Exploring the picturesque island of Santorini has never been more convenient and tailored to one’s preferences. With a private, fully customizable tour, travelers can discover the island’s charming villages, iconic landmarks, and hidden gems at their own pace. Equipped with a personal driver and guide, visitors can curate their ideal itinerary, whether it’s admiring the breathtaking views of Oia or uncovering the history behind the Three Bells of Fira. Upgrade to a Mercedes V-Class van for added luxury, and stay connected with onboard Wi-Fi throughout the journey. This hassle-free experience promises an immersive exploration of Santorini’s beauty and culture, leaving the logistics to the experts.

Key Points

Private Tailor-Made Tour- Explore Santorini With Comfort & Style - Key Points

  • Fully customizable private tour of Santorini, allowing you to explore the island at your own pace with a personal driver and guide.
  • Hassle-free transportation in an air-conditioned vehicle with Wi-Fi and bottled water, ensuring a comfortable and seamless experience.
  • Option to upgrade to a Mercedes V-Class van for added luxury, space, and amenities, perfect for groups or families.
  • Discover hidden gems and lesser-known spots based on your interests, with the guidance of a knowledgeable local driver/guide.
  • Stay connected throughout the tour with reliable onboard Wi-Fi, enabling you to share photos and access information on the go.

Tour Overview

This private tour of Santorini is 100% customizable, allowing you to explore the island at your own pace with a personal driver and guide.

You can tailor the tour to suit your interests, with the option to visit sights like Oia or the Three Bells of Fira.

The tour includes air-conditioned transportation, Wi-Fi, and bottled water, so you can travel in comfort.

If you’d like a more spacious ride, you can upgrade to a Mercedes V-Class van.

The tour also includes hassle-free pickup and drop-off from designated meeting points, hotels, villas, the airport, or the port, so you can skip the stress of navigating on your own.

Tour Inclusions

Private Tailor-Made Tour- Explore Santorini With Comfort & Style - Tour Inclusions

The tour includes an English-speaking guide to accompany you throughout the experience.

You’ll also have access to a private, air-conditioned vehicle for your transportation needs.

Pickup and drop-off are provided from designated meeting points, your hotel, villa, the airport, or the port, ensuring a seamless start and end to your tour.

Plus, bottled water is included to keep you hydrated during your exploration of Santorini.

This comprehensive package allows you to focus on enjoying the sights and experiences without having to worry about the logistics.

With the help of your knowledgeable guide, you can build your dream half-day tour and make the most of your time in this beautiful Greek island.

Customizable Highlights

Private Tailor-Made Tour- Explore Santorini With Comfort & Style - Customizable Highlights

With the help of your private driver/guide, you can build a personalized half-day tour to explore the sights that most interest you in Santorini.

Whether you’re drawn to the picturesque village of Oia or the iconic Three Bells of Fira, the tour allows you to curate an itinerary that suits your preferences and pace.

The highlights of this customizable tour include:

  • Visiting Oia, the famous whitewashed village perched on the caldera’s edge, with its charming narrow streets and breathtaking views
  • Exploring the Three Bells of Fira, a landmark that has become a symbol of Santorini’s iconic blue-domed churches

Discovering other hidden gems based on your specific interests, all while enjoying the comfort and convenience of private transfers.

Meeting and Pickup

Private Tailor-Made Tour- Explore Santorini With Comfort & Style - Meeting and Pickup

Pickup points are available from designated locations, and you’ll need to provide your pickup details like the hotel/accommodation name, address, and contact information. This ensures the driver can find you and get you to the start of your private tour on time.

The tour includes round-trip transfers from your hotel, villa, airport, or port, so you don’t have to worry about transportation. Just give the tour provider your location, and they’ll make sure you’re picked up and dropped off safely.

With the convenience of private transfers, you can focus on enjoying your customized Santorini sightseeing experience without the hassle of getting there on your own.

Cancellation Policy

Private Tailor-Made Tour- Explore Santorini With Comfort & Style - Cancellation Policy

A full refund is provided if the tour is canceled 24 hours or more before the experience’s start time, but no refund is given for cancellations made less than 24 hours prior.

