Nestled in the heart of Northern Italy, Lake Como beckons travelers with its enchanting allure. Imagine cruising along the serene waters, discovering the region’s architectural gems and charming villages from the comfort of a private boat, led by a dedicated captain. This exclusive experience offers a hassle-free way to explore the hidden gems of this renowned destination, while sipping on a chilled glass of Prosecco. Whether you opt for a 60-minute sightseeing tour or a 3-hour in-depth exploration, the itinerary can be customized to suit your preferences. But what truly sets this tour apart is the opportunity to catch a glimpse of…

Key Points

Lake Como: Exclusive Lake Tour by Private Boat With Captain - Key Points

  • Private boat tours on Lake Como ranging from 1 to 3 hours, with a dedicated captain to navigate the vessel.
  • Pickup and drop-off options at Argegno, Laglio, or Cernobbio, providing convenient access to the tour.
  • Sightseeing itinerary highlights include architectural marvels, charming villages, and natural wonders like the Orrido di Nesso.
  • Enjoy a chilled glass of Prosecco on board while admiring the grand villas and historic landmarks.
  • Relax on a private boat with fuel, water, soft drinks, and an English-speaking captain included in the exclusive and indulgent experience.

Tour Options and Duration

Lake Como: Exclusive Lake Tour by Private Boat With Captain - Tour Options and Duration

Visitors have the flexibility to select a private boat tour of Lake Como ranging from 1 to 3 hours in duration, allowing them to tailor the experience to their preferences.

Whether it’s a quick 60-minute sightseeing jaunt or a more leisurely 3-hour exploration, the tour offers the freedom to choose.

With a dedicated captain navigating the boat, guests can sit back, relax, and admire the stunning lakeside villas and picturesque villages that dot the shoreline.

The tour’s private and customizable nature ensures an intimate and memorable experience on the serene waters of one of Italy’s most picturesque destinations.

Pickup and Drop-off Locations

Lake Como: Exclusive Lake Tour by Private Boat With Captain - Pickup and Drop-off Locations

With the tour’s flexible duration options, the next key detail to consider is the pickup and drop-off locations offered.

Guests can choose from three convenient starting points – Argegno, Laglio, or Cernobbio – and three ending destinations – Laglio, Argegno, or Cernobbio. This ensures a seamless and customizable experience, allowing visitors to easily access the tour from various points along the lake’s picturesque shoreline.

The three pickup locations are:

  1. Argegno
  2. Laglio
  3. Cernobbio

Similarly, the three drop-off locations are:

  1. Laglio
  2. Argegno
  3. Cernobbio

This level of flexibility enables guests to tailor the tour to their specific needs and preferences, ensuring a truly personalized exploration of the stunning Lake Como region.

Sightseeing Itinerary Highlights

Lake Como: Exclusive Lake Tour by Private Boat With Captain - Sightseeing Itinerary Highlights

A captivating journey unfolds as the private boat glides effortlessly across the serene waters of Lake Como, revealing a tapestry of architectural marvels and natural splendor.

From the stately Villa Geno and the elegant Villa Erba to the renowned Villa d’Este and the enchanting Villa Pizzo, each landmark on the itinerary captivates the senses with its unique charm and historical significance.

The tour also showcases the charming villages of Moltrasio, Carate Urio, and Laglio, where visitors can admire the iconic Villa Pliniana and the stunning Il Sereno Hotel.

As the boat ventures deeper into the lake, it offers breathtaking views of the Orrido di Nesso and the lush landscapes surrounding Pognana Lario and Torno.

Discover Hidden Lake Gems

Lake Como: Exclusive Lake Tour by Private Boat With Captain - Discover Hidden Lake Gems

As the private boat glides across the serene waters, the captain expertly navigates to uncover the lake’s hidden gems, revealing a tapestry of enchanting sights that captivate the senses. The tour ventures off the beaten path, showcasing lesser-known villas, secluded coves, and charming villages that most visitors never have the chance to experience. Guests are treated to a truly exclusive and intimate glimpse into the lake’s most alluring secrets:

Discover the Orrido di Nesso, a breathtaking natural gorge carved by the Tuf waterfall.

Explore the picturesque village of Pognana Lario, with its quaint streets and stunning lakefront promenade.

Marvel at the architectural splendor of the Mandarin Oriental hotel, a serene oasis of luxury.

Witness the stunning beauty of the il Sereno Hotel, a modern masterpiece nestled along the lake’s edge.

