Travelers looking to enjoy the culinary delights of Italy won’t want to miss Chef Paolo’s hands-on cooking class in Rome. Over the course of a few delightful hours, you will learn to prepare two iconic Italian dishes – homemade fettucine and the beloved tiramisu. This engaging experience not only teaches valuable techniques but also provides the opportunity to savor a full meal alongside fellow foodies. With a convenient central location and rave reviews, this class promises an unforgettable taste of Rome’s rich gastronomic heritage. What secrets might Chef Paolo unveil about these beloved classics?

Key Points

Cooking Class in Rome: Make Fettucine & Tiramisu With Chef Paolo - Key Points

  • Offers a hands-on culinary experience teaching participants to prepare traditional Italian dishes, including homemade fettucine and tiramisu.
  • Highly regarded with a Badge of Excellence and over 200 positive reviews, catering to a maximum of 20 travelers for personalized attention.
  • Includes a plate of homemade fettucine with choice of classic sauces, classic Italian dessert tiramisu, and beverages like wine, water, or coffee.
  • Convenient central meeting and end point in the heart of Rome, accessible by public transportation.
  • Led by experienced Chef Paolo, who is dedicated to sharing the secrets of authentic Italian cuisine and helping participants develop confidence in the kitchen.

Overview of the Experience

The Cooking Class in Rome offers a hands-on culinary experience where participants can learn to prepare traditional Italian dishes, including a plate of homemade fettucine with a choice of sauces, and indulge in the classic Italian dessert, tiramisu.

With a Badge of Excellence and over 200 positive reviews, this experience is highly regarded by previous guests.

Located in the heart of Rome, Italy, the class caters to a maximum of 20 travelers, ensuring personalized attention from the expert chef.

Lunch or dinner is included, along with the option to enjoy alcoholic beverages and gratuities.

The meeting and end point are conveniently situated at V. della Croce, 34, 00187 Roma RM, Italy, making it easily accessible by public transportation.

Menu and Inclusions

Cooking Class in Rome: Make Fettucine & Tiramisu With Chef Paolo - Menu and Inclusions

The Cooking Class in Rome features a menu that showcases traditional Italian favorites.

Participants can indulge in a plate of homemade fettucine, offering a choice of classic sauces such as amatriciana, cacio e pepe, or a tomato-based option with fresh basil.

To cap off the meal, guests can savor the classic Italian dessert, tiramisu.

Beverages, including a glass of red or white wine, bottled water, soda, and coffee or tea, are also included in the experience.

The class includes both lunch or dinner, as well as alcoholic beverages and gratuities, providing a comprehensive and enjoyable culinary adventure in the heart of Rome.

Meeting and End Point

Cooking Class in Rome: Make Fettucine & Tiramisu With Chef Paolo - Meeting and End Point

Beginning at V. della Croce, 34, in the heart of Rome, travelers will meet at the designated meeting point to embark on their culinary exploration.

The class will take place just steps away from this location, allowing for a seamless start to the experience.

At the conclusion of the cooking class, you will return to the same location where the experience commenced.

This convenient meeting and end point makes it easy for guests to find their way and ensures a smooth transition throughout the day’s activities.

Whether arriving on foot, by public transportation, or some other means, the central meeting spot provides a simple and accessible starting and ending point for the cooking class.

Accessibility and Policies

Cooking Class in Rome: Make Fettucine & Tiramisu With Chef Paolo - Accessibility and Policies

Shifting the focus to accessibility, the cooking class in Rome is not wheelchair accessible, though it does accommodate strollers. Service animals are permitted to join the experience.

A quick overview of the key policies is outlined in the table below:

Policy Details
Accessibility Not wheelchair accessible, but stroller accessible
Allowed Guests Service animals allowed
Group Size Maximum of 20 travelers

When it comes to cancellations, the experience offers a full refund if canceled at least 24 hours before the start time. This flexible policy provides guests with peace of mind when booking their culinary adventure in the heart of Rome.

Class Itinerary and Activities

Cooking Class in Rome: Make Fettucine & Tiramisu With Chef Paolo - Class Itinerary and Activities

Upon arrival, participants kick off the cooking class with a warm welcome from the experienced instructors, who provide an overview of the menu and the hands-on activities planned for the day.

