Step into the heart of Scotland’s vibrant spirits scene at Holyrood Distillery. This immersive tour invites you to uncover the secrets behind their award-winning gins and whiskies, guiding you through the production areas and culminating in a tasting session that tantalizes the senses. With a focus on personalized attention and accessibility, the experience caters to diverse travelers, offering an intimate exploration of the distillery’s unique ingredients and techniques. Conveniently located, this tour promises to elevate your appreciation for the art of Scottish distillation – but there’s more to discover beyond the tasting glass.

Key Points

Holyrood Distillery Tour With Gin & Whisky Tasting - Key Points

  • The 1-hour Holyrood Distillery tour includes a guided exploration of the production areas and a tasting session of the distillery’s gin and whisky offerings.
  • The distillery has a Badge of Excellence and 375 glowing reviews, offering an immersive and memorable experience for visitors.
  • The tour is wheelchair accessible and accommodates diverse visitor needs, ensuring an inclusive experience.
  • The tour price of $34.97 provides exceptional value for the duration and inclusions, with a Lowest Price Guarantee.
  • The small group size of up to 6 travelers ensures a personalized and engaging experience, fostering camaraderie among participants.

Overview of the Tour

The Holyrood Distillery tour begins with a warm welcome from the knowledgeable staff, who provide an overview of the distillery’s history and the distillation process.

Visitors are then guided through the production areas, where they can observe the intricate steps involved in crafting Holyrood’s acclaimed gin and whisky.

Along the way, guests learn about the unique ingredients and techniques that contribute to the distinctive flavors of Holyrood’s award-winning spirits.

The tour culminates in a tasting experience, allowing participants to savor the distillery’s offerings and appreciate the skill and passion that goes into each bottle.

With a Badge of Excellence and 375 glowing reviews, the Holyrood Distillery tour promises an engaging and enlightening experience for whisky and gin enthusiasts alike.

Meeting Point and Duration

Holyrood Distillery Tour With Gin & Whisky Tasting - Meeting Point and Duration

The Holyrood Distillery tour begins at the distillery’s address, 19 St Leonards Ln, Edinburgh EH8 9SH, UK.

The tour lasts approximately 1 hour, ending back at the same meeting point. This conveniently allows visitors to start and end their experience at the same location.

During the tour, you’ll explore the distillery, learn about the gin and whisky-making process, and enjoy tastings of the distillery’s products.

Whether you’re a seasoned whisky enthusiast or simply curious about the art of distillation, this tour provides an immersive and informative experience in the heart of Edinburgh.

With a maximum of 6 travelers, it’s an intimate and personalized way to discover the secrets of Holyrood Distillery.

Key Accessibility Features

Holyrood Distillery Tour With Gin & Whisky Tasting - Key Accessibility Features

Holyrood Distillery’s tour caters to visitors with diverse accessibility needs, offering a wheelchair-accessible experience and accommodating service animals.

Travelers can explore the distillery’s premises without hindrance, thanks to the wheelchair-accessible surfaces and transportation provided.

Whether you’re visiting with a stroller or relying on mobility aids, the distillery ensures a seamless and inclusive experience for all.

The key accessibility features include:

  • Wheelchair accessibility throughout the tour
  • Stroller accessibility for families
  • Allowance for service animals
  • Proximity to public transportation for easy access

These thoughtful accommodations make the Holyrood Distillery tour a welcoming and inclusive experience, catering to the diverse needs of its visitors.

Tour Inclusions and Exclusions

The tour includes a guided exploration of the Holyrood Distillery‘s facilities, where visitors can discover the intricate processes behind crafting the distillery’s renowned gin and whisky.

Participants will also enjoy a tasting session, savoring the unique flavors and aromas of the distillery’s select spirits.

However, the experience excludes any transportation to or from the meeting point, leaving visitors to make their own way to the distillery.

Guests will have the opportunity to learn from knowledgeable staff about the history and production methods of the distillery’s products.

