelona - Key Points

  • Full-day small-group tour from Barcelona to the renowned Priorat wine region.
  • Guided visits and wine tastings at three top-rated wineries in the region.
  • Opportunity to sample the wineries’ finest vintages and learn about the winemaking process.
  • Inclusion of a 3-course Catalan lunch to complement the wine tasting experience.
  • Comfortable air-conditioned transportation and a knowledgeable local guide throughout the tour.

Tour Overview

Priorat Wineries Tour With Wine Tastings and Lunch From Barcelona - Tour Overview

This full-day, small-group tour from Barcelona takes visitors to the renowned Priorat wine region, offering an intimate experience at three top-rated wineries with guided tours and tastings, as well as a delectable 3-course Catalan lunch.

The tour is limited to a maximum of 8 participants, ensuring a personalized and exclusive experience.

Guests will be treated to scenic vineyard landscapes and gain valuable insights into the Priorat winemaking process from knowledgeable local guides.

The tour includes round-trip transportation, all wine tastings, and the gourmet lunch, making it a comprehensive and hassle-free way to explore this acclaimed wine-producing area just outside of Barcelona.

Highlights of the Tour

Priorat Wineries Tour With Wine Tastings and Lunch From Barcelona - Highlights of the Tour

Visitors on the Priorat Wineries Tour can expect to be captivated by the region’s picturesque vineyard landscapes and enjoy an intimate wine-tasting experience at three acclaimed local wineries.

Guided tours at each winery provide fascinating insights into the winemaking process and the unique terroir of the Priorat. Guests will have the opportunity to sample a selection of the wineries’ finest vintages and learn about the distinct characteristics of the region’s signature grape varieties.

Along With the wine tastings, the tour includes a delectable 3-course Catalan lunch featuring locally-sourced ingredients, allowing participants to fully enjoy the culinary traditions of the Priorat.

Included in the Tour

Priorat Wineries Tour With Wine Tastings and Lunch From Barcelona - Included in the Tour

The Priorat Wineries Tour provides a comprehensive experience, including round-trip transportation from Barcelona, guided visits at three top-rated wineries, and a 3-course Catalan lunch.

You’ll be whisked away in a comfortable air-conditioned vehicle, accompanied by a knowledgeable local guide who’ll share insights into the Priorat winemaking region.

At each winery, you’ll enjoy an intimate tasting and guided tour, learning about the unique terroir and production methods that make Priorat wines so exceptional.

To cap off the day, you’ll savor a gourmet 3-course meal showcasing the best of Catalan cuisine. With all these inclusions, this tour offers an unbeatable value for wine enthusiasts seeking an immersive experience in the Priorat region.

Meeting Point and Start Time

The tour starts at 8:30 am, meeting at the Banc d’Espanya in Plaça de Catalunya in Barcelona.

This full-day small-group tour promises an intimate exploration of the Priorat wine region.

Your transportation is taken care of – an air-conditioned vehicle will whisk you away from the city and into the picturesque Priorat countryside.

The tour size is limited to a maximum of 8 participants, ensuring a personalized experience at each of the top-rated wineries you’ll visit.

After a day of wine tastings and a delicious 3-course Catalan lunch, you’ll return to Barcelona, having discovered the unique character of this renowned wine region.

Tour Duration

This full-day small-group tour promises an intimate exploration of the Priorat wine region, lasting from 8:30 am to the evening.

Over the course of the day, you’ll visit three acclaimed wineries, indulge in wine tastings, and savor a 3-course Catalan lunch.

The tour size is limited to a maximum of 8 participants, ensuring a personalized experience as you explore the scenic Priorat landscape and uncover the nuances of its renowned winemaking.

Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or simply seeking a memorable day trip from Barcelona, this comprehensive tour provides the perfect opportunity to learn about the rich cultural and gastronomic traditions of the Priorat.

Confirmation and Accessibility

Confirmation of your booking is received instantly, and the tour is accessible to guests in wheelchairs and strollers.

Vegetarian meal options are available upon request, catering to diverse dietary needs.

With a 24-hour cancellation policy for a full refund, guests can book with confidence, knowing they can adjust their plans if necessary.

This thoughtful attention to detail ensures a worry-free experience from start to finish.

Whether you’re exploring the region’s scenic vineyards or savoring a gourmet Catalan lunch, you’re in good hands with this well-organized and accessible tour.

With a maximum group size of 8, you’ll enjoy an intimate, personalized experience throughout the day.

Age Requirement

Priorat Wineries Tour With Wine Tastings and Lunch From Barcelona - Age Requirement

To participate in this Priorat Wineries Tour, guests must be at least 18 years of age. This age requirement ensures a responsible and enjoyable experience for all participants as they explore the region’s renowned wineries and indulge in the gourmet Catalan lunch.

The tour’s intimate nature, with a maximum of 8 people, creates an exclusive atmosphere where guests can fully enjoy the Priorat wine culture.

Whether you’re a seasoned wine enthusiast or new to the world of oenology, this tour provides a unique opportunity to discover the exceptional quality and rich history of the Priorat winemaking region.

Cancellation Policy

Priorat Wineries Tour With Wine Tastings and Lunch From Barcelona - Cancellation Policy

Guests can receive a full refund if they cancel their Priorat Wineries Tour at least 24 hours in advance. This flexible cancellation policy ensures that travelers can book with confidence, knowing they won’t lose their money if plans change.

The tour operator understands that unexpected events can happen, so they’ve designed a hassle-free cancellation process. All guests have to do is notify the company within 24 hours of the tour start time to get a 100% refund.

This policy makes the Priorat Wineries Tour a risk-free experience, allowing guests to enjoy the scenic countryside, impressive wineries, and delicious Catalan cuisine without worrying about potential schedule conflicts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get to the Meeting Point From My Hotel?

To get to the meeting point from your hotel, you can take public transportation like the metro or bus. Check the route and schedule ahead of time to ensure you arrive at the Banc d’Espanya in Plaça de Catalunya on time.

Can I Purchase Wine at the Wineries During the Tour?

Yes, you can purchase wine at the wineries visited during the tour. The tour includes wine tastings, and you will have the opportunity to buy any wines they’d like to take home from the wineries.

Is There a Dress Code for the Winery Visits?

There’s no strict dress code for winery visits. Wear comfortable, casual clothing that’s appropriate for walking around the vineyards and tasting rooms. Avoid overly formal wear, and dress for the weather to ensure a relaxed, enjoyable experience.

Can I Take Photos During the Wine Tastings?

Yes, you can generally take photos during wine tastings. Most wineries welcome photos, as they understand guests want to capture the experience. Just be mindful not to disrupt the tasting or bother other visitors.

Are There Any Health or Dietary Restrictions I Should Inform the Operator About?

Yes, it’s a good idea to inform the tour operator about any health or dietary restrictions you have. They can accommodate vegetarian options and may be able to adjust the experience if you have other dietary needs or limitations.


This Priorat wine tour from Barcelona provides an immersive experience, allowing you to discover the region’s renowned wineries, savor its culinary delights, and admire the captivating vineyard landscapes.

With guided tours, tastings, and a delectable 3-course lunch, it’s an opportunity to explore the winemaking process and local traditions, all within the comfort of a small group setting.

It’s an unforgettable way to explore the Priorat wine region.

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