Ah, the ol’ Drunken Monkey Pub Crawl – where the booze flows like water and the shenanigans never cease. Led by a guide who’s seen it all, this tour’s a wild ride through Prague’s vibrant bar scene. Unlimited drinks, rowdy games, and sports galore – it’s a recipe for one unforgettable night. But don’t expect to remember much come morning. Still, if you’re up for getting seriously soused in style, the Drunken Monkey’s the way to go. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you about the hangover.

Just The Basics

Drunken Monkey Pub Crawl - Just The Basics

  1. The Drunken Monkey Pub Crawl offers an unforgettable night of unlimited booze, rowdy drinking games, and sports-crazed entertainment in Prague.
  2. The tour includes a welcome shot at each of the four bars and clubs on the itinerary, encouraging participants to indulge without worrying about the tab.
  3. Competitive drinking games, such as beer pong, flip-cup, and Quarters, foster camaraderie and friendly rivalries among the group.
  4. The pubs are decked out with roaring sports entertainment, allowing guests to catch the big game while engaging in epic rounds of drinking games.
  5. The tour is led by a savvy guide who ensures the good times never stop flowing, keeping guests laughing and their glasses never empty.

Tour Overview

The Drunken Monkey Pub Crawl in Prague unleashes a wild night of unlimited booze, rowdy drinking games, and sports-crazed entertainment, all led by a savvy guide through the city’s vibrant bar scene.

You’ll start with a welcome shot at each of the four bars and clubs on the itinerary, then dive into a raucous evening of beer pong, flip-cup, and other boozy challenges.

Between rounds, you can catch the big game on the venue’s LCD TVs and HD projectors. And when the crawl wraps up, you’ll get free entry to the final club, where you can dance off the night’s indulgences.

Embrace your inner party animal and let the Drunken Monkey guide you to Prague’s liveliest watering holes.

Unlimited Drinks

Drunken Monkey Pub Crawl - Unlimited Drinks

During the Drunken Monkey Pub Crawl, you’ll enjoy unlimited rounds of beer, wine, vodka shots, absinthe, and rum – enough to keep your cup constantly filled and your inhibitions nicely lowered all night long.

Feel free to indulge in as many drinks as your liver can handle as you hop from bar to bar. The drinks are free-flowing, so you can party like a true lush without worrying about the tab.

Just be sure to pace yourself – you don’t want to end up passed out in a gutter before you even make it to the final club. With unlimited alcohol at your fingertips, the Drunken Monkey Pub Crawl is the perfect way to get soused in style.

Drinking Games

Drunken Monkey Pub Crawl - Drinking Games

Unleashing their competitive spirits, guests dive into a series of rowdy drinking games like beer pong and flip-cup, battling for bragging rights and the occasional free drink. The Drunken Monkey team has curated an epic lineup of boozy challenges, ensuring a night of uproarious fun and camaraderie. As the music thumps and the drinks flow, the air crackles with the energy of friendly rivalries. Whether flawlessly sinking a ping-pong ball or dramatically upending a cup, each victory is met with cheers and laughter, solidifying bonds between newfound friends.

Game Objective Winner’s Prize
Beer Pong Sink ping-pong balls in opponents’ cups A free round of drinks
Flip-Cup Flip a cup of beer and be the first to finish A celebratory shot
Ring of Fire Draw cards to determine drinking rules The last person standing wins
Quarters Bounce a quarter into a cup A free drink

Sports Entertainment

Drunken Monkey Pub Crawl - Sports Entertainment

But the Drunken Monkey crew know their guests crave more than just boozy battles – they’ve decked out the pubs with roaring sports entertainment to really get the blood pumping.

Catch the big game on massive HD projectors while downing shots and cheering with fellow revelers. Sports fanatics can indulge in an epic round of beer pong or flip-cup, all while keeping an eye on the scoreboard.

There’s nothing like a little friendly competition to add some extra excitement to the night. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just looking to get in on the action, the Drunken Monkey’s sports offerings ensure the party never stops.

