Set out on a captivating culinary adventure in the heart of Seville. Led by a local chef, this hands-on cooking class and dinner experience immerses you in the vibrant flavors and rich gastronomic heritage of traditional Spanish cuisine. Prepare iconic dishes like gazpacho, salmorejo, and the quintessential Valencian paella, layering the saffron-infused rice with succulent chicken and seafood. As you savor the tapas and sip on homemade sangria, you’ll uncover the secrets behind these beloved Spanish specialties. Get ready to indulge your senses and unlock the true essence of Andalusian gastronomy.

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Key Points

Spanish Cooking Class and Dinner in Seville - Key Points

  • Hands-on cooking class to prepare iconic Spanish dishes like gazpacho, salmorejo, tapas, and Valencian paella in Seville.
  • Guidance from an expert chef on traditional culinary techniques and flavors of the Andalusian region.
  • 3-course meal featuring the prepared dishes, accompanied by homemade sangria and other regional beverages.
  • Intimate class size of up to 16 participants for personalized attention and an immersive experience.
  • Flexible cancellation policy allowing for full refunds up to 24 hours in advance.

Overview of the Experience

Spanish Cooking Class and Dinner in Seville - Overview of the Experience

Travelers will embark on a captivating culinary journey through the vibrant flavors of traditional Spanish cuisine during this hands-on cooking class and dinner experience in Seville.

Under the guidance of skilled local chefs, you will learn to prepare iconic Spanish dishes like gazpacho, salmorejo, tapas, and the famous Valencian paella.

The interactive class offers a chance to take in the rich culinary heritage of the region, as guests get their hands dirty chopping, sautéing, and plating their creations.

Afterward, everyone will enjoy the fruits of their labor over a 3-course meal, complemented by sangria and other beverages.

This immersive gastronomic experience promises to delight the senses and leave a lasting impression.

Hands-on Cooking and Preparation

Spanish Cooking Class and Dinner in Seville - Hands-on Cooking and Preparation

Donning crisp aprons, participants get to work chopping fresh vegetables and herbs, their knives slicing through the vibrant produce with practiced ease as they prepare the ingredients for the classic gazpacho and salmorejo.

Under the guidance of the expert chef, they’ll learn the techniques for crafting these refreshing cold soups, blending the tomatoes, peppers, and garlic into a silky smooth consistency.

Next, they’ll turn their attention to the tapas, skillfully assembling bite-sized delights like Manchego cheese and Serrano ham.

The pièce de résistance is the Valencian paella, as participants carefully layer the saffron-infused rice, tender chicken, and juicy seafood in the pan, creating a masterpiece to be savored with a glass of sangria.

Valencian Paella and Tapas

With practiced motions, participants begin assembling the classic Valencian paella, carefully layering the saffron-infused rice, tender chicken, and juicy seafood in the pan to create a mouthwatering masterpiece.

Meanwhile, they deftly assemble bite-sized tapas like Manchego cheese and Serrano ham, showcasing the vibrant flavors of Spanish cuisine.

As the paella simmers, the air fills with the aroma of smoked paprika and charred peppers, whetting their appetites.

Guests learn the techniques for perfectly cooking the rice and balancing the ingredients to achieve the signature texture and depth of flavor.

The tapas, with their contrasting textures and bold seasonings, provide a lively prelude to the main course.

Sangria and Beverages

Spanish Cooking Class and Dinner in Seville - Sangria and Beverages

During the cooking class, participants can sip on refreshing glasses of homemade sangria, a signature Spanish cocktail blending red wine, citrus, and spices. Alongside the hearty paella and tapas, they’ll also have the option to enjoy up to two additional alcoholic beverages or soft drinks throughout the memorable culinary experience.

Beverage Options Description
Sangria A classic Spanish punch made with red wine, citrus fruits, and spices
House Wine A selection of locally-sourced red, white, or rosé wines
Beer A refreshing lager or amber ale from a regional Spanish brewery
Soft Drinks Coke, Sprite, or other non-alcoholic options
Coffee or Tea A perfect complement to the delectable dessert

Dinner and Dessert

Spanish Cooking Class and Dinner in Seville - Dinner and Dessert

The cooking class culminates in a delightful 3-course Spanish dinner, where participants savor the fruits of their labors.

