Discovering the charming Dutch countryside outside Amsterdam is a delightful way to spend a half-day. This guided cycling tour takes travelers through the region’s picturesque farmlands, fishing villages, and serene waterways, offering an immersive glimpse into traditional local life. Guests can expect well-maintained bikes, safety equipment, and an expert guide to lead the way, while highlights include a stop in the quaint village of Holysloot for a slice of authentic apple pie. Whether you’re seeking a leisurely cycling adventure or a chance to truly experience the Netherlands beyond the city limits, this small-group excursion promises an unforgettable journey.

Key Points

Amsterdams Countryside Half-Day Bike Tour in Small Group - Key Points

  • 4-hour guided cycling tour exploring the picturesque landscapes surrounding Amsterdam, including scenic farmlands, fishing villages, and grazing cows.
  • Small group size of up to 11 people for a personalized experience, with high-quality bicycles, helmets, and a knowledgeable local guide.
  • Midway stop in the charming village of Holysloot to indulge in traditional Dutch apple pie, providing an authentic taste of local culture.
  • Tour departs promptly at 9:30 AM from the meeting point at Spuistraat 30 in Amsterdam, with a seamless return to the original location.
  • Moderate level of physical fitness required, with some uphill sections and occasional cobblestone, but infant seats available for travelers with young children.

Tour Overview

Amsterdams Countryside Half-Day Bike Tour in Small Group - Tour Overview

The Amsterdams Countryside Bike Tour offers a 4-hour guided cycling excursion through the picturesque landscapes surrounding Amsterdam, allowing participants to explore scenic farmlands, fishing villages, and witness grazing cows.

Cyclists will ride in small groups of no more than 11 people, providing a more intimate and personalized experience.

Along the way, the group will make a stop in the charming village of Holysloot, where they can indulge in a local specialty – delicious apple pie, at their own expense.

The tour includes the use of a bicycle and helmet, as well as complimentary coffee or tea.

After the ride, the tour concludes back at the original meeting point.


The Amsterdams Countryside Bike Tour includes the use of a bicycle and helmet for participants, as well as complimentary coffee or tea during the tour. The tour provides all the necessary equipment for a comfortable and enjoyable cycling experience through the scenic landscapes of Amsterdam’s countryside. Riders can look forward to exploring the picturesque rural areas, farms, and fishing villages, with opportunities to view cows and other local wildlife along the way. The tour is designed to offer a well-rounded and immersive experience, catering to various fitness levels and ensuring a safe and memorable journey for all participants.

Tour Inclusions Description
Bicycle High-quality, well-maintained bicycles provided for all participants
Helmet Protective cycling helmets to ensure rider safety
Coffee/Tea Complimentary hot beverages served during the tour
Guided Tour Knowledgeable local guide to provide commentary and lead the group
Small Group Maximum of 11 travelers for a more personalized and intimate experience

Meeting and Pickup

Amsterdams Countryside Half-Day Bike Tour in Small Group - Meeting and Pickup

Participants for the Amsterdams Countryside Bike Tour meet at the designated meeting point located at Spuistraat 30 in Amsterdam.

The tour departs promptly at 9:30 AM, with the guide leading the group from this central starting location.

Upon completion, the cycling tour returns back to the original meeting point, ensuring a convenient and seamless experience for all travelers.

The meeting time is set at 9:30 AM, allowing ample time for participants to arrive and get situated before the tour begins.

The tour concludes at the same meeting spot, making it easy for travelers to depart or explore the city further after the experience.

Cancellation Policy

Amsterdams Countryside Half-Day Bike Tour in Small Group - Cancellation Policy

Travelers can cancel their Amsterdams Countryside Bike Tour up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund. However, cancellations made less than 24 hours before the tour start time will result in forfeiting the full amount paid. The tour may also be canceled by the operator due to poor weather conditions or if the minimum number of required travelers is not met.

Cancellation Timing Refund Policy
24+ hours in advance Full refund
Less than 24 hours No refund
Poor weather Tour canceled
Min. travelers not met Tour canceled

Scenic Landscapes and Farms

Amsterdams Countryside Half-Day Bike Tour in Small Group - Scenic Landscapes and Farms

Cycling through the scenic countryside, you will encounter picturesque landscapes dotted with quaint farms, where cows graze peacefully in lush meadows.

