Exploring the charming medieval towns of Orvieto and Civita di Bagnoregio is a captivating journey that transports visitors back in time. From the stunning Gothic cathedral to the precarious streets of Civita, this private tour offers a unique glimpse into Italy’s rich history. Whether you’re admiring the stunning architecture or simply soaking in the serene atmosphere, the Orvieto and Civita di Bagnoregio Tour promises an unforgettable experience. With the flexibility to explore at your own pace and the convenience of a luxury minivan, the stage is set for an adventure that will leave you craving for more.

Key Points

Orvieto and Civita Di Bagnoregio Tour From Rome - Key Points

  • This private full-day tour from Rome explores the medieval hilltop villages of Orvieto and Civita di Bagnoregio in a luxury Mercedes-Benz minivan.
  • Highlights of Orvieto include the stunning cathedral, picturesque streets, and the Pozzo di San Patrizio, a 16th-century well with a double spiral staircase.
  • Civita di Bagnoregio, a hilltop town perched atop a tufa cliff, offers captivating medieval architecture and breathtaking views of the Etruscan countryside.
  • The tour is wheelchair and stroller accessible, with an option to visit the Archeological Museum in Orvieto.
  • The private tour allows for a personalized and flexible exploration, with an English-speaking driver to handle transportation throughout the day.

Overview of the Tour

Orvieto and Civita Di Bagnoregio Tour From Rome - Overview of the Tour

This private full-day tour takes visitors from Rome to explore the beautiful medieval hilltop villages of Orvieto and Civita di Bagnoregio situated to the north.

You’ll travel in a luxury Mercedes-Benz minivan, which is wheelchair- and stroller-accessible.

Once you arrive, you’ll be able to wander Civita di Bagnoregio, a village that can only be entered on foot.

After that, you’ll visit Orvieto, where you can enjoy lunch and tour the Archeological Museum, if you’d like.

An English-speaking driver will be with you throughout the day, and all entrance fees are included.

This tour provides a unique opportunity to experience these stunning Italian towns up close.

Highlights of Orvieto

Orvieto and Civita Di Bagnoregio Tour From Rome - Highlights of Orvieto

Orvieto boasts a stunning Cathedral, known for its intricate Gothic façade adorned with colorful mosaics and sculptures.

Inside, the cathedral’s interior is equally impressive, with its soaring vaulted ceilings and ornate altars.

Beyond the cathedral, the historic town center offers a picturesque labyrinth of narrow streets, medieval buildings, and vibrant piazzas.

One of the highlights is the Pozzo di San Patrizio, a 16th-century well with a double spiral staircase that winds down 62 meters.

Visitors can also explore the Orvieto Underground, a network of tunnels, caves, and cellars that date back to Etruscan times.

With its stunning architecture, rich history, and charming atmosphere, Orvieto is a must-see destination on this private tour.

Exploring Civita Di Bagnoregio

A short stroll across a pedestrian bridge leads visitors to the captivating hilltop town of Civita di Bagnoregio, known as the ‘Dying City’.

Perched atop a tufa cliff, this medieval borgo can only be accessed on foot, lending it an air of timelessness and tranquility.

As one explores the narrow alleyways and picturesque piazzas, it’s easy to feel transported back in time, surrounded by the town’s well-preserved architecture and serene atmosphere.

What makes Civita di Bagnoregio so enchanting?

  • Its precarious location, teetering on the edge of a deep ravine
  • The charming stone buildings and winding streets untouched by modernity
  • The breathtaking views of the surrounding Etruscan countryside

Transportation and Accessibility

Orvieto and Civita Di Bagnoregio Tour From Rome - Transportation and Accessibility

Visitors can travel to the destinations on this tour in a luxury Mercedes-Benz minivan that’s wheelchair- and stroller-accessible, with child seats available. The private transportation ensures a comfortable and convenient journey for your group. While the focus is on exploring the medieval hilltop villages, the accessibility features make this tour inclusive for travelers with mobility needs.

Transportation Options
Private Mercedes-Benz Minivan
Wheelchair Accessible
Stroller Accessible
Child Seats Available

The driver, who is fluent in English, will be with your group throughout the tour, providing a personalized and hassle-free experience.

