Discover the captivating beauty of the Stockholm Archipelago by kayak. This guided tour immerses adventurers in the region’s serene waterways, where they’ll weave past rocky islets and pine-forested shorelines. Along the way, participants can spot local wildlife and uncover hidden coves, lighthouses, and fishing villages. With a lunch on a private island and traditional Swedish Fika, the tour provides a well-rounded experience in the stunning natural surroundings. Whether you’re a seasoned kayaker or a first-time explorer, the necessary equipment is provided, making this adventure accessible to all. Prepare to be enchanted by the archipelago’s enchanting landscapes.

Key Points

Stockholm Archipelago Tour by Kayak - Key Points

  • Guided kayaking tour through the diverse natural landscapes of the Stockholm Archipelago, including serene waterways, rocky islets, and pine-forested shorelines.
  • Small group size of up to 8 participants for an intimate and personalized experience with an expert local guide.
  • Includes a lunch stop on a private island and Swedish fika breaks to immerse in the stunning natural surroundings.
  • Suitable for both seasoned kayakers and first-time adventurers, with all necessary equipment provided.
  • Convenient pick-up and drop-off from central Stockholm, ensuring a hassle-free and seamless experience.

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Exploring the Archipelago

Gliding silently across the calm waters, kayakers can explore the diverse natural landscapes of the Stockholm Archipelago, from rugged rocky islands to verdant pine-clad shores.

This unique island chain offers a chance to take in the region’s serene beauty, with opportunities to spot wildlife like seals, birds, and even the occasional moose.

Paddling through the archipelago’s intricate network of waterways, visitors can discover hidden coves, historic lighthouses, and picturesque fishing villages.

Whether weaving through the sheltered channels or venturing out to more exposed islets, the kayaking tour provides an intimate and active way to experience the region’s stunning natural splendor.

Kayaking Adventure Highlights

Stockholm Archipelago Tour by Kayak - Kayaking Adventure Highlights

Paddlers can expect to navigate through a network of serene waterways, weaving past rocky islets and lush, pine-forested shorelines during the kayaking tour.

The small group size allows for a more intimate experience, with each participant receiving personalized guidance from the knowledgeable guide.

Along the way, guests will have the opportunity to stop on a private island and enjoy a traditional Swedish Fika, savoring locally-sourced coffee and pastries.

The tour also includes a delectable lunch, providing a chance to refuel and soak in the stunning natural surroundings.

With all necessary equipment provided, first-time kayakers and seasoned paddlers alike can enjoy the beauty of the Stockholm archipelago.

What’s Included in the Tour

Stockholm Archipelago Tour by Kayak - Whats Included in the Tour

The Stockholm archipelago kayaking tour includes a range of amenities and services to enhance the overall experience. Guests are provided with convenient pick-up and drop-off from central Stockholm, ensuring a seamless start and end to the adventure.

The guided kayaking excursion allows visitors to explore the stunning natural beauty of the islands, with the expert knowledge of a local guide. Lunch on a private island and Swedish fika breaks offer opportunities to refuel and soak in the tranquility.

The tour also equips participants with all necessary kayaking gear, including life jackets, paddles, and dry bags, so they can fully enjoy the experience without worrying about equipment.

Tour Participant Requirements

Participants must be at least 10 years old and accompanied by an adult to join the Stockholm archipelago kayaking tour. The tour has a maximum of 8 travelers, ensuring an intimate and personalized experience. Pregnant individuals and those with back problems are not recommended to partake in the activity. Plus, the tour is not wheelchair accessible, though most travelers can participate as it is located near public transportation.

Requirement Details
Minimum Age 10 years old
Adult Supervision Required for minors
Group Size Maximum of 8 travelers
Physical Limitations Not recommended for pregnant or those with back problems
Accessibility Not wheelchair accessible, near public transportation

Tour Logistics and Details

Stockholm Archipelago Tour by Kayak - Tour Logistics and Details

The tour begins at 9:00 am, with pickup and drop-off from a central location in Stockholm.