The tour winds its way past historic fishing villages, offering glimpses of traditional Dutch life.

Along the route, cyclists will be treated to stunning vistas of rolling hills and tranquil waterways.

Midway through the tour, the group will stop in the charming village of Holysloot, where they can savor a slice of delicious local apple pie at their own expense.

This immersive bike adventure allows travelers to experience the beauty and serenity of Amsterdam’s outlying regions, away from the bustling city center.

Countryside Cycling Experience

Amsterdams Countryside Half-Day Bike Tour in Small Group - Countryside Cycling Experience

As cyclists wind their way through the scenic countryside, they’ll encounter a charming and serene landscape. Lush meadows, historic fishing villages, and rolling hills dotted with tranquil waterways create an idyllic backdrop for this immersive bike adventure. Along the way, riders will stop to admire the impressive architecture of 18th-century farmhouses, observe free-roaming dairy cows, and take in breathtaking views over the polder landscapes. The cycling route is a perfect balance of exercise and relaxation, allowing participants to truly experience the peaceful rhythm of rural Dutch life. With plenty of opportunities to snap photos and soak in the natural beauty, this countryside bike tour promises an unforgettable day in the heart of Amsterdam’s picturesque surroundings.

Landscape Features Highlights Activities
Lush meadows Historic fishing villages Admire architecture
Rolling hills Tranquil waterways Observe dairy cows
Polder landscapes 18th-century farmhouses Take in scenic views

Midway Stop at Holysloot

Amsterdams Countryside Half-Day Bike Tour in Small Group - Midway Stop at Holysloot

During the midway point of the countryside bike tour, cyclists stop in the quaint village of Holysloot to indulge in a slice of traditional Dutch apple pie.

After pedaling through scenic landscapes and passing by working farms, the group takes a break to refuel at a local cafe. Tourists can enjoy the cozy, charming atmosphere of Holysloot as they savor the homemade apple pie, often served warm with a dollop of whipped cream.

This midway stop provides a chance to rest, recharge, and take in the serene rural setting before continuing the cycling adventure. The apple pie break is an authentic taste of Dutch culture and a highlight of the comprehensive countryside tour experience.

Group Size and Fitness Level

Amsterdams Countryside Half-Day Bike Tour in Small Group - Group Size and Fitness Level

The tour limits the group size to a maximum of 11 participants, ensuring an intimate and personalized experience as cyclists explore the Dutch countryside.

A moderate level of physical fitness is required, as the 4-hour tour involves sustained periods of cycling across varied terrain. The routes include scenic landscapes, farms, fishing villages, and opportunities to view cows grazing. While the pace is leisurely, participants should be prepared for some uphill sections and the occasional cobblestone.

Infant seats are available for those traveling with young children. The tour’s organizers emphasize that a reasonable degree of physical fitness is necessary to fully enjoy the experience and keep up with the group.

This small-group format allows for a more immersive and enjoyable countryside adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Bring My Own Bicycle?

No, you cannot bring your own bicycle for this tour. The tour includes the use of a bicycle and helmet provided by the operator. This is a standard policy for all their small group bike tours.

Is There a Discount for Children or Seniors?

The tour does not offer discounts for children or seniors. The price is the same for all participants, regardless of age. The tour is suitable for all ages, but children must be accompanied by an adult.

Are There Any Restrictions on the Type of Bicycle?

The tour provides standard adult bicycles, but they don’t offer specialized bikes like tandem or recumbent models. Children under 12 can use infant seats, but there are no restrictions on the type of bicycle riders can bring.

Can I Bring My Own Food and Drinks?

While participants are welcome to bring their own food and drinks, the tour includes coffee/tea during the midway stop. Bringing additional snacks and beverages is allowed, but not required, as the tour provides a meal option.

Is There Luggage Storage Available at the Meeting Point?

The meeting point does not offer luggage storage. Participants are advised to travel light and bring only essential items they can comfortably carry during the bike tour. No storage facilities are available at the starting location.


This guided cycling tour offers an immersive exploration of Amsterdam’s picturesque countryside.

Traversing scenic landscapes, travelers will experience traditional Dutch life, stopping in the charming village of Holysloot for local apple pie.

With well-maintained bicycles, protective helmets, and a knowledgeable guide, the small-group format ensures a personalized journey suitable for moderately fit travelers.

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