The class focuses on mastering the art of making homemade fettucine and the classic Italian dessert, tiramisu. Participants will:

  1. Learn the proper techniques for kneading, rolling, and cutting fresh pasta dough.
  2. Prepare three different sauces – amatriciana, cacio e pepe, and tomato with basil – to pair with the handmade fettucine.
  3. Assemble and layer the indulgent tiramisu, complete with espresso-soaked ladyfingers, creamy mascarpone, and a dusting of cocoa powder.

Throughout the class, the instructors provide expert guidance and offer tips to help participants recreate these quintessential Italian dishes at home.

Chef Paolo’s Background

Cooking Class in Rome: Make Fettucine & Tiramisu With Chef Paolo - Chef Paolos Background

Chef Paolo, the talented culinary instructor leading the cooking class, brings a wealth of experience and passion to the table. Having honed his skills in some of Rome’s finest kitchens, he now dedicates his time to sharing the secrets of authentic Italian cuisine with eager participants from around the world.

With over a decade of experience, Chef Paolo has mastered the art of handcrafting traditional Italian dishes like fettucine and tiramisu. His infectious enthusiasm and attention to detail make him a beloved figure among his students, who consistently praise his ability to guide them through the cooking process with patience and expertise.

Under Chef Paolo’s tutelage, participants can expect to leave the class with newfound confidence in the kitchen and a deeper appreciation for the rich culinary heritage of Italy.

Traveler Reviews and Ratings

Cooking Class in Rome: Make Fettucine & Tiramisu With Chef Paolo - Traveler Reviews and Ratings

Glowing traveler reviews and a coveted Badge of Excellence attest to the cooking class’s popularity, with participants consistently praising its engaging instruction and authentic Italian fare.

The class boasts an impressive 202 reviews, with travelers highlighting three key strengths:

  1. The hands-on learning experience, where students work alongside Chef Paolo to craft homemade fettucine and the classic Italian dessert tiramisu.
  2. The opportunity to savor local wines and indulge in a full lunch or dinner, complete with gratuities included.
  3. The convenience of the centrally located meeting point, making it easy for visitors to access the class during their Rome adventures.

These factors combine to create an immersive and delightful culinary adventure that has earned the cooking class its stellar reputation.

Booking and Contact Information

Cooking Class in Rome: Make Fettucine & Tiramisu With Chef Paolo - Booking and Contact Information

Booking this hands-on cooking class in Rome’s heart is a simple process. Travelers can reserve their spot through the class’s website, which provides detailed information about the menu, inclusions, and meeting location.

After selecting their desired date and time, guests can securely pay for the experience online.

The meeting point is located at V. della Croce, 34, just a short walk from popular attractions like the Trevi Fountain. At the end of the class, you will return to the same meeting point.

With a maximum of 20 travelers, this intimate experience ensures personalized attention from the chef. Booking early is recommended, as spots tend to fill up quickly for this highly-rated culinary adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Bring My Own Wine?

The information provided does not indicate whether guests can bring their own wine. However, the experience includes alcoholic beverages, so it’s likely that bringing your own wine would not be permitted. It’s best to check with the operator directly.

Do I Need to Know Italian to Participate?

No, you don’t need to know Italian to participate. The experience will be conducted in English, ensuring that non-Italian speakers can fully engage and enjoy the cooking class. The instructor will provide clear instructions throughout the activity.

Is There a Vegetarian/Vegan Menu Option?

The experience offers a vegetarian menu option. Guests can choose the homemade fettucine with a tomato and basil sauce instead of the meat-based sauces. The tiramisu dessert is also vegetarian-friendly.

Can I Take the Leftovers Home?

Unfortunately, the cooking class does not allow guests to take leftovers home. The chef prepares the meal for the class to enjoy during the experience, and any remaining food is not available for takeout.

What Is the Dress Code for the Class?

The dress code for the cooking class is casual and comfortable. Participants are encouraged to wear clothes that they can move around in easily, as they’ll be actively involved in the food preparation process.


The Cooking Class in Rome with Chef Paolo provides an immersive culinary experience, teaching participants to prepare classic Italian dishes.

With its convenient location, personalized attention, and positive reviews, it’s a great opportunity for travelers to learn from an experienced chef and savor a full meal with wine.

Whether you’re a foodie or just looking for a fun activity, this class promises a delightful taste of Roman cuisine.

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