Trekking through the captivating Samaria Gorge is a must-do experience for nature enthusiasts visiting Crete. Departing from Chania, this guided full-day excursion offers the chance to explore one of Europe’s longest canyons, renowned for its dramatic limestone cliffs, lush vegetation, and iconic ‘Iron Gates’ section. With transportation, liability coverage, and an experienced hiking escort provided, adventurers of moderate fitness levels can enjoy this geological wonder, culminating in a scenic boat ride back from the seaside town of Agia Roumeli. Proper preparation and caution, however, are essential to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey through this captivating natural marvel.

Key Points

Samaria Gorge Hiking From Chania - Key Points

• The Samaria Gorge hiking excursion from Chania offers a full-day adventure to explore this renowned geological wonder in Crete’s natural landscape.

• The tour includes transportation, knowledgeable hiking escort, admission tickets, and a boat ride, providing a comprehensive and hassle-free experience.

• The 10-mile hike through the gorge features dramatic limestone cliffs, diverse wildlife, and the iconic ‘Iron Gates’ section, immersing hikers in Crete’s natural beauty.

• The hike requires a moderate fitness level, and certain health conditions may preclude participation for safety reasons.

• The tour operates during the optimal hiking season from May to October, with a maximum group size of 50 travelers for a personalized experience.

Excursion Overview

This excursion offers hikers an opportunity to enjoy the awe-inspiring natural beauty of Crete’s Samaria Gorge, a renowned geological wonder that has earned a Badge of Excellence for its exceptional hiking experience.

During this full-day adventure, you’ll combine hiking, sightseeing, and more as you venture off the beaten path in Crete. The itinerary includes a visit to the Omalos Plateau for photos and breakfast, a boat ride from Sougia to Agia Roumeli, and a hike through the iconic Samaria Gorge, including the dramatic Iron Gates.

This outdoor adventure is suitable for those with a moderate fitness level, and you’ll be accompanied by a knowledgeable hiking escort throughout the journey.

Included in the Tour

Samaria Gorge Hiking From Chania - Included in the Tour

The tour includes all necessary fees and taxes, as well as a knowledgeable hiking escort to guide you throughout the excursion.

Plus, you’ll enjoy transportation via an air-conditioned luxury bus and full liability insurance coverage.

Upon arrival at the Samaria Gorge National Park, you’ll be provided with admission tickets, costing 5 euros per adult (children are free).

The boat ride from Sougia to Agia Roumeli is also included, with adult tickets priced at 13 euros and child tickets (5-12 years old) at 5.50 euros.

These comprehensive inclusions ensure a worry-free and seamless hiking experience as you explore the stunning Samaria Gorge.

Pickup and Duration

Samaria Gorge Hiking From Chania - Pickup and Duration

Your hotel or nearby location in Chania serves as the pickup point for this full-day hiking tour.

The tour starts between 5/7/2024 and 10/31/2024, providing you with the opportunity to experience the beauty of Crete’s natural wonders during the optimal hiking season.

The duration of the excursion is a full day, allowing you ample time to:

  1. Explore the Omalos Plateau and enjoy a breakfast surrounded by stunning views.
  2. Set out on a boat ride from Sougia to Agia Roumeli.
  3. Hike through the Samaria Gorge, including the iconic Iron Gates.
  4. Conclude your adventure at the picturesque Agia Roumeli beach.

With a maximum group size of 50 travelers, you can expect a personalized and intimate hiking experience.

Hiking Through Samaria Gorge

Samaria Gorge Hiking From Chania - Hiking Through Samaria Gorge

After being transported to the starting point at the Omalos Plateau and enjoying a breakfast with scenic views, hikers embark on the main attraction of the day – exploring the renowned Samaria Gorge.

This 10-mile hike takes them through a dramatic landscape of towering limestone cliffs, lush vegetation, and sparkling streams. The most iconic section is the ‘Iron Gates,’ where the path narrows to just four meters wide between sheer rock walls reaching up to 1,000 feet high.

Throughout the descent, hikers witness ancient history and diverse wildlife, including the rare Kri-kri goat. With ample time to take in the sights, the hike culminates at the seaside town of Agia Roumeli, where a boat ride awaits to complete the day’s adventure.

Recommended Items

Samaria Gorge Hiking From Chania - Recommended Items

Hikers should pack a few essential items to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience on the Samaria Gorge hike. Comfortable hiking shoes are a must, as the terrain can be rugged and strenuous. Sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat help protect against the Crete sun’s intensity.

