Tucked away in the picturesque Ligurian coast, Portovenere and its enchanting islands beckon travelers seeking an immersive exploration of Italy’s natural wonders. This exclusive tour promises an unforgettable journey, whisking guests through a captivating tapestry of azure waters, rugged cliffs, and charming villages. From savoring the region’s renowned gastronomy to uncovering hidden gems, the carefully curated itinerary ensures an authentic experience that lingers long after the last sip of the finest Ligurian wines. Prepare to be swept away by the allure of this captivating destination, where every moment promises to delight the senses and ignite the imagination.

Key Points

Portovenere and Islands Tours - Key Points

  • This all-inclusive tour offers a 5-hour private group experience to explore the stunning Portovenere and surrounding islands along the Ligurian coast.
  • The tour includes a boat trip, photo stops, free time in Portovenere, and the opportunity to swim in the Byron Grotto’s crystal-clear waters.
  • Guests can enjoy unlimited beverages, local cuisine, and renowned wines while capturing breathtaking photos at various scenic locations.
  • The tour is priced from 22,169 Kč for groups up to 12 people and features a hassle-free booking experience with the option to pay later.
  • The itinerary can be customized to individual preferences, making it suitable for solo travelers and groups alike.

Tour Details

Portovenere and Islands Tours - Tour Details

This Portovenere and Islands Tour package offers an incredible value, with prices starting from just 22,169 Kč for groups of up to 12 people.

Travelers can conveniently reserve their spot now and pay later, ensuring a hassle-free booking experience.

The tour lasts for an immersive 5 hours, during which guests can enjoy the commentary in both Italian and English, making it accessible to a wide range of visitors.

Whether you’re a solo adventurer or exploring with friends, this private group tour promises an unforgettable experience.

With the option to customize your itinerary, you can tailor the journey to your preferences and make the most of your time in this picturesque region.


Portovenere and Islands Tours - Itinerary

The tour typically begins with a 5 Terre Boat Trip, allowing guests to admire the stunning coastline from the water.

Travelers then have the opportunity to make a photo stop at Palmaria Island, one of the three picturesque islands on the itinerary.

Next, the group ventures to the charming village of Portovenere, where they can explore the town, take photos, and enjoy free time to wander at their own pace.

Afterward, the tour takes them to the enchanting Byron Grotto, where they can swim in the crystal-clear waters.

The journey continues with photo stops at Tino and Tinetto Islands before concluding with another 5 Terre Boat Trip, leaving guests with lasting memories of the breathtaking Ligurian landscape.


Portovenere and Islands Tours - Highlights

Sailing on a characteristic vintage boat allows guests to fully enjoy the stunning Ligurian landscape.

Visitors can then explore three beautiful and untouched islands, relishing the opportunity to relax and enjoy the crystal-clear sea.

For those seeking a refreshing dip, the tour offers the chance to swim in the inviting waters surrounding the islands.

The highlights of this tour include:

  1. The option to visit and dine in the picturesque village of Portovenere, where guests can enjoy the authentic Italian culture and cuisine.
  2. The ability to capture breathtaking photos at various photo stops, including Palmaria, Tino, and Tinetto Islands.
  3. The convenience of a bar without limits, ensuring guests can indulge in refreshing beverages throughout the day, accompanied by a high-quality sound system for a truly memorable experience.


Guests aboard this tour can indulge in unlimited beverages from the onboard bar, complemented by a high-fidelity sound system that sets the mood for a truly memorable day.

As you sail along the stunning Ligurian coast, you’ll be able to quench your thirst with a selection of refreshing drinks, whether it’s a crisp white wine, a rejuvenating spritz, or a signature cocktail crafted by the knowledgeable crew.

The music’s vibrant beats and melodies will elevate the already breathtaking views, creating an immersive experience that seamlessly blends the beauty of the islands with the gastronomic delights of the region.

This all-inclusive package ensures you can fully learn about the charms of Portovenere and its enchanting islands.


Portovenere and Islands Tours - Exclusions

While the tour includes a complimentary bar and high-fidelity sound system, lunch isn’t provided, allowing guests to explore the culinary delights of Portovenere and its surrounding islands at their own leisure.

