Lisbon’s vibrant street art scene is a must-see for any visitor to the city. The Lisbon Street Art Tour takes guests on an immersive journey through the city’s captivating visual narratives. From colorful murals to thought-provoking stencils, the tour unveils the evolution of Lisbon’s open-air gallery, showcasing the work of local artistic collectives and prominent artists. But the experience doesn’t end there – guests will also have the chance to get hands-on, contributing their creativity to Lisbon’s ever-changing streetscapes. Prepare to be inspired as you explore the heart of this thriving artistic community.

Key Points

LISBON Street Art Tour - Key Points

  • This street art tour offers visitors a captivating exploration of Lisbon’s vibrant and diverse street art scene, focusing on prominent artists and collectives.
  • The tour immerses participants in a tapestry of colorful murals, thought-provoking stencils, and dynamic graffiti pieces across the Graça, Mouraria, and São Vicente neighborhoods.
  • Visitors have the opportunity to contribute to Lisbon’s evolving street art landscape through a hands-on workshop led by experienced local artists.
  • The tour highlights influential street art collectives, such as GAU and Underdogs, that have shaped the city’s visual landscape and fostered a thriving creative community.
  • The tour begins in the historic Graça neighborhood and ends in the Graça/Alfama area, allowing visitors to further explore Lisbon’s vibrant artistic culture.

Tour Overview

The LISBON Street Art Tour offers visitors a captivating exploration of the city’s vibrant street art scene, boasting an impressive 230 reviews and a Badge of Excellence.

Participants will discover the street art in the Graça, Mouraria, and São Vicente neighborhoods, learning about the city’s street art collectives and prominent artists.

The tour also includes a hands-on workshop where guests can contribute to the ongoing street art movement by creating their own piece.

With a guided street art walk and spray tools provided, this immersive experience promises to leave a lasting impression on all who embark on this artistic adventure.

Street Art Highlights

LISBON Street Art Tour - Street Art Highlights

Winding through the charming neighborhoods of Graça, Mouraria, and São Vicente, the LISBON Street Art Tour immerses visitors in a vibrant tapestry of colorful murals, thought-provoking stencils, and dynamic graffiti pieces that embody the city’s rich cultural tapestry.

Guests explore the city’s thriving street art scene, learning about prominent local artists and collectives who’ve left their indelible mark on the urban landscape.

From striking depictions of Lisbon’s iconic landmarks to bold, politically-charged statements, the tour showcases the diverse mediums and styles that have transformed the city’s walls into an open-air gallery.

Participants even get a chance to contribute to the evolving street art landscape through a hands-on workshop.

Neighborhood Exploration

LISBON Street Art Tour - Neighborhood Exploration

Guests’ neighborhood exploration begins in Graça, a charming district known for its panoramic vistas and historic landmarks that have long inspired the city’s creative community.

As the tour winds through the neighborhood, participants discover hidden gems such as:

  • Vibrant murals adorning the walls of local residences and businesses, often depicting Lisbon’s rich cultural heritage.
  • Intimate alleyways where street artists have transformed drab surfaces into captivating visual narratives.
  • Community-driven initiatives that encourage public participation in the city’s ever-evolving street art scene.

Venturing further, the group explores the equally captivating neighborhoods of Mouraria and São Vicente, each with its own unique artistic flair and fascinating backstories.

Artistic Collectives

LISBON Street Art Tour - Artistic Collectives

As the tour ventures deeper into the city’s vibrant neighborhoods, it shines a spotlight on the influential street art collectives that have helped shape Lisbon’s visual landscape.

These collaborative groups of artists, muralists, and activists work tirelessly to cultivate a dynamic creative community, often leveraging public spaces as their canvas.

Participants will learn about prominent collectives like GAU, which organizes large-scale mural festivals, and Underdogs, a multidisciplinary platform that showcases emerging talent.

The tour also explores the roles these collectives play in preserving and promoting the city’s underground art scene, fostering a sense of shared purpose and artistic expression among Lisbon’s diverse creative community.