Carrying plenty of water and snacks will help maintain energy levels throughout the day-long adventure.

Additional recommended items include:

  1. Lightweight, breathable layers of clothing to adjust to changing weather conditions.
  2. First-aid kit with bandages, antiseptic, and any necessary medications.
  3. Trekking poles or hiking sticks to provide stability and reduce strain on knees.
  4. Waterproof jacket or poncho in case of unexpected rain or wind.

Fitness and Health Considerations

Samaria Gorge Hiking From Chania - Fitness and Health Considerations

The Samaria Gorge hike requires a moderate fitness level, as the terrain can be challenging. Individuals with certain health conditions should consult a medical professional before attempting this excursion.

Those with knee problems, high blood pressure, cardiac or pulmonary issues, or a fear of heights may find the hike particularly strenuous and should reconsider participating. Pregnant women are also not recommended to take on this adventure.

The hike involves traversing rocky paths, steep inclines, and narrow passages, which can be taxing on the body. Participants should ensure they’re in good physical shape and capable of completing the approximately 16-kilometer trek through the gorge.

Proper preparation and caution are essential for a safe and enjoyable Samaria Gorge experience.

Group Size and Cancellation

Samaria Gorge Hiking From Chania - Group Size and Cancellation

The maximum group size for this Samaria Gorge hiking excursion is 50 travelers, ensuring a personalized and intimate experience.

Regarding the cancellation policy, participants can receive a full refund up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure time, providing flexibility in planning.

This outdoor adventure offers several key benefits:

  • A small group size for a more personalized experience
  • Ample time to explore the gorge at your own pace
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage for added peace of mind
  • Hassle-free logistics with hotel pickup and transportation included

With these thoughtful considerations, hikers can focus on seeing the breathtaking natural beauty of Samaria Gorge, making the most of this unforgettable outdoor adventure.

Exploring Crete’s Natural Wonders

Samaria Gorge Hiking From Chania - Exploring Cretes Natural Wonders

Crete’s Samaria Gorge, one of Greece’s most renowned natural wonders, beckons adventurous hikers with its dramatic landscapes and captivating trails.

This iconic gorge, stretching over 10 miles, offers a thrilling outdoor experience for those seeking to enjoy Crete’s untamed beauty.

As you descend through the rugged terrain, you’ll be treated to breathtaking vistas of soaring cliffs, lush vegetation, and the occasional glimpse of wildlife.

The hike culminates at the famous ‘Iron Gates,’ a narrow passage flanked by towering walls, showcasing the gorge’s raw, untamed power.

Whether you’re seeking a challenge or simply want to soak in Crete’s natural splendor, the Samaria Gorge promises an unforgettable adventure that will leave you in awe of the island’s remarkable natural heritage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Photography Allowed Throughout the Hike?

Yes, photography is generally allowed throughout the Samaria Gorge hike. Hikers can capture stunning views and natural landscapes along the trail, though it’s advisable to be mindful of other hikers and the environment when taking photos.

Can I Bring My Own Food and Drink on the Hike?

Hikers can bring their own food and drinks on the Samaria Gorge hike. It’s recommended to pack snacks, lunch, and plenty of water to stay hydrated throughout the challenging 16km trail. Outside food and beverages are permitted on the hike.

Are There Any Shops or Restaurants Along the Hiking Trail?

There are no shops or restaurants along the hiking trail in Samaria Gorge. Hikers should pack their own food and drinks as there are no facilities available during the 16km trek through the gorge.

What Is the Average Temperature During the Hiking Season?

The hiking season in Samaria Gorge typically runs from May to October, with average temperatures ranging from 70-85°F (21-29°C). Hikers should prepare for warm, sunny conditions and dress accordingly to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience on the trail.

Can I Leave the Hiking Group to Explore on My Own?

Hikers generally shouldn’t leave the group during the Samaria Gorge hike, as it’s easy to get lost or encounter safety issues alone. The guided tour provides an escort to lead the group through the gorge for everyone’s protection.


Hiking the Samaria Gorge is a thrilling way to experience Crete’s stunning natural beauty. The guided excursion from Chania offers convenience, safety, and an expert escort to navigate the 10-mile trek.

Proper preparation is key, as the hike requires moderate fitness. However, the awe-inspiring scenery and sense of accomplishment make this adventure well worth the effort for nature enthusiasts visiting the island.

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