Lake Como, the jewel of northern Italy, beckons travelers with its timeless allure. Discover the grandeur of this iconic destination through a private boat tour aboard the Invictus 280 SX ‘La Dolce Vita 2’. From the comfort of this sleek vessel, guests can indulge in the stunning vistas, explore historic villas, and uncover the rich cultural heritage that makes this region a true gem. Whether it’s the captivating tales from the captain or the natural wonders that leave you in awe, this three-hour experience promises to immerse you in the very essence of Lake Como‘s enchanting charm.

Key Points

Lake Como: Glamour Private Tour 3 Hours Invictus Boat - Key Points

  • Explore Lake Como’s picturesque villas, hotels, and historic residences on a 3-hour private boat tour aboard the luxurious Invictus 280 SX ‘La Dolce Vita 2’.
  • Marvel at the grandeur of famous lakeside landmarks, including Villa Oleandra, George Clooney’s residence, and the dramatic Orrido di Nesso gorge.
  • Discover the rich cultural heritage and captivating narratives of the region from the knowledgeable captain during the tour.
  • Enjoy the boat’s amenities, such as the large sundeck, cabin with changing room and toilet, and USB charging station, for a comfortable and relaxing experience.
  • Benefit from flexible booking and generous cancellation terms, ensuring a hassle-free and seamless Lake Como adventure.

Tour Details

Lake Como: Glamour Private Tour 3 Hours Invictus Boat - Tour Details

The private boat tour on Lake Como is a 3-hour experience conducted on the Invictus 280 SX boat ‘La Dolce Vita 2’, which is 9.15 meters long and powered by a 350hp Volvo Penta Verado four-stroke sterndrive engine.

The boat can accommodate up to 9 people plus the captain, and it comes fully equipped with modern features.

Guests will enjoy a large sundeck for relaxation, a cabin with a toilet for changing clothes, a large cover for protection from the elements, and a USB charging station.

The tour includes the private boat, captain, gasoline, and bottled water, allowing visitors to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Lake Como in style and comfort.


Lake Como: Glamour Private Tour 3 Hours Invictus Boat - Itinerary

During the 3-hour private boat tour, guests will explore a captivating itinerary that showcases Lake Como’s renowned villas, historic residences, and natural wonders. The journey begins at Villa Cagni Troubetzkoy and continues to highlight iconic locations like Villa Taverna, Villa Pliniana, and George Clooney’s residence, Villa Oleandra. Travelers will also discover the picturesque Orrido di Nesso, the serene Isola Comacina, and the stunning Villa del Balbianello before admiring the charming town of Bellagio and visiting renowned estates such as Villa Carlotta, Villa Fontanelle, Villa Erba, and Villa Olmo.

Location Attraction
Villa Cagni Troubetzkoy
Villa Taverna
Villa Pliniana
Villa Oleandra George Clooney’s residence


Lake Como: Glamour Private Tour 3 Hours Invictus Boat - Highlights

This tour offers a captivating opportunity to admire Lake Como’s breathtaking beauty, as an experienced captain enchants guests with tales of the lake’s wonders.

Visitors can explore famous villas, hotels, and historic residences that dot the shoreline, seeing the region’s rich cultural heritage.

From the grand Villa Oleandra, the residence of George Clooney, to the picturesque Isola Comacina island, guests will be captivated by the lake’s stunning natural landscapes and architectural marvels.

The tour also includes a visit to the Orrido di Nesso, a dramatic natural gorge carved by the Taverone River, showcasing the geological diversity of this enchanting destination.

Boat Features

Lake Como: Glamour Private Tour 3 Hours Invictus Boat - Boat Features

Boasting a modern, powerful, and elegant design, the fully equipped Invictus 280 SX boat ‘La Dolce Vita 2‘ offers guests a luxurious on-water experience.

With a large sundeck for relaxation, it provides ample space to soak in the breathtaking views of Lake Como.

The boat’s cabin features a convenient changing room and toilet, ensuring comfort throughout the tour.

To protect guests from the elements, a large cover can be deployed, shielding them from rain or sun.

Adding to the convenience, the boat is equipped with a USB charging station, allowing passengers to keep their devices powered during the journey.

The stern platform offers easy water access and a refreshing shower, elevating the overall experience.

Booking and Cancellation

Lake Como: Glamour Private Tour 3 Hours Invictus Boat - Booking and Cancellation

Pricing for the 3-hour private boat tour on Lake Como starts from €950.00 per group of up to 5 people.

Guests can reserve their spot and pay later, with the added convenience of free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance.

This flexible booking policy ensures a stress-free planning process, allowing visitors to secure their dream tour without any upfront commitments.

