Explore the vibrant neighborhoods of Trastevere and Campo de’ Fiori in Rome on this captivating 3-hour food tour. Led by a knowledgeable local guide, you’ll savor a diverse array of over 20 authentic Roman dishes, from savory suppli to homemade pasta and porchetta. Indulge in artisanal gelato, sip on local wines, and learn about the city’s rich culinary heritage. With a personalized experience capped at just 12 people, this tour promises a delectable journey that’ll leave you craving for more. But what exactly awaits your palate on this delightful exploration?

Key Points

Trastevere and Campo De Fiori Food Tour With a Local Guide - Key Points

  • A 3-hour small-group walking food tour that covers the neighborhoods of Campo de’ Fiori and Trastevere in Rome.
  • Samples over 20 savory and sweet Roman dishes across more than 5 stops, showcasing the best of Roman cuisine.
  • Includes a diverse tasting of authentic local fare, such as suppli, homemade pasta, porchetta, and artisanal gelato.
  • Provides opportunities to taste local wines and learn about the culinary heritage of Rome from a knowledgeable guide.
  • Starts in the historic Campo de’ Fiori neighborhood and ends in Trastevere, allowing for easy further exploration.

Overview of the Tour

Trastevere and Campo De Fiori Food Tour With a Local Guide - Overview of the Tour

This 3-hour small-group walking food tour takes visitors through the charming neighborhoods of Campo de’ Fiori and Trastevere in Rome, where they’ll sample over 20 savory and sweet Roman dishes across more than 5 stops.

Capped at a maximum of 12 people, the tour provides a personalized experience as guests taste authentic local fare, sip on regional wines, and explore the city on foot with a knowledgeable guide.

From classic Roman pasta dishes to fried risotto snacks and artisanal gelato, this immersive culinary experience offers an in-depth look at the flavors that make Rome’s cuisine so renowned.

With inclusions like a family grocery store visit and a tasting at a traditional Trastevere osteria, it’s a must for any foodie visiting the Eternal City.

Inclusions and Highlights

Visitors on this tour can expect a diverse sampling of over 20 authentic Roman dishes, from savory suppli to creamy gelato, accompanied by a tasting of local wines across more than 5 stops.

The small-group walking tour showcases the best of Roman cuisine in the charming neighborhoods of Campo de’ Fiori and Trastevere.

Guests will savor delights like cheeses and cured meats in a family grocery store, homemade pasta sauces at a Trastevere osteria, and freshly-baked porchetta and pizza bianca paired with local craft beer.

Throughout the 3-hour experience, a local guide provides insights into the history and culture behind each mouthwatering bite.

This personalized tour is capped at just 12 people for an intimate culinary journey.

Meeting and End Points

Trastevere and Campo De Fiori Food Tour With a Local Guide - Meeting and End Points

The tour begins at Piazza Farnese, 42, 00186 Roma, and concludes at Fonte della Salute, Via Cardinale Marmaggi, 2, 00153 Roma. This convenient starting point places you right in the heart of the historic Campo de’ Fiori neighborhood, while the ending location in Trastevere provides easy access to explore the charming streets further after the tour.

Meeting Point End Point
Piazza Farnese, 42 Fonte della Salute,
00186 Roma Via Cardinale Marmaggi, 2
00153 Roma

The tour’s start and end locations ensure you maximize your time discovering the vibrant food scene across these two celebrated Roman neighborhoods.

Savory and Sweet Delights

Trastevere and Campo De Fiori Food Tour With a Local Guide - Savory and Sweet Delights

Guests embark on a delightful culinary journey, sampling over 20 savory and sweet Roman delicacies across more than five stops throughout the tour.

They’ll start with an aperitivo and local wines at a family-owned grocery store, where they’ll taste an array of cheeses and cured meats. Next, they’ll savor the iconic suppli – fried risotto snacks.

At a cozy Trastevere osteria, they’ll indulge in two homemade pasta dishes, Amatriciana and Cacio e Pepe, paired with regional wines.

The tour also features porchetta, or roast pork, and pizza bianca, along with a refreshing craft beer.

Aperitivo and Wine Tasting

Trastevere and Campo De Fiori Food Tour With a Local Guide - Aperitivo and Wine Tasting

At a family-owned grocery store, participants begin the tour with an aperitivo and sampling of local wines, delving into an array of over 10 distinct cheeses and cured meats.

