For a panoramic view of Barcelona’s Old Port (Port Vell) and its surrounding areas, the Columbus Monument (Mirador de Colom) is a must-visit. Erected for the 1888 International Exhibition, this towering structure, standing at over 196 feet, features a bronze statue of Christopher Columbus, the famed explorer whose voyages were financed by the Spanish Crown.

Architectural Details

Columbus Monument Barcelona

The base of the monument is adorned with four majestic lions and is embellished with stone statues, royal and nautical emblems, and bronze medallions and bas-reliefs. These artistic elements depict significant moments from Columbus’s life and voyages, such as:

  • Columbus meeting with Isabella and Ferdinand in Santa Fe
  • Columbus appearing before the Spanish Monarchy upon his return to Barcelona

Notable artists associated with the monument include Gaietà Buïgas, the monument’s designer; Rafael Arché, who sculpted the statue of Columbus; Agapit Vallmitjana, sculptor of the lions; and Josep Llimona, Josep Tenas, and Manuel Fuxà, who created the medallions and reliefs.

Observation Deck

Columbus Monument Barcelona

A small elevator inside the monument takes visitors up to an observation deck located just beneath Columbus’s feet, offering a 360° view of the waterfront. From this vantage point, you can see:

  • The boats in the harbor
  • The bustling pedestrian thoroughfare of La Rambla
  • The Royal Shipyards and Maritime Museum
  • Military installations, including the Third Army Sub-Inspection Unit and the Naval Command of Barcelona
  • The Port Authority building and other landmarks like Montjüic and its castle in the distance

The elevator is quite small, and the observation deck can feel cramped, so plan accordingly.

Getting There

Columbus Monument Barcelona

The Columbus Monument is located at Plaça del Portal de Palau, 1, where La Rambla meets the harbor.

Ticket Information

  • Adult Admission: €6.00
  • Senior Admission (Ages 65 & Over): €4.00
  • Child Admission (Ages 4–12): €4.00
  • Discounts may be available for online ticket purchases.

Travel Tip

For an added experience, consider purchasing a combo ticket that includes a wine tasting in the wine shop located at the base of the tower.

The Columbus Monument offers not only a historical insight but also a breathtaking view of Barcelona’s waterfront, making it an essential stop on your itinerary.

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