The Devilishly Dark York Ghost Walk offers a haunting glimpse into the city’s eerie past. Skilled storytellers guide guests through iconic landmarks and hidden alleyways, unveiling a shadowy realm of gruesome executions, mystical sightings, and ghostly apparitions. From the imposing Minster to the quaint Shambles, the tour delves into York’s devilish history, leaving participants with a chilling sense of the unknown. Those seeking to uncover the city’s supernatural secrets would do well to join this 90-minute journey into the heart of its darkest corners.

Key Points

The Devilishly Dark York Ghost Walk - Key Points

  • A 90-minute guided tour through York’s historic streets, revealing the city’s dark past, haunted locations, and supernatural secrets.
  • Visiting famous landmarks like the York Minster, Shambles, and Clifford’s Tower, as well as lesser-known alleys with dramatic narratives.
  • Engaging storytelling by knowledgeable guides, providing an immersive experience into York’s eerie underbelly.
  • Optional stops for libations along the way, with the tour concluding at the picturesque Stonegate.
  • Highly rated by over 430 reviews for its excellent value and engaging content.

Dark History and Unusual Events

The Devilishly Dark York Ghost Walk - Dark History and Unusual Events

On the Ghost Walk, participants explore York’s dark past, uncovering tales of haunted locations, unsolved mysteries, and eerie phenomena that have captivated the city for centuries.

Tour guides lead guests through the historic streets, sharing chilling accounts of gruesome executions, mystical sightings, and unexplained occurrences.

From the infamous Guy Fawkes’ attempted Gunpowder Plot to the ghostly apparitions said to haunt Micklegate Bar, the walk unveils the city’s macabre underbelly.

Participants may even encounter the lingering presence of plague victims or the vengeful spirit of a wronged noblewoman.

With each step, the weight of York’s grim history becomes palpable, leaving visitors with a sense of the supernatural that permeates the ancient city.

Famous and Lesser-Known Sights

The Devilishly Dark York Ghost Walk - Famous and Lesser-Known Sights

Along With the macabre tales, the Ghost Walk also showcases York’s renowned landmarks as well as its hidden gems, allowing participants to uncover the city’s multifaceted history. From the iconic Minster to the quaint courtyards, the tour covers a wealth of famous and lesser-known sights that have borne witness to York’s captivating past.

Famous Sights Hidden Gems
York Minster Shambles
Clifford’s Tower Merchant Adventurer’s Hall
City Walls Treasurer’s House
Jorvik Viking Centre St. Mary’s Abbey Ruins

These diverse destinations provide a comprehensive glimpse into York’s rich architectural heritage and the indelible marks left by its storied inhabitants over the centuries.

Guided Tour and Ground Covered

The Devilishly Dark York Ghost Walk - Guided Tour and Ground Covered

The Ghost Walk guides participants through the streets of historic York, bringing to life the city’s haunting past. The experienced guides lead the group on a leisurely stroll, covering plenty of ground and stopping at key landmarks to share chilling tales of ghostly encounters and unsolved mysteries.

Visitors will explore famous sites like the Shambles, the Minster, and the Snickelways.

The tour also ventures into lesser-known alleyways and hidden corners, uncovering the city’s dark history.

Along the way, the guides weave together dramatic narratives that send shivers down spines and leave participants eager to uncover more of York’s supernatural secrets.

Meeting Point and End Point

The Devilishly Dark York Ghost Walk - Meeting Point and End Point

Guests assemble outside The Golden Lion pub on Church Street to begin the Ghost Walk tour of York.

The experience concludes in Stonegate, the heart of the historic city center.

This prime meeting point on Church Street provides easy access, with ample parking nearby.

The tour winds through York’s atmospheric alleys, culminating on Stonegate, one of the city’s most renowned streets.

Visitors can explore the area’s many shops, pubs, and historic sites after the tour.

The Ghost Walk offers an immersive journey through York’s haunted past, conveniently bookended by these two iconic locations in the city center.

The meeting and end points allow for a seamless experience from start to finish.

Inclusions and Accessibility

The Devilishly Dark York Ghost Walk - Inclusions and Accessibility

In an article titled ‘The Devilishly Dark York Ghost Walk’, it’s now time to discuss the current points ‘Inclusions and Accessibility’.