The owners warmly welcome the group, sharing their passion for the finest Italian delicacies. Participants savor the robust flavors and textures, learning about the traditional methods used to craft these regional specialties.

The wine pairings heighten the tasting experience, highlighting the complexity and nuances of the local vintages. This introductory stop sets the tone for the rest of the tour, whetting appetites and immersing guests in the rich culinary heritage of Rome.

Homemade Pasta Sauces

Trastevere and Campo De Fiori Food Tour With a Local Guide - Homemade Pasta Sauces

After savoring the robust aperitivos and local wines, the group moves on to sample two signature homemade pasta sauces at a traditional Trastevere osteria.

The chef showcases the time-honored Amatriciana and Cacio e Pepe recipes, allowing participants to explore the rich, nuanced flavors that define authentic Roman cuisine.

The Amatriciana sauce features a harmonious blend of guanciale (cured pork cheek), tomatoes, and pecorino romano cheese, while the Cacio e Pepe enchants with its simple yet elegant combination of pecorino, black pepper, and pasta water.

Both sauces are perfectly paired with local wines, transporting the group on a culinary journey through the heart of Rome’s historic neighborhoods.

Porchetta and Pizza Bianca

Trastevere and Campo De Fiori Food Tour With a Local Guide - Porchetta and Pizza Bianca

The savory aromas of freshly roasted porchetta and crisp, golden pizza bianca beckon the group as they make their way to the next stop, where they’ll have the chance to sample these quintessential Roman delicacies.

Porchetta, a slow-roasted pork belly seasoned with garlic, rosemary, and crackly skin, is a beloved street food in Rome. The group will savor slices of this succulent, flavor-packed meat on its own or paired with the simple yet delightful pizza bianca – a flatbread brushed with olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt.

These iconic dishes, enjoyed with a refreshing local beer, provide a true taste of the vibrant food culture that defines the Eternal City.

Artisanal and Organic Gelato

Trastevere and Campo De Fiori Food Tour With a Local Guide - Artisanal and Organic Gelato

With their appetites whetted by the savory delights of porchetta and pizza bianca, the group eagerly makes its way to the final stop on the tour – a gelateria known for its artisanal and organic frozen treats.

The gelateria’s owner proudly shares the secrets to creating the perfect gelato, explaining how they use only the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients and traditional Italian techniques.

As the group samples flavors like creamy pistachio and tangy lemon, they’re struck by the rich, velvety texture and intense flavors that put mass-produced ice cream to shame.

It’s a delightful conclusion to a culinary adventure that has immersed them in the authentic tastes of Rome.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Tour Wheelchair Accessible?

The tour does not appear to be wheelchair accessible. The small group walking format and historic neighborhoods with cobblestone streets may pose challenges for those with mobility issues. Alternative tours may be better suited for wheelchair users.

Can I Bring Children on the Tour?

Yes, children are welcome on the tour. The small group size allows for a personalized experience, and the tour includes a variety of dishes that should appeal to all ages. Parents are responsible for supervising their children during the tour.

Are Vegetarian/Vegan Options Available During the Tour?

Yes, the tour offers vegetarian and vegan options. Guests can sample meatless Roman dishes and gelato, and the guide can accommodate dietary restrictions at the various food stops along the way.

What Should I Wear for the Walking Tour?

For a walking food tour, comfortable walking shoes and lightweight, weather-appropriate clothing are recommended. Dress in layers to adjust to changing temperatures and be prepared for any unexpected weather conditions during the tour.

Can I Take Photographs During the Tour?

Yes, guests are encouraged to take photos during the tour. The walking food tour provides ample opportunities to capture the vibrant sights, flavors, and ambiance of Rome’s historic neighborhoods. Just be mindful of other guests and follow the guide’s instructions.


This immersive food tour showcases the vibrant culinary heritage of Rome’s Campo de’ Fiori and Trastevere neighborhoods.

Guests savor a diverse array of authentic regional dishes, from savory suppli and homemade pasta to sweet artisanal gelato, complemented by local wine tastings.

Led by a knowledgeable guide, the personalized experience offers an insider’s perspective on the flavors that make Roman cuisine so beloved.

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