Discover the rich wine heritage of Saint-Émilion on this immersive afternoon tour. Guided by local experts, you’ll visit two renowned wineries, uncovering the secrets behind their exceptional Bordeaux vintages. Explore a prestigious Grand Cru estate, then savor a tasting paired with regional delicacies at a family-run winery. Between sips, you’ll stroll through the town’s captivating medieval streets, marveling at its UNESCO-listed status. With insider insights and independent exploration, this tour promises an unforgettable taste of Saint-Émilion’s wine culture. What will you uncover next?

Key Points

Saint-Emilion Afternoon Tour - 2 Wineries, Tastings & Delicacies - Key Points

  • Explore the UNESCO-listed town of Saint-Émilion, famous for its Bordeaux red wines, with a guided tour and visits to two wineries for tastings.
  • Gain insights into the winemaking process, terroir, and Grand Cru wines through behind-the-scenes tours and expert-led discussions.
  • Experience a family-run winery, pairing their handcrafted wines with local delicacies for an immersive tasting.
  • Discover the medieval streets, Romanesque-Gothic architecture, and historic landmarks of Saint-Émilion during a guided walking tour.
  • Enjoy free time to explore the town independently, browsing local shops, cafes, and taking in the views.

Tour Overview

Saint-Emilion Afternoon Tour - 2 Wineries, Tastings & Delicacies - Tour Overview

This small-group tour from Bordeaux offers visitors a chance to explore the UNESCO-listed town of Saint-Émilion, known for its famous Bordeaux red wines.

With an expert local guide, you’ll visit two wineries for tastings and gain insights into the region’s winemaking process and terroir.

At the first winery, you’ll enjoy a tour and tasting at a Grand Cru estate.

Then, at a family-run winery, you’ll savor a wine tasting paired with local delicacies.

Afterward, you’ll embark on a guided walking tour of Saint-Émilion’s charming medieval streets and have free time to explore the town independently.

This immersive experience includes transportation, tastings, and an aperitif, providing a well-rounded introduction to the renowned Bordeaux wine region.

Winery Visits

Saint-Emilion Afternoon Tour - 2 Wineries, Tastings & Delicacies - Winery Visits

The tour begins with a visit to a Grand Cru winery, where visitors learn about the intricate winemaking process and the significance of terroir in the Bordeaux region. The expert guide leads them through the vineyards and winery, sharing insights into the meticulous attention to detail that goes into crafting these acclaimed wines.

The highlights of the winery visit include:

  1. A behind-the-scenes look at the fermentation and aging process in the barrel cellar.
  2. Sampling several Grand Cru wines and discussing their unique flavor profiles.
  3. Discovering the importance of the local climate, soil, and grape varieties in shaping the character of the wines.
  4. Pairing the wines with delectable local delicacies for a truly immersive tasting experience.

Grand Cru Winery Tour

After being picked up from central Bordeaux, visitors embark on a journey to a renowned Grand Cru winery.

At the winery, an expert guide leads them through the vineyards, explaining the importance of terroir and the meticulous processes that go into crafting these exceptional wines.

Guests then step inside the winery, learning about the history, techniques, and innovations that make these Grand Cru wines so sought-after.

The highlight is the tasting, where they sample several varietals, savoring the complex flavors and aromas that have made Bordeaux wines legendary.

It’s an immersive experience, offering a true appreciation for the art and passion behind these acclaimed vintages.

Family-run Winery Tasting

Following their visit to the renowned Grand Cru winery, guests then head to a family-run estate, where they’re welcomed with an aperitif of wine paired with local delicacies.

Guests will have the chance to:

  1. Taste a range of the family’s handcrafted wines, from bold reds to crisp whites.
  2. Learn about the winemaking process and the unique terroir that gives these wines their distinctive flavors.
  3. Savor the local delicacies, which perfectly complement the wine selections.
  4. Engage with the passionate, friendly owners who pour their hearts into every bottle.

It’s an intimate, engaging experience that showcases the personal touch and authentic charm of this family-run winery.

Saint-Émilion Medieval Town

Saint-Emilion Afternoon Tour - 2 Wineries, Tastings & Delicacies - Saint-Émilion Medieval Town

Guests then embark on a guided walking tour through the medieval streets and architecture of Saint-Émilion.

They’ll explore the charming town’s rich history, visiting landmarks like the iconic Monolithic Church and learning about the architectural features that have earned it UNESCO World Heritage status.

