Prague’s rich beer heritage and vibrant craft scene come alive on the Mini-Breweries Beer Tour. Visitors explore local microbreweries, learn the art of brewing, and sample a variety of Czech beer styles. But the experience goes beyond just suds – it also includes a walking tour showcasing the city’s iconic landmarks and traditional appetizers. Whether you’re a beer aficionado or simply seeking a culture, this tour offers a unique opportunity to discover Prague’s blend of history, gastronomy, and the country’s celebrated brewing tradition. Where will the journey through Bohemia’s beer capital take you next?

Key Points

Prague Mini-Breweries Beer Tour With Czech Appetizers - Key Points

• Offers guided tours of 3 local microbreweries in Prague, with tastings of a minimum of 9 different craft beers.
• Includes a walking tour of Prague’s top landmarks, providing cultural and historical insights.
• Serves unlimited traditional Czech appetizers at the final stop to complement the beer experience.
• Consistent meeting and end points for a seamless and efficient tour experience.
• Provides a flexible cancellation policy, with full refunds available up to 24 hours in advance.

Tour Overview

This mini-breweries beer tour in Prague allows participants to explore the rich history of beer in Bohemia and Prague. Visitors will explore 3 local microbreweries, enjoying beer tastings and learning about the brewing process.

Along the way, they’ll also take a walking tour to see some of Prague’s top landmarks. To complement the beer tastings, the tour includes traditional Czech appetizers.

With a minimum of 9 beer tastings and unlimited pours at the final stop, this tour provides an immersive experience into Prague’s vibrant beer culture. Whether a beer enthusiast or simply curious, this tour offers an engaging and informative way to discover the city’s thriving craft beer scene.


Prague Mini-Breweries Beer Tour With Czech Appetizers - Inclusions

The tour includes beer tastings at 3 local microbreweries, where participants can sample a minimum of 9 different craft beers.

Plus, the tour provides a walking tour of Prague’s top landmarks and unlimited traditional Czech beers at the final stop.

To complement the beer experience, the tour also includes traditional Czech appetizers.

Guests can look forward to learning about the rich history of beer in Bohemia and Prague while savoring the flavors of the local brews.

With a variety of beer styles and traditional snacks, this tour offers a well-rounded culture for beer enthusiasts visiting the city.

Meeting and Pickup

Prague Mini-Breweries Beer Tour With Czech Appetizers - Meeting and Pickup

The tour begins at Bazilika sv. Ludmily, where you will meet their guide, and it concludes at Loď Pivovar, the final microbrewery on the itinerary.

While the specific tour itinerary and places visited may vary, the meeting and end points remain consistent across all tour dates. This allows for a seamless and streamlined experience, as travelers don’t have to worry about finding alternative starting or ending locations.

The guide will provide clear directions and ensure everyone arrives at the designated spots on time. By consolidating the meeting and end points, the tour maximizes the time spent exploring the mini-breweries and learning about Prague’s rich beer history.

Additional Details

Prague Mini-Breweries Beer Tour With Czech Appetizers - Additional Details

Upon booking this tour, travelers receive confirmation of their reservation.

The tour isn’t recommended for pregnant individuals due to the alcohol consumption. Participants must be at least 18 years old to join.

Group sizes may vary, as the tour accommodates a range of group compositions.

Unfortunately, the tour isn’t wheelchair accessible, though strollers are permitted.

A minimum of 2 passengers is required for the tour to operate; if the minimum isn’t met, the tour provider offers either a different date/experience or a full refund.

The tour itinerary and places visited may change, so travelers should check for any updates prior to the tour.

Cancellation Policy

Prague Mini-Breweries Beer Tour With Czech Appetizers - Cancellation Policy

As per the cancellation policy, travelers can cancel their booking up to 24 hours before the experience and receive a full refund. However, no refund is provided if the tour is canceled less than 24 hours in advance.

Plus, the tour requires a minimum number of participants; if this minimum isn’t met, the tour provider offers either an alternative date/experience or a complete refund to the customer.