Prominent Artists

LISBON Street Art Tour - Prominent Artists

The tour highlights the city’s prominent street artists, whose vibrant murals and striking interventions have become iconic fixtures of Lisbon’s urban landscape. Renowned figures like Vhils, Kruella d’Enfer, and Daniel Eime command attention with their distinct visual styles and thought-provoking social commentary, transforming once-drab walls into dynamic canvases that reflect the city’s rich cultural tapestry.

Vhils’ signature carving technique creates captivating portraits that seem to emerge from the very façades they adorn.

Kruella d’Enfer’s surreal, fantastical imagery blends whimsy and social critique, inviting viewers to pause and ponder.

Daniel Eime’s bold, gestural strokes and vibrant color palettes infuse the cityscape with raw, expressive energy.

Hands-on Workshop

LISBON Street Art Tour - Hands-on Workshop

Along With exploring Lisbon’s vibrant street art through the guided tour, participants have the opportunity to directly engage with the local artistic community during an interactive workshop.

Here, travelers can unleash their creativity by utilizing spray tools to produce their own street art piece. Under the guidance of experienced local artists, they’ll learn techniques and gain insights into the city’s thriving graffiti scene.

This hands-on experience not only allows visitors to contribute to Lisbon’s evolving street art landscape but also fosters a deeper appreciation for the creative process and the multifaceted nature of this dynamic art form.

Meeting and Pickup

LISBON Street Art Tour - Meeting and Pickup

The tour begins at Largo da Graça 13, a central meeting point located in the historic Graça neighborhood of Lisbon.

From there, participants embark on a guided exploration of the city’s thriving street art scene.

The tour ends in the Graça/Alfama area, allowing visitors to further enjoy the city’s vibrant artistic culture.

The meeting point is:

  1. Easily accessible by public transportation
  2. Wheelchair-friendly
  3. Located near the starting point of the tour

Travelers should plan to have a moderate level of physical fitness, as the tour involves walking through various neighborhoods to discover Lisbon’s remarkable street art.

Policies and Information

LISBON Street Art Tour - Policies and Information

Confirmation is provided at the time of booking for the Lisbon Street Art Tour. The tour is not wheelchair accessible, but it’s located near public transportation. Travelers require a moderate level of physical fitness, as the tour involves walking through various neighborhoods to discover Lisbon’s remarkable street art. A maximum of 10 travelers are allowed on the tour.

Cancellation Policy Minimum Travelers Weather Conditions
Full refund if Tour may be Tour may be
canceled 24 hours canceled due to canceled due to
in advance minimum numbers weather
No refund within not met
24 hours

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Total Duration of the Tour?

The total duration of the tour is not explicitly stated in the provided information. The tour includes a guided street art walk and a workshop, but the exact length of the overall experience is not specified.

Is the Tour Available in Languages Other Than English?

The tour is offered in multiple languages, including English, Portuguese, and other options. Travelers can inquire about language availability when booking to ensure they receive the tour in their preferred language.

Can Participants Take Photos During the Tour?

Participants are generally encouraged to take photos during the tour. The tour guide allows and even promotes photography, as capturing the vibrant street art is an integral part of the experience.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for the Tour?

There are no age restrictions for the tour. Participants of all ages are welcome to join the street art exploration, though minors must be accompanied by an adult. The tour is suitable for families and individuals.

Are There Any Discounts or Special Offers Available?

Unfortunately, there don’t appear to be any discounts or special offers mentioned for this tour. The tour price is likely a standard rate, though some tour operators may offer occasional promotions or discounts that aren’t specified in the overview.


The Lisbon Street Art Tour offers an immersive and engaging experience, allowing visitors to discover the city’s vibrant street art scene.

Guests will explore a tapestry of captivating murals, thought-provoking stencils, and dynamic graffiti pieces, while learning about the influential artistic collectives and prominent local artists shaping Lisbon’s evolving street art landscape.

The hands-on workshop provides an opportunity to contribute to the city’s captivating visual narratives, making this tour a must-see for art enthusiasts.

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