While the tour doesn’t provide transportation, it does offer a comprehensive and immersive look into the world of Holyrood’s gin and whisky.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Guests can cancel their Holyrood Distillery tour up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund, but no refunds will be issued for cancellations made less than 24 hours before the experience. This straightforward cancellation policy gives visitors plenty of flexibility to plan around their schedules.

Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours prior to the tour to qualify for a full refund. There are no refunds for cancellations within 24 hours of the scheduled tour.

This policy helps the distillery manage tour sizes and ensure a quality experience for all guests. Guests are encouraged to review the cancellation terms carefully when booking their Holyrood Distillery tour.

Pricing and Lowest Price Guarantee

Holyrood Distillery Tour With Gin & Whisky Tasting - Pricing and Lowest Price Guarantee

At just $34.97, the Holyrood Distillery tour with gin and whisky tasting offers exceptional value, ensuring guests can indulge in a truly memorable experience without breaking the bank.

The distillery proudly stands behind this Lowest Price Guarantee, promising visitors they won’t find a better deal elsewhere.

With a duration of approximately one hour, this tour provides an immersive look into the art of distilling, complete with tastings that allow guests to savor the distillery’s high-quality gin and whisky.

Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or simply curious about the craft, the Holyrood Distillery tour is an affordable and engaging way to discover the rich history and flavors of Scotland’s renowned spirits.

Traveler Capacity and Group Size

Holyrood Distillery Tour With Gin & Whisky Tasting - Traveler Capacity and Group Size

A maximum of 6 travelers can embark on the Holyrood Distillery tour, ensuring an intimate and personalized experience for all participants.

This small group size allows the tour guide to provide dedicated attention and create an engaging atmosphere where everyone can comfortably ask questions and enjoy the distillery’s rich history and production processes.

The cozy environment fosters camaraderie among the group, making it an ideal outing for:

  • Friends looking to explore Scottish spirits together
  • Couples seeking a unique date night activity
  • Small families wanting to learn about whisky and gin
  • Solo travelers eager to meet new people with shared interests

With this thoughtful group size, the Holyrood Distillery tour offers a truly memorable and intimate experience.

Highlights of the Experience

Visitors embark on a captivating journey through Holyrood Distillery’s rich history, seeing the art of crafting premium Scottish gin and whisky.

The tour kicks off with an up-close look at the distillery’s state-of-the-art facilities, where guests witness the meticulous process of distillation.

Next, they’ll sample the distillery’s award-winning gins and whiskies, guided by knowledgeable experts who share the unique stories and flavors behind each spirit.

From the aromatic botanicals used in the gin to the distinctive oak casks that lend depth to the whisky, every sip provides a deeper appreciation for the craftsmanship involved.

This immersive experience leaves guests with a newfound respect for the art of distillation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Types of Gin and Whisky Are Included in the Tasting?

The tour includes tastings of the distillery’s signature gin and whisky products. Visitors can expect to sample a variety of the distillery’s unique gin and whisky expressions, each with its own distinct flavor profile and character.

Can I Purchase Bottles of Gin and Whisky at the End of the Tour?

Yes, visitors can purchase bottles of gin and whisky at the end of the Holyrood Distillery tour. The distillery shop offers a selection of their handcrafted spirits for guests to take home and enjoy.

Is Photography Allowed During the Tour?

Photography is generally allowed during the tour, though visitors should be mindful not to disrupt the experience. It’s best to check with the staff for any specific restrictions or guidelines before taking photos.

How Much Time Is Allocated for the Gin and Whisky Tasting?

The tour allocates approximately 30 minutes for the gin and whisky tasting, allowing visitors to sample a variety of the distillery’s signature spirits and learn about their unique flavors and production methods.

What Is the Minimum Age Requirement for Participants?

The tour doesn’t specify a minimum age requirement, but it’s likely that participants must be of legal drinking age to fully enjoy the gin and whisky tasting portion of the experience.


The Holyrood Distillery Tour provides an immersive and personalized experience, allowing visitors to explore the production process behind the distillery’s award-winning gins and whiskies.

With a focus on accessibility and a convenient location, this tour offers an engaging and savor-worthy journey through the world of Scottish spirits, culminating in a tasting session that lets guests indulge in the flavors they’ve learned about.

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