This ensures flexibility for travelers while also maintaining the viability of the tour. The cancellation policy strikes a balance between accommodating customer needs and ensuring the tour’s smooth operation, making it a practical and reasonable policy for all parties involved.

Beer Tasting Highlights

Prague Mini-Breweries Beer Tour With Czech Appetizers - Beer Tasting Highlights

On the Prague Mini-Breweries Beer Tour, visitors can expect to savor a minimum of 9 different beer tastings across 3 local microbreweries. Complementing the beer samples, travelers also enjoy unlimited traditional Czech beers at the final stop on the tour.

This tour offers a unique opportunity to learn about the rich history of beer-making in Bohemia and Prague, with knowledgeable guides providing insights into the brewing process and the evolution of Czech beer culture.

From light lagers to robust stouts, the carefully curated beer selection showcases the diverse flavors and styles that have made Prague a mecca for beer enthusiasts around the world.

Landmark Sightseeing

Prague Mini-Breweries Beer Tour With Czech Appetizers - Landmark Sightseeing

Along With savoring the exceptional brews, the Prague Mini-Breweries Beer Tour also includes a walking tour that showcases the city’s top landmarks.

Guided by knowledgeable local experts, participants explore the historic streets and squares of Prague, learning about the rich cultural heritage and architectural landmarks that have made the city a beloved destination.

From the iconic Charles Bridge to the Old Town Square with its renowned astronomical clock, the walking tour provides an immersive experience that complements the beer tastings.

Travelers gain a deeper appreciation for Prague’s storied past while enjoying the lively beer culture that has been an integral part of the city’s identity for centuries.

Czech Appetizers

Prague Mini-Breweries Beer Tour With Czech Appetizers - Czech Appetizers

Complementing the exceptional beer tastings, the Prague Mini-Breweries Beer Tour also features a selection of traditional Czech appetizers that showcase the local cuisine. These savory bites are the perfect accompaniment to the craft brews, providing a delightful contrast of flavors and textures. The appetizers are served unlimited at the last stop, allowing travelers to indulge in a variety of regional specialties.

Appetizer Description
Pickled Vegetables Assorted veggies marinated in a tangy, vinegar-based brine
Sausage Platter An assortment of smoked and cured Czech sausages
Cheese Board Selection of creamy, flavorful Czech cheeses
Bread and Spreads Freshly baked breads paired with homemade dips and spreads

The combination of exceptional beers and authentic Czech appetizers creates a truly immersive and delightful experience for tour participants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Bring My Own Beer on the Tour?

No, it is generally not allowed to bring your own alcoholic beverages on guided tours. The tour operator provides the beer tastings, so bringing outside beer would not be permitted. Adhering to the tour’s policies is important for everyone’s enjoyment.

Is Photography Allowed During the Brewery Visits?

Photography is generally allowed during brewery visits, though visitors should be mindful of any specific restrictions or guidelines. It’s best to inquire with the tour guide or brewery staff about photography policies prior to the visit.

Can I Purchase Additional Beer Tastings During the Tour?

Yes, participants can typically purchase additional beer tastings beyond the minimum included during the tour. However, options and policies may vary, so it’s best to inquire with the tour operator ahead of time.

What Is the Dress Code for the Tour?

There is no formal dress code for the tour. Casual, comfortable clothing and walking shoes are recommended, as the tour involves walking between the breweries. Guests should dress for the weather and be prepared to sample beer.

Are There Any Discounts or Promotions Available for the Tour?

The tour does not appear to offer any discounts or promotions based on the provided information. Travelers should check the tour operator’s website or contact them directly to inquire about any special offers that may be available.


The Prague Mini-Breweries Beer Tour with Czech Appetizers offers an immersive experience into the city’s rich beer culture.

Participants explore local microbreweries, enjoy beer tastings, and learn about the brewing process.

The tour also includes a walking tour of Prague’s top landmarks and traditional Czech appetizers, providing a comprehensive and engaging experience for beer enthusiasts and travelers alike.

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