The Game of Thrones & Dubrovnik Tour provides fans and history buffs alike with a unique opportunity to explore the captivating filming locations from the hit HBO series and uncover the rich heritage of the ancient, fortified city. Led by a knowledgeable local guide, this immersive 1.5-hour experience takes visitors along the spectacular walls of Dubrovnik, offering breathtaking views and a deeper appreciation for the city’s strategic importance, architectural gems, and multifaceted past. Whether you’re a die-hard Game of Thrones enthusiast or simply seeking to unveil the charms of this historic destination, this tour promises to leave you…

Key Points

Game of Thrones & Dubrovnik Tour - Key Points

  • This 1.5-hour tour combines exploring Dubrovnik’s Game of Thrones filming locations and the city’s rich history led by a local guide.
  • Participants can marvel at the spectacular views from the ancient, fortified walls of the historic city of Dubrovnik.
  • The tour provides an immersive experience blending fictional Game of Thrones narratives with captivating non-fictional accounts about Dubrovnik’s past.
  • Wheelchair users cannot access the tour due to uneven terrain and numerous steps, but service animals are permitted.
  • Cancellations up to 24 hours before the tour’s start time are eligible for a full refund.

Tour Overview

Game of Thrones & Dubrovnik Tour - Tour Overview

The 2-in-1 tour of Dubrovnik offers visitors a chance to explore both the Game of Thrones filming locations and the real history of this ancient port city.

Led by a local guide, the tour provides captivating tales, blending fictional and non-fictional narratives.

Travelers will be treated to spectacular views from the walls of the fortress city, seeing the rich tapestry of Dubrovnik’s past.

With a duration of approximately 1.5 hours, this comprehensive tour is perfect for those seeking to uncover the multifaceted charms of this historic destination.

Meeting and Pickup

Game of Thrones & Dubrovnik Tour - Meeting and Pickup

Participants need to cross the wooden drawbridge and walk down to the main street Stradun, where the meeting point is located at the Onofrios Large Fountain, near Pile Gate – the main entrance to the Old Town.

A tour representative holding a red umbrella will be waiting at the meeting point. This convenient location allows participants to easily find the start of the tour.

Once gathered, the group will explore the Game of Thrones filming locations and the rich history of the ancient port city of Dubrovnik, guided by a knowledgeable local.

The meeting point’s proximity to the Old Town ensures a seamless start to the captivating 1.5-hour experience.

Tour Inclusions

Game of Thrones & Dubrovnik Tour - Tour Inclusions

The tour includes a local guide who provides captivating tales about both the fictional Game of Thrones and the real history of the ancient port city.

Plus, participants get to enjoy professional guidance throughout the spectacular 1.5-hour experience.

The tour also includes transportation to and from the attractions, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable journey.

Whether you’re a fan of the popular TV series or simply interested in the rich heritage of Dubrovnik, this comprehensive tour offers an immersive and informative experience, allowing you to explore the city’s iconic landmarks and uncover its fascinating past.

With the guidance of knowledgeable professionals, you’ll come away with a deeper appreciation for this remarkable destination.

Accessibility and Restrictions

Game of Thrones & Dubrovnik Tour - Accessibility and Restrictions

Wheelchair users cannot access this tour due to the uneven terrain and numerous steps throughout the historic city. However, service animals are permitted to accompany participants. The tour is conveniently situated near public transportation options, making it accessible for those without private vehicles. Comfortable walking shoes are strongly recommended, as the experience involves extensive walking along the fortress walls and through the Old Town.

Accessibility Yes No
Wheelchair Access
Service Animals
Near Public Transit
Comfortable Shoes Recommended

Cancellation Policy

Game of Thrones & Dubrovnik Tour - Cancellation Policy

Cancellations up to 24 hours before the tour’s start time are eligible for a full refund, while changes made less than 24 hours prior won’t be accepted.

This policy provides flexibility for travelers who need to adjust their plans, while also ensuring the tour operator can properly manage tour logistics.

Participants should keep this in mind when booking the Game of Thrones & Dubrovnik Tour, as it’s an important consideration when planning their trip.

