Venturing through the historic streets of Rome on a vintage Vespa with a sidecar is an experience like no other. Offering a unique twist on traditional sightseeing, this tour lets you learn about the city’s iconic landmarks while savoring an authentic Italian breakfast. Professional guides provide live commentary, ensuring you grasp the significance of each destination. With safety features catering to various ages and sizes, the tour promises an engaging and comfortable journey. But what makes this experience truly captivating goes beyond the sights and sounds – it’s the chance to truly capture the essence of Roman culture, one sip of cappuccino at a time.

Just The Basics

Vespa Sidecar Tour in Rome With Cappuccino - Just The Basics

  • A 4-hour Vespa sidecar tour that allows visitors to discover 12 must-see Roman attractions while enjoying a traditional breakfast of cappuccino and cornetto.
  • Professional licensed guides provide live commentary through headsets during the tour, which departs from Piazza della Repubblica at 9:00 AM.
  • Sidecars can accommodate two passengers plus the driver, and there are safety requirements such as minimum age and weight limits.
  • The tour includes stops at panoramic lookout points and is subject to cancellation in case of poor weather or safety concerns, with full refunds provided.
  • Cancellation is available up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund, but no changes are accepted less than 24 hours before the start time.

Tour Overview

The Vespa Sidecar Tour in Rome allows participants to discover the highlights of the Eternal City from the unique vantage point of a vintage Vespa motorcycle with a sidecar.

Each motorcycle and sidecar can accommodate two people, plus the driver. Guests will cruise by 12 must-see attractions, covering Roman history, and stop at panoramic lookout points.

The tour includes a breakfast with a traditional cappuccino and cornetto, as well as a professional licensed guide providing live commentary via headphones. Passengers will also receive homologated CE helmets with disposable head covers and a seat belt for the sidecar.

The tour lasts 4 hours, departing from Piazza della Repubblica at 9:00 AM.


Vespa Sidecar Tour in Rome With Cappuccino - Inclusions

Included in the Vespa Sidecar Tour are a breakfast featuring a traditional cappuccino and cornetto, as well as a professional licensed guide who provides live commentary via headphones.

Riders will also have the benefit of professional drivers, so there’s no need to worry about navigating the busy Roman streets.

The tour includes the use of homologated CE helmets with disposable head covers and a seatbelt for the sidecar passenger, ensuring a safe and comfortable ride.

These thoughtful inclusions allow guests to fully enjoy the experience and soak up the sights and sounds of the Eternal City without any logistical concerns.


Vespa Sidecar Tour in Rome With Cappuccino - Requirements

Certain age and size requirements apply for participants on the Vespa Sidecar Tour in Rome. Children must be a minimum of 5 years old and taller than 150 cm (approximately 4 feet 11 inches) to join the tour.

Plus, there are weight restrictions, with a maximum of 110 kg (242 lbs) for the sidecar and 118 kg (260 lbs) for the back of the saddle.

Travelers above 1.90 m (approximately 6 feet 3 inches) in height may also find the tour uncomfortable.

Pregnant travelers and those with back problems aren’t recommended to participate, as the tour may be physically demanding.

These requirements ensure the safety and comfort of all guests on the Vespa Sidecar adventure in Rome.


Vespa Sidecar Tour in Rome With Cappuccino - Logistics

The Vespa Sidecar Tour in Rome kicks off at 9:00 AM from Piazza della Repubblica, located at address 41, 00184 Roma RM, Italy.

This 4-hour excursion allows participants to discover the highlights of the Eternal City from the comfort of a vintage Vespa sidecar.

After a delicious breakfast of cappuccino and cornetto, guests will hop aboard the motorcycles, each equipped with a sidecar that can fit two people.

Throughout the tour, a professional licensed guide will provide live commentary through provided headsets, ensuring clear audio as riders cruise by 12 must-see attractions that showcase Roman history.

The tour concludes after stopping at panoramic lookout points to take in breathtaking views of the city.

Cancellation Policy

Vespa Sidecar Tour in Rome With Cappuccino - Cancellation Policy

Travelers can cancel their Vespa Sidecar Tour in Rome up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund. However, changes to bookings less than 24 hours before the start time aren’t accepted.