Kicking off with a refreshing gazpacho or silky salmorejo, the meal then transitions to an array of authentic tapas.

The grand finale is a classic Valencian paella, overflowing with saffron-infused rice, tender chicken, and succulent seafood.

To cap off the culinary journey, guests indulge in a traditional Spanish dessert, perfectly paired with a steaming cup of coffee or tea.

This immersive dining experience allows participants to fully enjoy the rich flavors and traditions of Spanish cuisine, leaving them with a newfound appreciation for the country’s gastronomic heritage.

Meeting Point and Pickup

Spanish Cooking Class and Dinner in Seville - Meeting Point and Pickup

The cooking class takes place at the Taller Andaluz de Cocina, located within the iconic Mercado de Abastos de Triana in the heart of Seville.

Participants will meet at this charming market setting, where they’ll be immersed in the sights, sounds, and aromas of Andalusian cuisine from the start.

Vibrant stalls overflowing with fresh produce, cured meats, and local specialties set the stage for an authentic cooking experience.

After the class, guests will return to the meeting point, their palates energized and their culinary skills enhanced.

This intimate, hands-on class provides an unparalleled opportunity to connect with the heart of Seville’s rich food culture.

Timing and Group Size

Spanish Cooking Class and Dinner in Seville - Timing and Group Size

The cooking class convenes promptly at 6:00 pm, allowing participants to enjoy the vibrant culinary scene of Seville.

With a maximum group size of 16 travelers, the hands-on experience offers an intimate and personalized introduction to the region’s beloved dishes and traditions.

The small class size ensures that each guest receives ample attention and guidance from the experienced chef, who tailors the instruction to accommodate various skill levels.

Whether you’re a seasoned home cook or a culinary novice, the carefully curated timing and group size create the perfect setting to explore the flavors and techniques of authentic Spanish cuisine.

The evening promises to be a delightful and memorable gastronomic journey.

Cancellation Policy

Spanish Cooking Class and Dinner in Seville - Cancellation Policy

Flexibility in planning allows guests to cancel up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund, ensuring a seamless booking experience.

However, last-minute cancellations less than 24 hours prior won’t receive a refund, as the experience requires specific planning and preparation.

Should the minimum participant requirement not be met, the organizers will offer an alternative date or provide a full refund to accommodate guests.

This cancellation policy strikes a balance between respecting guests’ schedules and ensuring a high-quality, personalized cooking adventure. Guests can book with confidence, knowing their plans can be adjusted if needed, or their money will be returned if the class is unable to proceed as scheduled.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Bring My Own Wine or Alcohol?

While each experience may have its own policies, it’s generally best to check with the host beforehand. They’ll be happy to let you know if you can bring your own wine or alcohol, or if it’s provided as part of the event.

Is There a Vegetarian or Vegan Option Available?

Yes, the cooking class offers vegetarian and vegan options. The chef can accommodate dietary restrictions – just let them know when booking. You’ll create delicious plant-based versions of classic Spanish dishes during this hands-on culinary experience.

Do I Need to Bring Any Cooking Equipment?

The cooking class includes all necessary equipment, so you won’t need to bring anything. Just bring your enthusiasm and eagerness to learn Spanish cuisine. The instructors provide everything you’ll need for the hands-on cooking experience.

Can I Have a Private Cooking Class Instead?

Yes, you can request a private cooking class. The provider offers this option for a more personalized experience. Just inquire about the private class availability and any additional fees when booking your experience.

Is There a Dress Code for the Experience?

There’s no formal dress code, but participants should wear comfortable, casual clothing they don’t mind getting a bit messy. The experience encourages hands-on preparation, so leaving the fancy attire at home is recommended for an enjoyable, hassle-free cooking class.


Indulge in the vibrant flavors of Spain during this immersive cooking class and dinner experience in Seville.

Under the guidance of a local chef, you’ll prepare iconic dishes like gazpacho, salmorejo, tapas, and Valencian paella, savoring the rich gastronomic heritage of the region.

Complement the delectable meal with homemade sangria, regional wines, and a delightful Spanish dessert, creating an unforgettable culinary adventure.

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