Discover the captivating charm of Italy’s Cinque Terre region on this day trip from Florence. Venture through the Tuscan countryside by coach, then explore two enchanting seaside villages – Monterosso and Manarola. Embrace the vibrant atmosphere, peruse local shops, and savor stunning coastal vistas. An optional hike promises breathtaking panoramic views, while Fegina Beach offers a chance to relax on the golden sands. This excursion seamlessly blends natural beauty and cultural allure, tempting visitors to uncover the secrets of this remarkable Italian Riviera destination.

Key Points

Cinque Terre & Pisa Day Trip From Florence With Optional Hike - Key Points

  • A day trip from Florence that visits two of the five Cinque Terre villages, Monterosso and Manarola, with included transportation, park admission, and train tickets.
  • Offers an optional light hike led by a tour guide to immerse in the natural beauty and panoramic vistas of the Cinque Terre region.
  • Provides free time to explore the colorful seaside towns, stroll along the coast, and relax on the Fegina beach.
  • Includes round-trip transportation from Florence in an air-conditioned coach, showcasing the stunning Tuscan countryside scenery.
  • Requires passenger names at booking for seamless train ticket purchase and delivery of a smooth Cinque Terre exploration experience.

Tour Itinerary

Cinque Terre & Pisa Day Trip From Florence With Optional Hike - Tour Itinerary

The tour begins with a comfortable coach ride from Florence through the picturesque Tuscan countryside, heading towards the Italian Riviera and the famous Cinque Terre region.

Travelers will visit two of the five charming villages that make up Cinque Terre – Monterosso and Manarola. They’ll have free time to explore these colorful seaside towns, stroll along the coast, and take in the stunning views.

For the more adventurous, there’s an optional light hike led by the tour guide.

The day also includes a Cinque Terre National Park admission ticket and train tickets, allowing visitors to fully enjoy this UNESCO World Heritage site.

It’s a diverse adventure combining transportation, sightseeing, and free time to discover the best of the Ligurian coast.

Inclusions and Exclusions

Cinque Terre & Pisa Day Trip From Florence With Optional Hike - Inclusions and Exclusions

Round-trip transportation from Florence in a comfortable air-conditioned coach, Cinque Terre Card train tickets, and Cinque Terre National Park Admission Ticket are all included in the tour package.

Gratuities, hotel pick-up/drop-off, and food/beverage are excluded.

Travelers will enjoy a diverse adventure, with the opportunity to take an optional light hike led by the tour guide. Guests will also have free time to explore and relax on the Fegina beach.

The tour isn’t wheelchair accessible, and infants must sit on laps.

Confirmation is received at the time of booking, and travelers should have a moderate physical fitness level to fully participate in the activities.

Confirmation and Accessibility

Cinque Terre & Pisa Day Trip From Florence With Optional Hike - Confirmation and Accessibility

Confirmation is received at the time of booking, and the tour isn’t wheelchair accessible, with infants required to sit on laps.

Travelers should possess a moderate level of physical fitness, as the experience may involve light hiking.

The tour operator requires passenger names at the time of booking to purchase the necessary train tickets. While this ensures a seamless journey, it also underscores the importance of providing accurate information upfront.

Flexibility is key, as the tour is subject to cancellation based on weather conditions or minimum traveler requirements.

Passenger Requirements

Cinque Terre & Pisa Day Trip From Florence With Optional Hike - Passenger Requirements

Travelers must provide passenger names at the time of booking to ensure the purchase of necessary train tickets for the Cinque Terre portion of the tour.

This requirement is crucial as the tour includes transportation by both coach and train. The tour operator needs to secure the appropriate train tickets in advance, so they’ll need the full names of all participants.

Without this information, the operator can’t guarantee the availability of train tickets, which are essential for exploring the five picturesque villages of Cinque Terre.

Providing passenger names upfront helps the operator deliver a seamless experience, ensuring everyone can fully enjoy the day’s activities and sights.

Cancellation Policy

Cinque Terre & Pisa Day Trip From Florence With Optional Hike - Cancellation Policy

Customers can cancel their booking up to 24 hours prior to the tour date for a full refund.