The walking tour offers a chance to soak in the town’s quaint ambiance and appreciate its well-preserved buildings, from the 11th-century collegiate church to the Romanesque-style bell tower.

After the guided tour, visitors have free time to wander the medieval alleyways, browse local shops, and discover hidden corners of this picturesque village at their own pace, seeing the authentic spirit of Saint-Émilion.

Guided Walking Tour

Saint-Emilion Afternoon Tour - 2 Wineries, Tastings & Delicacies - Guided Walking Tour

The guided walking tour through Saint-Émilion’s medieval streets immerses visitors in the town’s rich history and well-preserved architecture. An expert local guide leads the way, highlighting landmark sites like the iconic Monolithic Church and explaining the architectural features that have earned Saint-Émilion its UNESCO World Heritage status.

During the tour, guests will:

  1. Admire the striking Romanesque-Gothic architecture of the Collegiate Church and Bell Tower.
  2. Descend into the town’s monolithic underground catacombs and explore the network of tunnels.
  3. Wander the charming cobblestone lanes, discovering quaint shops, cafes, and historic buildings.
  4. Learn about Saint-Émilion’s wine heritage and the importance of the region’s distinct terroir.

The guided walking tour provides an immersive cultural experience, allowing visitors to fully appreciate the timeless beauty of this storied Bordeaux town.

Independent Exploration

Saint-Emilion Afternoon Tour - 2 Wineries, Tastings & Delicacies - Independent Exploration

After the guided tour, visitors can explore Saint-Émilion’s charming medieval streets at their own pace, discovering hidden gems and soaking in the town’s timeless ambiance. With the freedom to wander, travelers can poke into quaint boutiques, stumble upon family-run bistros, and climb up the iconic church tower for panoramic views of the town and surrounding vineyards.

Highlights of Self-Guided Exploration
Stroll through narrow cobblestone lanes Discover artisanal shops and studios Savor local delicacies at sidewalk cafes Climb the 13th-century Monolithic Church Enjoy vistas of the UNESCO-listed town

This independent time allows visitors to truly soak in the charm and character of Saint-Émilion at their own pace, creating lasting memories of their Bordeaux wine country experience.

Inclusions and Details

Saint-Emilion Afternoon Tour - 2 Wineries, Tastings & Delicacies - Inclusions and Details

This afternoon tour of Saint-Émilion includes pickup and drop-off in central Bordeaux, as well as transportation by air-conditioned minivan.

An English-speaking local guide leads the experience, offering two winery visits with 5-6 tastings and an extra glass at the final winery.

The tour also features a guided walking tour of Saint-Émilion’s medieval town and a French aperitif of wine paired with local delicacies at the second winery.

Minimum age: 12 years
Minimum group size: 2 people
Not wheelchair accessible
Cancellation policy: Full refund up to 24 hours before experience

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Vegetarian Option Available for the Local Delicacies?

The tour does not explicitly mention a vegetarian option for the local delicacies. However, it’s best to inquire with the tour operator about any dietary accommodations they can make prior to booking the experience.

Can the Tour Be Extended to Include More Wineries?

The tour can be extended to include more wineries, but this would likely increase the cost and duration of the experience. Customers should consult with the tour provider to discuss options that align with their preferences and budget.

Are Children Allowed to Participate in the Wine Tastings?

No, children under 12 years old are not allowed to participate in the wine tastings. The tour has a minimum age requirement of 12 years old to ensure all participants can fully enjoy the wine tasting experience.

Is It Possible to Arrange a Private Tour for a Larger Group?

Yes, it’s possible to arrange a private tour for a larger group. The tour provider can accommodate private bookings, so you can request a private tour tailored to your group’s needs. Group size and pricing may vary.

What Is the Dress Code for This Tour?

There’s no strict dress code for this tour. Comfortable, casual clothing and sturdy walking shoes are recommended, as there’ll be a fair amount of walking around the medieval town. It’s best to dress for the weather on the day.


The Saint-Émilion Afternoon Tour offers an immersive experience in the renowned Bordeaux wine region. Visitors explore the UNESCO-listed town, discover the winemaking process, and savor local delicacies.

With guided winery visits, a walking tour, and independent exploration, the tour provides a well-rounded introduction to Saint-Émilion’s rich wine heritage and captivating medieval charm.

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