Inclusions and Exclusions

Orvieto and Civita Di Bagnoregio Tour From Rome - Inclusions and Exclusions

The tour includes private transportation, an air-conditioned vehicle, and an English-speaking driver for the duration. Tickets to enter the sites are also provided.

However, lunch and gratuities aren’t included in the tour price.

The tour offers:

  • Private transportation in a luxury Mercedes-Benz minivan
  • Tickets to enter Orvieto and Civita di Bagnoregio
  • A private licensed tour guide to enhance your experience

While the tour covers the major highlights, you’ll need to budget for your own lunch and any tips you’d like to give the driver or guide. This allows for maximum flexibility to enjoy the tour at your own pace.

Pickup and Start Time

Orvieto and Civita Di Bagnoregio Tour From Rome - Pickup and Start Time

The tour starts with pickup from your chosen accommodation in Rome at 9:00 am.

Your private, air-conditioned Mercedes-Benz minivan and English-speaking driver will be there to greet you and commence the day’s adventure.

This ensures a comfortable and hassle-free start to your private full-day excursion to the beautiful medieval hilltop villages of Orvieto and Civita di Bagnoregio.

The driver will handle all the transportation, allowing you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenic drive north of Rome.

With confirmed booking, you can expect a smooth and seamless experience from the very beginning.

The tour is also wheelchair and stroller accessible, making it suitable for travelers of all abilities.

Tour Flexibility and Participation

Orvieto and Civita Di Bagnoregio Tour From Rome - Tour Flexibility and Participation

This private tour provides flexibility, allowing participants to tailor the experience to their interests and needs.

Service animals are welcome, and the tour is accessible for wheelchair users and those with strollers, ensuring an inclusive experience for all. Most travelers can participate, making this an ideal outing for a wide range of visitors.

The tour is private, meaning only your group will be involved, allowing for a personalized and intimate exploration of the charming medieval villages.

Whether you’re seeking a leisurely stroll or a more immersive cultural experience, the tour can be customized to suit your preferences.

With the ability to cancel for a full refund up to 24 hours in advance, booking this tour offers peace of mind and convenience.

Cancellation Policy

Orvieto and Civita Di Bagnoregio Tour From Rome - Cancellation Policy

With the tour’s flexible cancellation policy, you can receive a full refund if you cancel your booking at least 24 hours in advance. This provides peace of mind when planning your travel itinerary, as you won’t be penalized for any last-minute changes in your schedule.

The tour operator understands that sometimes unforeseen circumstances arise, and they want to accommodate their customers’ needs. By offering this hassle-free cancellation option, they ensure that you can book your tour with confidence, knowing that you can easily adjust your plans if necessary.

This flexibility is just one of the many ways the tour operator strives to deliver an exceptional experience for all their guests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Bring My Own Food and Drinks on the Tour?

Travelers are generally allowed to bring their own food and drinks on tours. However, it’s best to check with the tour operator beforehand, as some may have specific policies about outside food and beverages.

Can I Request a Language Other Than English for the Driver?

Yes, you can request a language other than English for the driver. The tour company can accommodate various language preferences, so be sure to specify your desired language when booking the tour.

Is There an Option to Extend or Customize the Tour Duration?

Yes, the tour duration can be extended or customized. The tour provider offers flexibility to accommodate travelers’ needs and preferences. They’re happy to discuss any adjustments to the standard itinerary or duration.

Are There Any Discounts or Special Offers Available for This Tour?

The tour provider doesn’t currently offer any discounts or special offers, but they’re happy to discuss customizing the tour duration or itinerary to fit your needs. Reach out to them directly for the latest pricing and availability.

How Do I Provide Feedback or File a Complaint After the Tour?

Providing feedback or filing a complaint is easy. Reach out to the tour company directly, either by email or phone. They’ll want to know about your experience so they can address any issues and improve their service.


This tour provides a chance to discover two captivating medieval hilltop towns, Orvieto and Civita di Bagnoregio, from Rome.

With a luxury Mercedes-Benz minivan, visitors can explore the stunning Gothic Cathedral, the Pozzo di San Patrizio, and the charming, precarious Civita di Bagnoregio at their own pace.

The tour’s flexibility and accessibility make it an ideal choice for a memorable day trip from the capital.

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