Professional Guide

Drunken Monkey Pub Crawl - Professional Guide

The Drunken Monkey’s expert guides lead the way, shepherding guests through the city’s vibrant nightlife and ensuring the good times never stop flowing.

These party animals know all the best spots, from the liveliest bars to the wildest dance floors. With their infectious energy and encyclopedic knowledge of Prague’s nightlife, they’ll keep you laughing and your glass never empty.

Whether it’s starting a raucous game of beer pong or keeping the vodka shots coming, these guides are the life of the party. So let them take the reins and get ready for an unforgettable night of debauchery and good old-fashioned fun.

Welcome Shots

Drunken Monkey Pub Crawl - Welcome Shots

As guests arrive at the meeting point, the Drunken Monkey guides waste no time in welcoming them with a round of revitalizing shots. Whether it’s a potent vodka number or a zesty splash of absinthe, these lively introductory libations set the tone for an evening of unbridled revelry.

With a cheeky grin and a ready-to-party attitude, the guides hand out the shots, urging participants to down them in one enthusiastic gulp. The sharp, invigorating flavors instantly awaken the senses, preparing party-goers for a night of wild antics, competitive drinking games, and endless rounds of drinks.

These welcome shots are just the tip of the boozy iceberg, a surefire way to start the Drunken Monkey experience with a bang.

Club Entry

Drunken Monkey Pub Crawl - Club Entry

After downing their welcome shots, partygoers eagerly make their way to the final club, where the Drunken Monkey guides effortlessly whisk them past the line and through the entrance, ensuring they breeze in without a hitch.

Once inside, the group is immediately immersed in the pulsing beats and electrifying atmosphere of the club. With the free entry, they can dance the night away without worrying about cover charges or waiting in queues.

The Drunken Monkey crew’s expertise shines through, making the transition from bar to club seamless and carefree. Revelers can simply focus on having an unforgettable night, safe in the knowledge that their final destination is taken care of.

Meeting Point and Cancellation

Drunken Monkey Pub Crawl - Meeting Point and Cancellation

First up, partygoers kick off the Drunken Monkey Pub Crawl at the unassuming meeting point – a mere stone’s throw from Prague’s Old Town Square. With the address U Milosrdnych 848/4 burned into their minds, they waste no time sauntering to the designated start and end point, eager to get the party started.

You can cancel up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund – no questions asked. Just don’t even think about trying to change your plans within 24 hours, as the crawl crew won’t budge on that.

Ready, set, drink!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Tour Suitable for Non-Drinkers?

Nah, a pub crawl where the focus is on unlimited booze and drinking games ain’t really the best pick for non-drinkers. They might feel a bit out of place, ya know? Better to find a tour that caters to all tastes.

Can I Bring My Own Alcohol to the Bars?

Bringing your own alcohol to bars? That’s a no-go, my friend. The bars want you to buy their overpriced drinks, not smuggle in your own. Don’t be a party pooper – just enjoy the unlimited booze they provide on the tour!

What Should I Wear for the Pub Crawl?

For a wild night out, you’ll want to dress comfy and light. Loose, breathable clothing is key, as you’ll be moving and grooving all night. Think casual chic – maybe a fun party outfit that’s easy to dance in. Just leave the suit and tie at home, mate.

Is There a Limit on the Number of Drinks?

The unlimited drinks mean ya don’t gotta hold back! Knock ’em back all night long without worrying about pesky drink limits. Just be sure to pace yourself – you don’t wanna end up like a drunken monkey, swinging from the rafters!

Can I Leave the Group at Any Time?

Absolutely, mate! You’re free as a bird to pop off whenever you please. Just don’t blame the Drunken Monkey guides if you get lost tryin’ to find your way back to the pub. Cheers!

Final Words

Get ready to let your inner party animal loose on the Drunken Monkey Pub Crawl!

With endless booze, wild drinking games, and sports galore, it’s the perfect recipe for an unforgettable night in Prague.

Led by a savvy guide, you’ll experience the vibrant bar scene in style, kicking things off with a welcome shot at each hotspot.

So prepare to get soused and have the time of your life!

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