Discover the essence of French cuisine in the heart of Paris. This small-group cooking class offers an immersive culinary experience, guiding participants through the preparation of classic French dishes. Under the expert tutelage of an experienced chef, you’ll learn the techniques behind beloved favorites like soufflé, cod mouclade, and chocolate fondant. With the option to explore the local market, you can customize the menu and interact with vendors, adding a personalized touch to your culinary journey. Whether you’re a seasoned home cook or a newcomer to French fare, this class promises a delightful and unforgettable taste of Parisian culture.

Key Points

Paris Small-Group 3 Dishes French Cooking Class and Lunch - Key Points

  • This small-group French cooking class in a Parisian apartment teaches participants to prepare classic French dishes like soufflé, cod mouclade, and chocolate fondant.
  • The class includes a cooking lesson, use of cooking utensils, recipe cards, and an optional market tour to source fresh, seasonal ingredients.
  • The class accommodates various dietary needs, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and lactose-intolerant, ensuring a personalized culinary experience.
  • The intimate class size of up to 8 participants allows for dedicated attention from the expert French chef and a collaborative learning environment.
  • The 24-hour cancellation policy provides flexibility and assurance for booking the French culinary experience.

Experience Overview

Paris Small-Group 3 Dishes French Cooking Class and Lunch - Experience Overview

This cooking class offers a 3-hour or 4.5-hour small-group experience in a private Parisian apartment, where you will learn to prepare classic French dishes under the guidance of an experienced chef.

The menu may include preparing a soufflé, cod mouclade, and chocolate fondant. Guests can also opt to tour a local market to gather ingredients before the cooking lesson.

With a maximum of 8 participants, the class provides a personalized learning experience. At the end, attendees will receive copies of the recipes they’ve learned to take home and recreate the French fare.

This hands-on culinary adventure is a great way to take in Parisian cuisine and culture.

Included in the Class

The cooking class includes a lesson and instruction from an experienced French chef. Participants will also receive use of an apron and cooking utensils, as well as copies of the recipes they’ve learned to take home. If the market tour option is selected, it too is included in the class.

Cooking lesson and instruction
Market tour (if selected)
Use of apron and cooking utensils
Recipe copies to take home

The class does not include gratuities or hotel pickup and drop-off. Specific dietary requirements can be accommodated if advised at the time of booking, though the experience is not wheelchair accessible. A minimum number of participants is required for the class to run.

Dietary Accommodations

Paris Small-Group 3 Dishes French Cooking Class and Lunch - Dietary Accommodations

Specific dietary requirements can be accommodated if advised at the time of booking for this cooking class.

Guests with the following dietary needs can be catered to:

  1. Vegetarian
  2. Vegan
  3. Gluten-free
  4. Lactose-intolerant

The chef is skilled in adapting the classic French dishes to suit various dietary preferences. Simply let the staff know about any restrictions or allergies when reserving your spot, and they’ll ensure you have a fulfilling and delicious cooking experience.

With a maximum of 8 participants, the class offers a personalized approach to satisfy everyone’s tastes and needs.

Class Logistics

Paris Small-Group 3 Dishes French Cooking Class and Lunch - Class Logistics

The cooking class takes place in a private Parisian apartment, conveniently located within the city limits. Detailed directions to the meeting point are provided after booking, ensuring participants arrive at the designated location.

Once there, the 3-hour or 4.5-hour experience begins with a maximum of 8 participants for a personalized hands-on learning environment. The class ends at the original meeting point, and confirmation is received at the time of booking.

This activity has a 24-hour cancellation policy for a full refund. Participants are responsible for their own transportation to and from the cooking class, as no hotel pickup or drop-off is included.

Market Tour Option

Paris Small-Group 3 Dishes French Cooking Class and Lunch - Market Tour Option

For those seeking a more immersive French culinary experience, the market tour option provides an opportunity to visit a local Parisian market and hand-select the ingredients used in the cooking class.

This added experience allows participants to:

  • Interact with local vendors and learn about the fresh, seasonal produce used in traditional French cuisine.
  • Discover the vibrant sights, sounds, and aromas of a bustling Parisian market.
  • Gain a deeper appreciation for the provenance of the ingredients as they’re incorporated into the cooking lesson.
  • Personalize the menu by choosing favorite items to incorporate into the day’s dishes.

With this optional market tour, the cooking class becomes a truly immersive and memorable journey into the heart of French gastronomy.

Personalized Experience

Paris Small-Group 3 Dishes French Cooking Class and Lunch - Personalized Experience

Beyond the market immersion, the cooking class itself offers a highly personalized experience. With a maximum of 8 participants, the small-group format ensures each attendee receives dedicated attention and guidance from the expert French chef.

Rather than being lost in a large crowd, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, get hands-on help, and receive personalized feedback throughout the cooking process. The chef’s extensive knowledge and passion for French cuisine will shine through as they walk you step-by-step through preparing classic dishes.

With the intimate class size, you’ll also have the chance to interact with your fellow home chefs, making it a truly social and collaborative learning experience.

Cooking Instruction

Paris Small-Group 3 Dishes French Cooking Class and Lunch - Cooking Instruction

An experienced French chef will guide participants step-by-step through the process of preparing classic French dishes during the cooking class.

Guests will learn essential cooking techniques like:

  1. Whisking a soufflé to achieve the perfect light and airy texture.
  2. Simmering a creamy cod mouclade, a signature Normandy dish.
  3. Tempering chocolate to create a decadent molten chocolate fondant.
  4. Chopping, sautéing, and plating each dish with elegant presentation.

Throughout the hands-on session, the chef will share their culinary expertise and provide personalized guidance to ensure participants leave with the skills to recreate the classic French recipes at home.

With a maximum of 8 participants, the class offers an intimate and immersive experience.

Cancellation Policy

Paris Small-Group 3 Dishes French Cooking Class and Lunch - Cancellation Policy

The Paris cooking class and lunch experience offers a 24-hour cancellation policy, allowing guests to receive a full refund if they need to cancel their booking. This provides flexibility for participants in case plans change or unexpected events arise.

The policy ensures guests can book with confidence, knowing they won’t lose their investment if they can’t attend. Customers simply need to inform the provider within 24 hours of the scheduled class to receive a complete refund. This cancellation window gives ample time for the provider to find a replacement participant.

The straightforward policy adds an extra layer of assurance for those interested in the French culinary experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Bring My Own Cooking Utensils?

While participants can bring their own cooking utensils, the class provides all necessary aprons and tools. This allows for a focused learning experience without the need to bring extra gear.

What Is the Typical Size of the Class?

The typical size of the class is small, with a maximum of 8 participants. This allows for a personalized and hands-on experience, with each student receiving attention from the experienced French chef leading the cooking lesson.

Is the Class Suitable for Beginners?

The class is suitable for beginners as it’s designed to be an introductory experience. The small group size and hands-on instruction from an experienced chef make it accessible for those new to French cooking.

Can I Take the Class in English?

Yes, the French cooking class is conducted in English. The experienced chef leads the class in English, ensuring beginners and non-French speakers can fully participate and learn to prepare classic French dishes.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for Participants?

The cooking class doesn’t have any age restrictions. Both adults and children are welcome to participate, as long as they’re able to actively engage in the cooking activities. The class is suitable for all ages.


This French cooking class in Paris offers an immersive and personalized culinary experience. Participants learn to prepare classic dishes under the guidance of an experienced chef.

With a small group size, the class provides dedicated attention and the opportunity to recreate the recipes at home.

The market tour option allows for customizing the menu to accommodate various dietary needs.

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