Enjoy Prosecco on Board

Passengers aboard the private boat are treated to a chilled glass of crisp Prosecco, a celebratory toast to the enchanting scenery unfolding before them.

As the boat glides across the serene waters of Lake Como, sipping the effervescent sparkling wine becomes a delightful way to soak in the stunning vistas.

The captain points out the grand villas and historic landmarks while passengers indulge in the bubbly delight.

The refreshing Prosecco complements the picturesque surroundings, creating an elevated experience that elevates the private tour.

Whether enjoying it alone or sharing a toast with companions, the Prosecco moment becomes a cherished highlight of the exclusive Lake Como excursion.

Glimpse of Clooney’s Villa

One of the highlights of the exclusive Lake Como tour is catching a glimpse of actor George Clooney’s palatial villa nestled along the picturesque shoreline.

As the private boat glides across the serene waters, guests are treated to breathtaking views of the actor’s magnificent estate, known as Villa Oleandra.

Some key features of Clooney’s Lake Como villa include:

  • Sprawling 18th-century villa with classic Italian architecture
  • Lush, manicured gardens overlooking the tranquil lake
  • Private dock and boathouse for easy water access
  • Luxury amenities like a swimming pool, tennis court, and guest house

This fleeting peek at the Hollywood star’s secluded Lake Como retreat is sure to leave a lasting impression on tour participants.

Relax on Private Boat

Lake Como: Exclusive Lake Tour by Private Boat With Captain - Relax on Private Boat

During the private boat tour, guests can sit back, relax, and soak in the serene beauty of Lake Como from the comfort of their own chartered vessel. The English-speaking captain expertly navigates the boat, allowing participants to gaze out at the stunning villas, lush greenery, and sparkling waters that make this Italian lake so picturesque.

With complimentary prosecco, water, and soft drinks provided, the tour affords a truly exclusive and indulgent way to experience the hidden gems of this idyllic region.

Whether it’s a 1-hour or 3-hour excursion, the private boat tour offers a leisurely and luxurious opportunity to escape the crowds and take in the tranquil splendor of Lake Como.

Inclusions and Exclusions

Lake Como: Exclusive Lake Tour by Private Boat With Captain - Inclusions and Exclusions

The private boat tour includes fuel, water, soft drinks, an English-speaking captain, and a complimentary glass of Prosecco, providing a truly indulgent experience. However, it’s not suitable for non-swimmers.

The tour offers the following inclusions:

  • Fuel to power the private boat throughout the tour
  • Water and soft drinks to keep guests hydrated
  • A friendly, English-speaking captain to guide the tour
  • A refreshing glass of Prosecco to sip while admiring the stunning views

These inclusions ensure a luxurious and hassle-free experience on the serene waters of Lake Como. Guests can sit back, relax, and fully enjoy the beauty of the surrounding landscapes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lake Como: Exclusive Lake Tour by Private Boat With Captain - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Bring My Own Food and Drinks on the Boat?

Yes, passengers can bring their own food and drinks on the private boat tour. The captain welcomes guests to enjoy their personal snacks and beverages during the scenic excursion on the lake.

Are There Any Restrictions on Taking Photos During the Tour?

Guests are free to take photos throughout the tour. The captain encourages capturing the stunning scenery and architectural highlights along the way. However, guests should be mindful of respecting the privacy of local residents and villas.

Is the Boat Wheelchair Accessible?

The private boat is not wheelchair accessible, as it lacks the necessary modifications to accommodate passengers with mobility challenges. The boat’s design and layout may present difficulties for individuals who require wheelchair access.

Are Discounts Available for Children or Seniors?

The tour provider offers discounted rates for children and seniors, allowing families and older travelers to enjoy the scenic boat tour. However, the specific discount amounts are not provided in the tour details.

Can I Request a Specific Pickup or Drop-Off Location?

Guests can request specific pickup and drop-off locations from the 3 options provided – Argegno, Laglio, and Cernobbio. This flexibility allows them to tailor the tour to their needs and convenience.


Embark on an exclusive private boat tour of Lake Como and learn about the region’s unparalleled beauty.

Cruise past grand villas, charming villages, and Clooney’s secluded retreat while sipping Prosecco.

This hassle-free and customizable experience showcases the hidden gems of this renowned Italian destination, providing a truly indulgent and memorable way to discover the lake’s captivating landscapes.

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