This Ghost Walk tour offers a live guided experience, with alcoholic beverages available for guests. Plus, the tour is wheelchair and stroller accessible, and service animals are permitted. Visitors can also easily access public transportation near the tour’s starting and ending points.

The Ghost Walk’s inclusions and accessibility features make it an appealing option for a wide range of visitors:

  • Wheelchair and stroller friendly
  • Service animals allowed
  • Near public transportation hubs

Booking and Cancellation Policy

The Devilishly Dark York Ghost Walk - Booking and Cancellation Policy

Confirmation is received at the time of booking for the Ghost Walk tour, and cancellations up to 24 hours in advance qualify for a full refund.

However, the experience may be canceled due to poor weather conditions or insufficient participant numbers.

Booking the Ghost Walk is straightforward. Guests simply need to secure their spots ahead of time to guarantee their place on the tour.

If plans change, they can easily get a full refund as long as they provide notice 24 hours before the scheduled event.

The tour company wants to ensure a smooth experience, so they reserve the right to cancel the walk if the weather becomes inhospitable or there aren’t enough people to make it worthwhile.

Reviews and Ratings

The Devilishly Dark York Ghost Walk - Reviews and Ratings

With over 430 reviews, the Ghost Walk has earned an impressive 4.5-star rating, reflecting its popularity among visitors to York. Reviewers consistently praise the tour’s engaging storytelling, knowledgeable guides, and ability to uncover the city’s most chilling tales.

As one guest noted, ‘The guide brought the history to life in a captivating way, leaving us with goosebumps!’ Others highlight the tour’s excellent value, with one visitor remarking, ‘It’s an absolute must-do for anyone interested in the supernatural side of York.’

The experience’s high ratings underscore its reputation as a thrilling and memorable way to explore the city’s dark past. Key reasons for its popularity include:

  • Engaging, knowledgeable guides
  • Captivating supernatural stories
  • Excellent value for money

Experience Overview

The Devilishly Dark York Ghost Walk - Experience Overview

The Ghost Walk takes visitors on a spellbinding 90-minute journey through York’s darkest history and most unusual events. Participants will explore both famous and lesser-known sights across the city, guided by knowledgeable storytellers who bring the chilling tales to life.

Embarking from the iconic Golden Lion pub, the tour covers plenty of ground on foot, unveiling the city’s dark past. From harrowing historic events to spine-tingling supernatural occurrences, this experience offers a unique and immersive glimpse into York’s eerie underbelly.

Along the way, guests can stop for a libation at notable establishments before the tour concludes at the picturesque Stonegate. Whether you’re a history buff or thrill-seeker, this Ghost Walk isn’t to be missed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do We Get to See Actual Ghosts on the Tour?

While the tour does not guarantee sightings of actual ghosts, it provides an immersive experience exploring York’s dark history and unusual events. Participants can expect a guided journey through the city’s haunted sights and spooky tales.

Is the Tour Guide a Professional Actor or Historian?

The tour guide is a professional historian who brings York’s dark past to life through engaging storytelling and expert knowledge. They provide an informative and immersive experience for participants.

Can We Take Photos or Videos During the Tour?

Yes, guests are generally allowed to take photos and videos during the walking tour. However, the tour guide may request that participants refrain from using flash photography or recording at certain sensitive locations.

Is the Tour Suitable for Children Under 12 Years Old?

The tour is generally suitable for children under 12, though the content may be too dark or scary for some younger kids. Parents should use their discretion based on their child’s maturity level and interest in the subject matter.

Are Refreshments Provided During the Tour?

Yes, alcoholic beverages are available during the walking tour. The overview states the tour "Inclusions and Accessibility" includes "Alcoholic beverages available", so participants can purchase refreshments as needed throughout the 90-minute guided experience.


The Devilishly Dark York Ghost Walk offers a thrilling exploration of the city’s haunting history.

Led by knowledgeable guides, the 90-minute tour delves into York’s eerie underbelly, from the towering Minster to the shadowy Shambles.

Guests will encounter tales of executions, mystical sightings, and ghostly apparitions, culminating in a chilling glimpse into the past.

It’s an immersive experience not to be missed by those seeking a spine-tingling adventure.

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