Plus, the tour may be cancelled due to poor weather conditions.

This flexible cancellation policy allows guests to plan their trip with confidence. If the weather takes a turn for the worse on the day of the tour, the operator reserves the right to cancel the experience for safety reasons. Guests will receive a full refund in such cases.

Discover Eternal City

Vespa Sidecar Tour in Rome With Cappuccino - Discover Eternal City

On this Vespa Sidecar Tour, guests explore the captivating highlights of Rome’s Eternal City. Cruising through the streets on a classic Italian scooter, they’ll witness the city’s iconic landmarks, seeing its rich history and culture.

From the awe-inspiring Colosseum to the serene Trevi Fountain, the tour covers 12 must-see attractions, offering a rundown of Roman history. Panoramic lookout points provide breathtaking views of the city, while the professional guide’s live commentary ensures guests gain a deeper understanding of each site.

Whether it’s the grand architecture or the vibrant energy, this unique Vespa experience allows visitors to discover the true essence of Rome’s Eternal City.

Panoramic Lookout Points

Vespa Sidecar Tour in Rome With Cappuccino - Panoramic Lookout Points

Along the Vespa Sidecar Tour, guests marvel at the panoramic lookout points that offer breathtaking vistas of Rome’s iconic skyline. From these vantage points, they can admire the city’s timeless architecture and witness the majestic grandeur of landmarks like the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Trevi Fountain. The tour’s carefully curated stops at these panoramic overlooks allow visitors to capture stunning photographs and take in the city’s beauty from a unique perspective. Whether it’s the sweeping views from Gianicolo Hill or the picturesque panorama from Pincian Hill, these lookout points leave a lasting impression on all who experience them.

Panoramic Lookout Points Highlights
Gianicolo Hill Sweeping views over the Eternal City
Pincian Hill Picturesque panorama of Rome’s landmarks
Palatine Hill Overlooking the Roman Forum and Colosseum

Breakfast With Cappuccino

Vespa Sidecar Tour in Rome With Cappuccino - Breakfast With Cappuccino

Before embarking on their Vespa sidecar adventure, guests are treated to a traditional Italian breakfast of cappuccino and cornetto. This quintessential Italian breakfast sets the tone for the exciting tour ahead, fueling travelers with the energy they’ll need to cruise through Rome’s historic streets.

The rich, creamy cappuccino and the flaky, buttery cornetto – a crescent-shaped pastry – provide the perfect start to the day. The professional guide will provide live commentary via headphones, ensuring guests can fully enjoy the experience while savoring their morning treat.

This hearty yet refined start to the day is a delightful introduction to the Vespa sidecar tour’s blend of Italian style and substance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Minimum Number of People Required to Book the Tour?

The minimum number of people required to book the tour is two. The tour accommodates up to two people per motorcycle and sidecar, in addition to the professional driver operating the vehicle.

Are Children Under 5 Years Old Allowed on the Tour?

No, children under 5 years old are not allowed on the tour. The minimum age requirement is 5 years old, and children must be at least 150 cm tall to participate in the Vespa sidecar tour.

Can We Request a Private Tour for Our Group?

Yes, the tour company offers private tours for groups. Travelers can request a private Vespa sidecar tour to have the vehicle and guide solely for their group, allowing for a more personalized experience exploring Rome’s highlights.

Are the Drivers Able to Communicate in Multiple Languages?

The drivers on the Vespa sidecar tours in Rome are multilingual, able to provide live commentary in multiple languages like English, Spanish, and Italian via the provided headsets. This ensures a seamless and informative experience for all guests.

Is There a Discount for Seniors or Students?

The tour does not offer any discounts for seniors or students. All participants pay the standard price, regardless of age or student status. The tour is priced competitively and consistently for all guests.

Final Words

The Vespa Sidecar Tour is a must-try experience for anyone visiting Rome. It offers a unique perspective of the city’s iconic landmarks while indulging in a traditional Italian breakfast.

With safety features, knowledgeable guides, and the thrill of riding vintage Vespas, this tour is an engaging and comfortable way to discover the Eternal City’s rich history and stunning panoramic views.

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