Travelers meet at The Green Trails, located at Tideliusgatan 62, and the excursion ends back at the same meeting point.

Once there, the group will embark on a guided kayaking adventure through the stunning Stockholm archipelago.

The tour includes:

  • A provided lunch on a private island
  • Swedish Fika (coffee and pastries)
  • All necessary kayaking equipment, including life vests, paddles, and dry bags
  • A small group size, usually 3-4 guests per guide, for a more intimate experience

The tour lasts for the entire day, with guests returning to the starting point by the end of the excursion.

Cancellation Policy and Refunds

Stockholm Archipelago Tour by Kayak - Cancellation Policy and Refunds

You can cancel up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund, but any changes or cancellations less than 24 hours before the tour aren’t accepted.

This flexible policy allows you to plan your schedule with confidence, knowing you can get a full refund if your plans change.

However, it’s important to note that last-minute cancellations won’t be refunded. This helps the tour operator manage their bookings and ensure they can provide the best possible experience for all guests.

Vegetarian Food Options

Vegetarian dietary needs are accommodated on this Stockholm archipelago kayaking tour, with a range of plant-based lunch options available to satisfy diverse preferences. The tour operator works closely with local providers to ensure a tasty, nutritious midday meal is served on a private island.

Vegetarian guests can expect:

  • Freshly-made vegetable soups or stews
  • Wholesome salads with seasonal produce
  • Hearty sandwiches on artisanal breads
  • Swedish-inspired vegetarian meatballs or falafel

These satisfying dishes showcase the abundance of locally-sourced, sustainable ingredients found in the Stockholm region. Dietary restrictions and preferences are easily accommodated with advance notice, allowing all participants to fully enjoy the unique lunch experience amid the scenic archipelago.

Meeting Point and Start Time

Departing from The Green Trails at Tideliusgatan 62 in central Stockholm, the guided kayaking tour commences promptly at 9:00 am.

There, travelers will meet their experienced guide and receive a brief safety orientation before setting out to explore the stunning Stockholm archipelago.

The tour ends back at the same meeting point, allowing participants to easily return to their starting location.

With a maximum group size of 8, the intimate experience ensures personalized attention from the guide throughout the excursion.

Whether you’re a seasoned kayaker or a first-time adventurer, this tour provides a unique opportunity to discover the natural beauty and tranquility of Stockholm’s expansive waterways.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Bring My Own Kayak Equipment?

No, participants cannot bring their own kayak equipment. The tour provides all the necessary gear, including kayaks, paddles, life jackets, and dry bags. This ensures everyone has the proper equipment for a safe and enjoyable experience.

Is There an Age Limit for the Younger Participants?

The minimum age for the tour is 10 years old, with adult supervision required for younger participants. This is to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all guests on the kayaking excursion.

Are There Any Special Dietary Requirements for the Lunch?

The tour offers vegetarian options for lunch, so guests with special dietary needs can be accommodated. The small group size allows the guide to cater to individual preferences and ensure all participants have an enjoyable experience.

Can I Leave My Belongings at the Meeting Point During the Tour?

Yes, travelers can leave their belongings at the meeting point during the tour. The tour operator will provide secure storage for any items you don’t want to bring along on the kayaking excursion.

Do I Need to Know How to Swim to Participate in the Tour?

You don’t need to know how to swim to participate in this tour. The kayaks are stable and life jackets are provided, ensuring a safe experience even for non-swimmers. The tour is designed for all skill levels to enjoy.


The Stockholm Archipelago Tour by Kayak offers a unique way to experience the region’s stunning natural beauty. Participants can enjoy the serene waterways, spotting wildlife and discovering hidden gems along the way.

With a delicious lunch and Swedish Fika included, this guided tour provides a well-rounded adventure, catering to both seasoned kayakers and first-time explorers.

It’s an unforgettable opportunity to connect with the archipelago’s enchanting landscapes.

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