Dubrovnik’s centuries-old charm comes alive on the Sunset Cruise by Traditional Karaka Boat. Aboard a 16th-century replica, travelers will witness the UNESCO-listed city‘s timeless allure from the sea. As the sun dips below the horizon, the ancient walls, verdant Lokrum Island, and enchanting old harbor come into view, accompanied by sparkling wine and light refreshments. This intimate tour promises an unforgettable evening, inviting guests to enjoy Dubrovnik’s rich history and captivating coastal beauty. What awaits on the water is a truly unique experience.

Key Points

Dubrovnik Sunset Cruise by Traditional Karaka Boat - Key Points

  • A sunset cruise aboard a 16th-century karaka replica, offering stunning views of UNESCO-listed Dubrovnik and its ancient walls.
  • Passing by the verdant Lokrum Island, a picturesque oasis off the coast, while sipping on Champagne.
  • Disembarking at Dubrovnik’s charming old harbor, allowing for exploration of the historic city center.
  • Includes a welcome drink, one additional beverage, and a friendly host to accompany travelers.
  • Maximum group size of 120 for an intimate experience, with a full refund for cancellations made at least 24 hours in advance.

Tour Overview

Dubrovnik Sunset Cruise by Traditional Karaka Boat - Tour Overview

The sunset cruise from Dubrovnik sets sail on a 16th-century karaka replica, offering stunning views of the UNESCO-listed city and its ancient walls as travelers sip Champagne and watch the sun dip below the horizon.

This magical experience allows visitors to explore Dubrovnik’s Old Town from the sea side, passing by the verdant Lokrum Island before disembarking at the city’s picturesque old harbor.

Along the way, guests can savor a welcome drink and one additional beverage, all while enjoying the company of a friendly host on board.

This sunset cruise provides a perfect blend of history, scenery, and relaxation, making it an unforgettable way to experience the beauty of Dubrovnik.


The sunset cruise from Dubrovnik includes a welcome drink of Sparkling Wine, as well as one additional beverage such as a soft drink, water, tea, wine, or beer. Plus, a friendly host accompanies travelers on board.

A replica of a 16th-century karaka, a traditional Dalmatian ship, provides the perfect setting for the journey.

Soak up the stunning views of UNESCO-listed Dubrovnik and its ancient walls from the sea.

Catch glimpses of the verdant Lokrum Island as the boat gently sails along the coastline.

End the evening by disembarking at Dubrovnik’s picturesque old harbor.

Meeting and Pickup

Dubrovnik Sunset Cruise by Traditional Karaka Boat - Meeting and Pickup

Travelers meet at Lokanda Peskarija, located in Dubrovnik’s Old Town Port, and the cruise ends at the same location. This central meeting point makes it easy for guests to find the departure spot.

Once there, they’ll board a 16th-century karaka replica and set sail to explore Dubrovnik’s stunning coastline from the sea. The boat will pass by the UNESCO-listed Old Town walls and the verdant Lokrum Island, providing breathtaking views.

At the end of the cruise, guests disembark right back at the Dubrovnik Old Town Port, having experienced an unforgettable sunset adventure on the Adriatic Sea.

Explore Dubrovnik’s Old Town

Dubrovnik Sunset Cruise by Traditional Karaka Boat - Explore Dubrovniks Old Town

From the karaka replica, guests enjoy sweeping vistas of Dubrovnik’s iconic Old Town walls, which snake along the rugged coastline, their honey-hued stone glowing in the setting sun.

The ship glides past verdant Lokrum Island, offering a unique perspective of the ancient fortifications that have protected the city for centuries.

As the cruise progresses, passengers are treated to a visual feast:

  • The imposing Minceta Tower, a symbol of Dubrovnik’s defiance
  • The graceful arches of the Pile Gate, the main entrance to the Old Town
  • The majestic Rector’s Palace, a Gothic-Renaissance masterpiece
  • The stunning Assumption Cathedral, with its gleaming white façade

It’s a breathtaking way to experience the timeless charm of this UNESCO-listed gem.

Pass by Lokrum Island

Dubrovnik Sunset Cruise by Traditional Karaka Boat - Pass by Lokrum Island

As the karaka replica glides along, passengers catch glimpses of verdant Lokrum Island, a lush oasis just off Dubrovnik’s coast.