Key details about the booking and cancellation include:

  1. Competitive pricing starting from €950.00 per group
  2. Reserve now, pay later option for added convenience
  3. Free cancellation available up to 24 hours prior to the tour
  4. Hassle-free experience for a seamless Lake Como adventure

The combination of competitive pricing, flexible booking, and generous cancellation terms makes this private boat tour an attractive option for those seeking a truly memorable experience on the enchanting Lake Como.

Destination Exploration

Lake Como: Glamour Private Tour 3 Hours Invictus Boat - Destination Exploration

Guests aboard the elegant Invictus 280 SX boat ‘La Dolce Vita 2’ will embark on a captivating journey, exploring the renowned villas, historic residences, and breathtaking landscapes that adorn the shores of Lake Como.

They’ll marvel at the stunning Villa Cagni Troubetzkoy, the grand Villa Taverna, and the opulent Villa Pliniana.

As they glide past, they’ll catch a glimpse of George Clooney’s residence, Villa Oleandra.

The tour ventures to the Orrido di Nesso, a dramatic gorge, and the charming Isola Comacina.

Guests will also visit the exquisite Villa del Balbianello, the picturesque town of Bellagio, and the elegant Villa Carlotta, Villa Fontanelle, Villa Erba, and Villa Olmo.

Throughout the journey, the experienced captain regales passengers with tales of the lake’s captivating history and natural wonders.

Lakeside Grandeur

Lake Como: Glamour Private Tour 3 Hours Invictus Boat - Lakeside Grandeur

Towering lakeside villas and historic residences line the breathtaking shores of Lake Como, offering glimpses of the region’s unparalleled grandeur. From the striking Villa Carlotta and its renowned botanical gardens to the elegant Villa Oleandra, the private residence of Hollywood star George Clooney, the lake’s shoreline is dotted with architectural marvels that captivate visitors.

Key highlights include:

  1. Villa del Balbianello, a 18th-century villa known for its picturesque terraced gardens.
  2. Isola Comacina, a small island with ruins and the remains of an ancient church.
  3. Orrido di Nesso, a dramatic waterfall cascading into a deep limestone gorge.
  4. Bellagio, the ‘pearl of Lake Como,’ renowned for its charming streets, upscale boutiques, and stunning lakefront promenade.

Captivating Tales

Lake Como: Glamour Private Tour 3 Hours Invictus Boat - Captivating Tales

As visitors admire the lakeside grandeur, the experienced captain enchants them with captivating tales of Lake Como’s wonders, bringing the region’s rich history and culture to life. From the grand villas that dot the shores to the legendary Orrido di Nesso gorge, the captain’s words paint a vivid picture, immersing your in the lake’s storied past. With each passing landmark, the captain weaves together the tales of noble families, renowned artists, and famous residents, offering a deeper appreciation for the area’s allure. This captivating journey allows guests to not only witness the breathtaking scenery but also uncover the fascinating narratives that make Lake Como a true gem.

Villa Resident
Villa Oleandra George Clooney
Villa del Balbianello James Bond film set
Villa Carlotta Renowned art collection
Villa Fontanelle Former home of Gianni Versace

Frequently Asked Questions

Lake Como: Glamour Private Tour 3 Hours Invictus Boat - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Bring My Own Food and Drinks on the Tour?

Yes, passengers can bring their own food and drinks on the tour. The boat features a cabin with a toilet, providing a comfortable space to enjoy personal provisions during the scenic 3-hour boat ride.

Is There a Professional Photographer on Board to Capture Photos?

The tour does not include a professional photographer on board. However, passengers are welcome to bring their own cameras and capture photos throughout the scenic boat tour on their own.

Can We Make Unscheduled Stops During the Tour?

Yes, the tour allows for unscheduled stops during the 3-hour private boat ride. The experienced captain is happy to accommodate any special requests or additional sightseeing at your’ discretion, within the tour’s time frame.

What Is the Dress Code for the Tour?

There’s no formal dress code for the tour. Guests are encouraged to dress comfortably and for the weather, as the boat’s open-air design allows for scenic views. Swimsuits and casual attire are perfectly acceptable.

Is There an Audio Guide or Live Commentary During the Tour?

The tour includes a live commentary from the experienced captain, who enchants guests with captivating tales about the lake’s history, sights, and notable landmarks during the private boat ride. There is no pre-recorded audio guide.


Discover the true allure of Lake Como on this captivating private boat tour.

Cruise the stunning waters, admire the breathtaking villas and residences, and learn about the region’s rich cultural heritage.

With an expert captain sharing captivating tales, you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for this lakeside gem.

Whether you’re seeking glamour or natural wonders, this 3-hour experience promises an unforgettable exploration of Lake Como’s unparalleled beauty.

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