However, no refunds will be issued for cancellations made less than 24 hours before the scheduled departure.

Plus, changes to bookings aren’t accepted within 24 hours of the tour.

This cancellation policy give you customers with flexibility while also ensuring the tour operator can effectively manage tour logistics.

Customers should keep in mind that the tour may be canceled due to weather conditions or if the minimum number of travelers isn’t met.

In such cases, customers will receive a full refund for the amount paid.

Scenic Countryside Journey

Cinque Terre & Pisa Day Trip From Florence With Optional Hike - Scenic Countryside Journey

The tour begins with a scenic journey through the beautiful Tuscan countryside as the comfortable air-conditioned coach departs from Florence.

Along the way, travelers will be treated to stunning vistas of rolling hills, verdant vineyards, and picturesque villages.

The coach winds its way through the winding roads, providing a serene and relaxing start to the day’s adventure.

As the landscape transitions from the lush Tuscan region to the dramatic coastline of the Italian Riviera, excitement builds for the arrival at the iconic Cinque Terre villages.

This diverse journey sets the stage for a truly memorable day exploring the highlights of this breathtaking coastal region.

Exploration of Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre & Pisa Day Trip From Florence With Optional Hike - Exploration of Cinque Terre

Upon arrival at the Ligurian coast, the tour makes its first stop in the picturesque village of Monterosso, one of the five charming towns that comprise the Cinque Terre.

From there, visitors have ample free time to wander the colorful alleyways, browse the quaint shops, and soak in the sun-drenched Mediterranean atmosphere.

The group then travels to Manarola, another stunning coastal village, where they can explore the romantic harbor, sample local delicacies, and capture breathtaking views.

Throughout the journey, an optional light hike allows travelers to enjoy the rugged natural beauty of the region, taking in panoramic vistas of the dramatic cliffs and sparkling azure waters that define the Cinque Terre.

Relaxation on Fegina Beach

Cinque Terre & Pisa Day Trip From Florence With Optional Hike - Relaxation on Fegina Beach

After exploring the charming villages of Monterosso and Manarola, the tour group heads to the picturesque Fegina Beach, where they can relax and soak up the Mediterranean sun. This stretch of golden sand and clear blue waters offers the perfect respite after a morning of sightseeing. Beachgoers can lounge on their towels, wade in the gentle surf, or enjoy a refreshing dip. For those seeking more active pursuits, the beach provides ample opportunities for swimming, sunbathing, and beach volleyball.

Activities Amenities
Swimming Beach Chairs
Sunbathing Umbrellas
Beach Volleyball Restrooms
Walking Snack Bars
Relaxing Showers

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Maximum Group Size for This Tour?

The information provided does not specify the maximum group size for this tour. The details focus on the tour inclusions, exclusions, and important information, but do not mention the group size.

Is There Any Option to Upgrade the Coach Transportation?

The tour doesn’t offer an option to upgrade the coach transportation. The tour includes round-trip transport from Florence in a comfortable air-conditioned coach, which is the only transportation provided for the full-day excursion.

Can I Purchase Additional Cinque Terre National Park Tickets?

Yes, you can purchase additional Cinque Terre National Park tickets. They’re available at the time of booking for those who want more flexibility to explore the park at their own pace during the free time.

Are There Any Discounts Available for Children or Seniors?

The tour doesn’t offer any discounts for children or seniors. Pricing is the same for all participants, regardless of age. However, children under 2 can join the tour for free when sitting on a parent’s lap.

Can I Bring My Own Food and Drinks on the Tour?

Yes, you can bring your own food and drinks on the tour. The tour doesn’t include any meals, so bringing your own snacks and beverages is allowed and recommended to have during the free time in Cinque Terre.


This captivating day trip from Florence to the picturesque Cinque Terre region offers a perfect blend of scenic countryside, charming seaside villages, and relaxation.

Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, explore local shops, and savor the stunning coastal vistas.

An optional hike provides breathtaking panoramic views, while free time on the golden sands of Fegina Beach promises a rejuvenating respite.

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