Discover the captivating Gozo and Comino Blue Lagoon on this comprehensive tour. Travelers can enjoy the natural wonders of the Maltese islands, exploring the renowned Blue Lagoon’s crystal-clear waters and basking in the stunning Mediterranean scenery. With a comfortable and intimate cruise experience, travellers can enjoy a range of amenities and accessibility options. Whether you’re seeking a relaxing day or an adventure-filled excursion, this tour promises to leave a lasting impression. But what other delights await on this remarkable journey?

Key Points

  1. Offers a cruise to the island of Gozo and a visit to the renowned Blue Lagoon on Comino, allowing for exploration of the natural beauty of the Maltese islands.
  2. Provides a comfortable and intimate experience for up to 190 travelers, with amenities like free WiFi, wheelchair and stroller accessibility, and accommodation for service animals.
  3. Features a modern catamaran with ample space, free WiFi, and accessibility features, making it convenient for diverse travelers to explore the destinations.
  4. Caters to a range of activities, including swimming in the crystal-clear waters of the Blue Lagoon and relaxing on the catamaran.
  5. Ensures a lasting memory of the Mediterranean scenery and a personalized, immersive exploration of the natural landscapes.

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Overview of the Experience

Gozo & Comino Blue Lagoon - Overview of the Experience

The Gozo & Comino Blue Lagoon experience offers visitors the chance to explore the stunning natural beauty of the Maltese islands, with a cruise to the island of Gozo followed by a visit to the renowned Blue Lagoon on Comino.

This full-day tour is perfect for those looking to swim in crystal-clear waters, relax on the boat, and take in the breathtaking coastal scenery.

With 314 reviews and a maximum of 190 travelers, the experience provides a comfortable and intimate way to discover these picturesque islands.

Whether you’re interested in swimming, sightseeing, or simply soaking up the Mediterranean sun, the Gozo & Comino Blue Lagoon tour is sure to leave you with lasting memories.

Activities and Amenities

Gozo & Comino Blue Lagoon - Activities and Amenities

Visitors can take a refreshing swim in the crystal-clear waters of the Blue Lagoon or simply relax onboard the catamaran during the experience. The tour provides plenty of opportunities to enjoy the stunning natural beauty of the area. The modern catamaran is equipped with free WiFi, allowing travelers to stay connected throughout the journey.

Amenities Details
Swimming Swim in the inviting Blue Lagoon
Relaxation Unwind on the comfortable catamaran
WiFi Stay connected with free onboard WiFi
Mobility Wheelchair and stroller accessible
Pets Service animals allowed

The experience caters to a variety of traveler needs, ensuring everyone can make the most of their time exploring Gozo and Comino.

Transportation Details

Travelers typically sail on a modern catamaran equipped with all the necessary amenities for a comfortable journey to Gozo and Comino.

The catamaran features free WiFi, allowing passengers to stay connected throughout the trip. With a maximum capacity of 190 travelers, the boat provides ample space for everyone to move around freely and enjoy the scenic views.

The catamaran is also wheelchair and stroller accessible, ensuring that the experience is inclusive for all. Plus, the close proximity to public transportation makes it easy for visitors to reach the departure point.

Accessibility Information

The tour is wheelchair accessible, allowing those with mobility challenges to join in the aquatic adventures.

Strollers are also permitted, catering to families with young children.

Plus, service animals are welcome, ensuring an inclusive experience for all.

The tour’s proximity to public transportation makes it easy for a wide range of travelers to access the stunning Blue Lagoon.

Whether you’re exploring with a wheelchair, a stroller, or a furry companion, this tour caters to the needs of diverse visitors, fostering an inclusive and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Group Size and Capacity

The Gozo & Comino Blue Lagoon tour accommodates a maximum of 190 travelers, ensuring an intimate and personalized experience amidst the stunning natural beauty.

This group size allows for easy navigation and ample personal space as you explore the crystal-clear waters and picturesque landscapes of the islands.

The small group setting facilitates a more immersive and interactive experience, enabling you to engage with the local culture and environment at your own pace.

Whether you’re swimming, relaxing on the catamaran, or simply taking in the breathtaking views, the limited group size contributes to a comfortable and enjoyable day out on the water.

Booking and Cancellation Policy

Customers receive confirmation at the time of booking for the Gozo & Comino Blue Lagoon tour. Booking in advance is recommended, as this tour is popular and can sell out quickly.

Customers can cancel up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund. However, the experience may be canceled due to poor weather conditions.

This policy provides flexibility for travelers while also accounting for factors beyond the tour operator’s control. The cancellation policy strikes a balance between customer satisfaction and practical considerations, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for all.

Weather Considerations

Due to the tour’s reliance on favorable weather conditions, cancellations may occur if inclement weather poses a safety risk to passengers or the vessel.

The experience is weather-dependent, and the operator reserves the right to cancel or modify the itinerary if necessary. Guests are advised to check the forecast and prepare accordingly, as the tour may be affected by high winds, choppy seas, or heavy rain.

While every effort is made to operate as scheduled, the safety of passengers is the top priority. In the event of a cancellation, guests will be offered a full refund or the opportunity to reschedule their adventure for another day with better weather conditions.

Highlights and Key Features

One of the highlights of this tour is the opportunity to explore the famous Blue Lagoon on the tiny island of Comino, renowned for its crystal-clear waters and stunning natural beauty.

After a cruise to the island of Gozo, the tour then takes visitors to Comino, where they can swim, relax, and soak up the sun on the idyllic shores of the Blue Lagoon.

The catamaran vessel is equipped with modern amenities, including free WiFi, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience throughout the day.

Whether you’re looking to escape the crowds and unwind in a serene natural setting or simply want to experience one of Malta’s most iconic attractions, the Gozo and Comino Blue Lagoon tour delivers an unforgettable experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Refreshments Are Available on the Boat?

The boat offers a range of refreshments, including cold drinks, light snacks, and possibly alcoholic beverages like beer or wine. Travelers can enjoy these refreshments while taking in the stunning views during the cruise.

Is Food Provided as Part of the Tour?

The tour does not include any food. Passengers can bring their own food and snacks to enjoy during the excursion. Refreshments like water and soft drinks may be available for purchase on the boat, but a full meal is not provided.

Can I Bring My Own Food and Drinks?

Yes, you can bring your own food and drinks on the tour. The tour does not provide meals, so bringing your own snacks and beverages is allowed and recommended to enjoy during the trip.

Are There Any Special Discounts or Offers Available?

Discount offers can vary, so it’s best to check the tour provider’s website or contact them directly. Some tours may offer discounts for children, seniors, or groups. Promotions can also change seasonally, so inquiring about any current deals is recommended.

How Long Does the Entire Tour Last?

The tour typically lasts 4-5 hours, allowing ample time to explore the picturesque Blue Lagoon and the island of Comino. Travelers can enjoy swimming, relaxation, and sightseeing during this comprehensive excursion.


The Gozo & Comino Blue Lagoon tour offers a chance to take in the natural beauty of the Maltese islands.

With its crystal-clear waters, comfortable amenities, and accessibility features, this tour provides an intimate and memorable experience for up to 190 travelers.

Whether it’s exploring the islands or simply enjoying the stunning Mediterranean scenery, this tour is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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