By adhering to the cancellation terms, travelers can secure their spot on the tour and receive a full refund if their plans change with sufficient notice.

This policy helps maintain the smooth operation of the tour experience for all involved.

Filming Locations Explored

Game of Thrones & Dubrovnik Tour - Filming Locations Explored

The tour takes guests through several iconic Game of Thrones filming locations around the ancient city of Dubrovnik, showcasing the show’s stunning backdrops. Visitors will explore the mighty walls of the Old Town, which stood in for King’s Landing, the capital of the Seven Kingdoms. They’ll also visit the Jetée de Lourdes, where the show’s memorable ‘Walk of Shame’ scene was filmed. Other highlights include the Rector’s Palace, the setting for the Red Keep, and the beautiful Lovrijenac Fortress, which became the Red Keep’s exterior. The tour provides an immersive experience, blending the fictional world of Game of Thrones with the real history and beauty of Dubrovnik.

Location Scene
Old Town Walls King’s Landing
Jetée de Lourdes Walk of Shame
Rector’s Palace Red Keep
Lovrijenac Fortress Red Keep Exterior

Historical Insights Provided

Game of Thrones & Dubrovnik Tour - Historical Insights Provided

Along With showcasing the iconic Game of Thrones filming locations, the tour delves into the captivating history of Dubrovnik, providing visitors with a deeper understanding of the ancient port city’s past.

The local guide shares intriguing tales about Dubrovnik’s rich history, from its origins as a medieval trading hub to its role in the Ragusan Republic.

Guests learn about the city’s strategic importance, its fortified walls, and the architectural gems that have withstood the test of time.

By blending fictional narratives with non-fictional accounts, the tour offers a well-rounded perspective, allowing participants to appreciate Dubrovnik’s multifaceted heritage.

This historical insight complements the Game of Thrones experience, giving visitors a comprehensive understanding of this remarkable destination.

Spectacular Views Offered

Game of Thrones & Dubrovnik Tour - Spectacular Views Offered

The tour offers spectacular views from the walls of the ancient, fortified city, allowing visitors to marvel at the stunning architecture and panoramic vistas of Dubrovnik.

As participants walk along the famous city walls, they’ll be treated to breathtaking outlooks across the terracotta rooftops, charming cobblestone streets, and sparkling Adriatic Sea.

The tour guide will point out key landmarks and provide historical context, enriching the experience.

With the walls reaching up to 82 feet (25 meters) high in some areas, the tour offers a truly unique perspective of this well-preserved medieval city.

Visitors can capture incredible photos from the walls, making it a must-do activity for any trip to Dubrovnik.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Take Pictures During the Tour?

Yes, participants can take pictures during the tour. Photography is generally allowed, but visitors should be mindful of not disrupting the tour or blocking the view for others.

How Much Walking Is Involved in the Tour?

The tour involves a significant amount of walking, as it covers the historical old town and fortress walls. Comfortable walking shoes are recommended to fully enjoy the tour and its spectacular views. The duration is approximately 1.5 hours.

Is There Any Food or Drink Provided on the Tour?

The tour doesn’t include any food or drinks. Participants are responsible for bringing their own refreshments. A guided tour typically does not provide meal or beverage options, but visitors can enjoy a snack or drink before or after the experience.

Can I Join the Tour if I Haven’t Watched Game of Thrones?

Yes, you can join the tour even if you haven’t watched Game of Thrones. The tour covers both the fictional show locations and the real history of the ancient port city, so anyone can enjoy the captivating tales and spectacular views.

Is There a Discount for Children or Seniors on This Tour?

The tour does not offer discounts for children or seniors. Ticket prices are the same for all participants, regardless of age. Seniors and families should expect to pay the full advertised rate for this tour.


The Game of Thrones & Dubrovnik Tour provides an immersive experience that blends the fictional world of the hit series with the captivating history and stunning sights of the ancient city.

Led by a local guide, visitors will explore iconic filming locations, uncover the city’s strategic importance, and enjoy breathtaking views from the iconic city walls.

This tour is a must-do for fans of Game of Thrones and those seeking to unveil the multifaceted charms of Dubrovnik.

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