Covered in dense pine forests and fragrant Mediterranean flora, the island appears serene and tranquil. Passing by, guests can spot the Benedictine monastery and the ruins of a 19th-century hotel, remnants of Lokrum’s fascinating history.

The island also boasts a small saltwater lake, known as the ‘Dead Sea,’ which is popular for swimming. While the cruise doesn’t make a stop at Lokrum, simply drifting by this enchanting isle adds to the overall experience, allowing passengers to appreciate Dubrovnik’s picturesque coastal setting from a unique vantage point on the open sea.

Disembark at Old Harbor

Dubrovnik Sunset Cruise by Traditional Karaka Boat - Disembark at Old Harbor

The cruise then returns to Dubrovnik’s old harbor, where passengers disembark after their sunset sail along the city’s picturesque coastline.

As the boat gently docks, visitors step back onto land, their senses filled with the sights and sounds of the historic port. They may:

  • Gaze up at the imposing medieval walls that have protected Dubrovnik for centuries
  • Wander the charming cobblestone streets, lined with cafes and local shops
  • Admire the grand architecture, from the Rector’s Palace to the Franciscan Monastery

Soak in the lively atmosphere of this UNESCO World Heritage Site before returning to their accommodations.

With memories of the stunning sunset cruise, guests depart the old harbor, their Dubrovnik experience complete.

Confirmation and Requirements

Dubrovnik Sunset Cruise by Traditional Karaka Boat - Confirmation and Requirements

Travelers typically receive confirmation of their booking immediately after completing their reservation for the Dubrovnik Sunset Cruise. This tour is not wheelchair accessible, and the minimum age requirement is 16 years old. The maximum group size is 120 travelers. Guests can expect a full refund if they cancel their booking at least 24 hours in advance.

Requirements Details
Accessibility Not wheelchair accessible
Age Minimum age 16 years
Group Size Maximum 120 travelers
Cancellation Policy Full refund with 24+ hours’ notice

The confirmation and requirements ensure a smooth and enjoyable sunset cruise experience for all participants.

Cancellation Policy

Dubrovnik Sunset Cruise by Traditional Karaka Boat - Cancellation Policy

Guests can receive a full refund if they cancel their Dubrovnik Sunset Cruise booking at least 24 hours in advance. This flexible cancellation policy provides peace of mind, allowing travelers to plan their trip with confidence.

The cruise takes place on a 16th-century karaka replica, setting sail from Dubrovnik’s old harbor. During the experience, guests can:

  • Soak up stunning views of the UNESCO-listed city and its ancient walls
  • Sip a glass of Champagne as the sun dips below the horizon
  • Pass by the verdant Lokrum Island
  • Disembark at the same point they started, in Dubrovnik’s picturesque old port

With a maximum of 120 travelers, the sunset cruise offers an intimate, unforgettable experience on the Adriatic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Bring My Own Food and Drinks?

According to the overview, guests are provided with a welcome drink and one additional drink during the cruise. Outside food and drinks are not mentioned as being permitted. Travelers should check with the tour operator for specific policies.

Is There a Dress Code for the Cruise?

There’s generally no strict dress code for the cruise. Casual, comfortable attire is recommended to enjoy the scenic views and sunset. Guests should dress appropriately for the weather and be prepared for a relaxing evening on the water.

Can I Request a Different Departure Time?

Guests can request a different departure time, though it’s subject to availability. The cruise operator will try to accommodate special requests if possible, but the standard departure time is set to optimize the sunset viewing experience.

Do I Need to Bring a Camera?

A camera is not required, but it’s highly recommended to capture the stunning views of the sunset and Dubrovnik’s historic skyline. The cruise provides a beautiful and romantic setting to enjoy the sights.

Is the Boat Handicap Accessible?

The boat is not wheelchair accessible. The tour operator states the experience is "Not wheelchair accessible" in the additional details section. Guests with mobility issues may have difficulty boarding and moving around the traditional karaka boat.


The Dubrovnik Sunset Cruise by Traditional Karaka Boat offers travelers a captivating way to experience the city’s timeless beauty from the sea.

Aboard a 16th-century replica, guests will enjoy stunning views of Dubrovnik’s ancient walls, Lokrum Island, and the enchanting old harbor as the sun sets over the Adriatic.

With sparkling wine and light refreshments, this intimate tour promises an unforgettable evening, capturing the essence of Dubrovnik’s charm.

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