This cancellation policy ensures flexibility for the customer while also allowing the tour operator to plan appropriately.

Some key points about the cancellation policy include:

  • Full refund available if canceled 24 hours or more before the start time
  • No refund if canceled less than 24 hours before the experience

The clear cancellation terms allow travelers to book with confidence, knowing they can receive a full refund if plans change with sufficient notice.

Vehicle Upgrade Option

Private Tailor-Made Tour- Explore Santorini With Comfort & Style - Vehicle Upgrade Option

Travelers can upgrade to a Mercedes V-Class van for added comfort and space on their Santorini tour. This luxury van offers ample room and seating for up to 7 people, making it ideal for groups or families.

With its premium amenities, the Mercedes V-Class provides a more comfortable and enjoyable travel experience. The van features plush leather seats, ample legroom, and advanced climate control for optimal passenger comfort.

This upgrade ensures a smooth and relaxing journey as you explore the stunning sights of Santorini. Whether you’re visiting popular destinations like Oia or discovering hidden gems, the Mercedes V-Class upgrade enhances your private tour with a touch of elegance and style.

Private Driver/Guide

Private Tailor-Made Tour- Explore Santorini With Comfort & Style - Private Driver/Guide

The private driver/guide is key to making the most of your Santorini tour. They’ll craft a personalized half-day itinerary tailored to your interests, providing insider knowledge and local expertise to showcase the island’s highlights.

With their guidance, you can:

  • Discover hidden gems and lesser-known spots that capture the essence of Santorini
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the island’s history, culture, and traditions
  • Customize your tour to fit your pace and preferences, ensuring a truly bespoke experience

Your driver/guide will handle all the logistics, from arranging transportation to navigating the island’s winding roads, allowing you to sit back, relax, and fully learn about the beauty of Santorini.

Onboard Wi-Fi

Private Tailor-Made Tour- Explore Santorini With Comfort & Style - Onboard Wi-Fi

With onboard Wi-Fi, guests can stay connected throughout their Santorini tour, allowing them to share photos, check emails, or research sights on the go.

This amenity ensures travelers can easily access information and communicate with friends and family during their excursion.

Whether it’s looking up the history of a landmark or uploading a stunning sunset shot to social media, the onboard Wi-Fi makes it simple to stay digitally engaged.

This feature provides an added convenience, enabling guests to fully enjoy the experience while still remaining connected to the outside world.

The reliable internet connection allows for a seamless and well-informed tour, enhancing the overall experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can We Stop for Lunch During the Tour?

Yes, you can stop for lunch during the tour. The guide is flexible and can accommodate your request to add a lunch stop to your customized itinerary. You’ll pay for the meal at your own expense.

What Happens if We Want to Extend the Tour?

If you want to extend the tour, you’ll need to discuss this with your guide. They can likely accommodate an extension, but it’ll incur an additional charge based on the extra time and distance. Just let the guide know ahead of time.

Do We Need to Bring Our Own Camera Equipment?

You don’t need to bring your own camera equipment. The private tour includes a knowledgeable guide who can assist with taking photos during the experience. Just bring your smartphone or any camera you prefer to capture the sights.

Is It Possible to Customize the Tour Schedule on the Day?

Yes, you can customize the tour schedule on the day. The private driver/guide is flexible and will work with you to build your ideal half-day plan based on your interests and preferences.

Are There Any Child-Friendly Activities Included in the Tour?

The tour offers flexibility to accommodate child-friendly activities based on your preferences. You can discuss options with the driver/guide to incorporate suitable experiences for children into your customized itinerary.


Discover the beauty of Santorini at your own pace with this private, fully customizable tour.

Explore the island’s picturesque villages, iconic landmarks, and hidden gems with a personal driver and guide. Tailor the itinerary to your interests, and upgrade to a Mercedes van for added luxury.

Stay connected with onboard Wi-Fi throughout your journey, and learn about the island’s culture and charm.

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