With a wealth of local restaurants and trattorias nearby, visitors can savor the region’s renowned seafood dishes, homemade pastas, and expertly crafted wines, truly seeing the gastronomic culture of this picturesque coastal destination.

Some must-try delicacies include:

  1. Fresh-caught anchovies, prepared in a traditional lemon and garlic marinade.
  2. Handmade trofie pasta, tossed in a fragrant pesto sauce.
  3. A glass of Cinque Terre DOC white wine, crisp and minerally, perfectly complementing the local cuisine.

Important Information

Portovenere and Islands Tours - Important Information

The tour has a few important considerations for guests to keep in mind, including its unsuitability for those with mobility challenges, the need to bring essential beach items, and the prohibition on large luggage or bags.

Participants should come prepared with swimwear, towels, cameras, biodegradable sunscreen, and comfortable beachwear, as they’ll have the opportunity to swim in the crystal-clear waters surrounding the islands.

Plus, the tour may be rescheduled or refunded in the event of rough seas or inclement weather, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

Guests can look forward to a day of exploring the stunning Portovenere and its untouched islands, with the option to visit and dine in the charming village, making for an unforgettable adventure.

Booking and Pricing

Priced from 22,169 Kč per group of up to 12 people, this captivating Portovenere and Islands Tour offers travelers an opportunity to embark on a private excursion through the stunning coastal landscape.

Guests can reserve their spot now and pay later, ensuring a seamless booking experience as they prepare to enjoy the natural beauty of this enchanting region.

The tour’s conveniences include:

  1. A private, customizable itinerary tailored to your interests, whether it’s exploring the charming villages, swimming in crystal-clear waters, or capturing breathtaking photographs.
  2. Flexible scheduling, allowing you to start and end your adventure at your leisure during the allotted 5-hour timeframe.
  3. Multilingual tour guides who can provide enriching commentary in both Italian and English, enhancing your understanding and appreciation of the destination.

Tour Options

This captivating Portovenere and Islands Tour offers guests an array of alluring activities and sights to choose from, tailoring the experience to their unique interests and desires.

Visitors can start their maritime adventure by embarking on a 5 Terre Boat Trip, taking in the breathtaking coastal scenery as they sail towards the enchanting islands. Along the way, they’ll have the chance to make stops at Palmaria, Porto Venere, and the stunning Byron Grotto, where they can snap photos, explore, and even go for a refreshing swim in the crystal-clear waters.

The tour also includes visits to Tino and Tinetto Islands, promising endless opportunities for relaxation, exploration, and connection with the region’s natural beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Portovenere and Islands Tours - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Bring My Own Food and Drinks on the Boat?

While the tour provides a bar with unlimited drinks, guests are welcome to bring their own snacks and beverages to enjoy as they sail the picturesque waters and islands. This allows them to personalize their culinary experience during the excursion.

Is There a Bathroom Available on the Boat?

The boat has a comfortable onboard bathroom, so guests can enjoy the full day on the water without worrying about finding facilities. It’s a thoroughly equipped vessel designed for a relaxing, carefree experience.

Do We Have the Option to Extend the Tour Duration?

Yes, guests can opt to extend the tour duration for an additional fee. This allows more time to explore the stunning islands and enjoy the boat’s amenities, making the most of this incredible nautical experience.

Can I Pay With a Credit Card on the Boat?

Absolutely, guests can conveniently pay with a credit card right on the boat. The crew’s handy mobile payment system makes it a breeze to cover any purchases, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience throughout the tour.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for the Tour?

The tour doesn’t have any age restrictions, so adventurers of all ages can join the fun. From kids to grandparents, everyone can soak up the sun, swim in the crystalline waters, and explore the stunning islands.


Portovenere and Islands Tours offers an unforgettable Ligurian adventure. Guests will be captivated by the stunning coastline, charming villages, and untouched islands.

The all-inclusive experience provides a seamless journey, with a boat trip, photo stops, village exploration, and the chance to swim in crystal-clear waters. Savor the flavors of local cuisine and renowned wines, making for an immersive gastronomic delight.

It’s an opportunity to take in the natural beauty and rich culture of this enchanting region.

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