Exploring the lesser-known culinary gems of Florence’s Oltrarno district, the "Eating Florence: The Other Side Food Tour" invites guests on a captivating journey. This immersive experience goes beyond the typical tourist trail, delving into the vibrant local food scene. Visitors will savor the complex flavors of traditional Tuscan charcuterie, artisanal cheeses, and rich Chianti wines, all while gaining insights into the family-owned businesses shaping the city’s culinary legacy. From the bohemian atmosphere to the passionate artisans behind beloved products, this tour promises an authentic taste of Florence that just might surprise even the most seasoned traveler.

Key Points

Eating Florence: The Other Side Food Tour - Key Points

  • Explore the vibrant food scene of Oltrarno, a charming neighborhood on the south bank of the Arno River in Florence.
  • Discover family-owned businesses shaping the culinary legacy of the area and learn about their traditions.
  • Set out on a wine tasting journey to sample rich, full-bodied Tuscan reds and gain insights into the region’s unique terroir.
  • Indulge in the region’s renowned dairy heritage by savoring artisanal cheeses and cured meats.
  • Immerse in the bohemian atmosphere of Oltrarno, with its quaint artisan workshops, cozy cafes, and vibrant murals.

Taste the Flavors of Oltrarno

Tucked away on the south bank of the Arno River, the Oltrarno neighborhood offers visitors a chance to enjoy Florence’s culinary legacy, where families have been perfecting their craft for generations.

On this food tour, guests will discover the area’s vibrant food scene, from traditional Tuscan charcuterie to artisanal cheeses. They’ll meet the passionate producers behind these beloved local products and learn about the history and traditions that shape the neighborhood’s unique character.

Whether it’s sampling a tangy Finocchiona salami or sipping a glass of Chianti, this tour promises to tantalize the taste buds and provide a glimpse into the heart of Oltrarno’s thriving food culture.

Discover Family-Owned Businesses

Eating Florence: The Other Side Food Tour - Discover Family-Owned Businesses

This food tour delves into the family-owned businesses that have shaped Oltrarno’s culinary landscape for generations. Visitors get to meet the passionate producers behind beloved local products and learn about the traditions that have been passed down within these establishments.

One highlight is a stop at a specialty cheese shop where the family shares the secrets behind their artisanal cheeses. Guests also visit a historic salumeria, or delicatessen, that’s been in the same family for over a century, sampling their renowned Finocchiona salami.

Throughout the tour, participants gain a deeper appreciation for the dedication and expertise that goes into crafting Florentine delicacies, all while seeing the charming, bohemian ambiance of the Oltrarno neighborhood.

Sip Local Tuscan Wines

Eating Florence: The Other Side Food Tour - Sip Local Tuscan Wines

Amidst the charming Oltrarno district, guests embark on a delightful wine tasting, sampling the rich, full-bodied reds that have made Tuscany renowned the world over.

The local guide expertly introduces two Tuscan wines, sharing insights into the region’s unique terroir and centuries-old winemaking traditions.

Swirling and sipping, participants savor the complex notes of the vino, from the bold, fruity Chianti to the elegant, velvety Brunello.

More than just a tasting, this experience offers a deeper appreciation for the passion and craftsmanship behind each bottle.

As the group raises their glasses, they toast to the vibrant flavors that capture the essence of Tuscany.

Savor Typical Tuscan Cheeses

Eating Florence: The Other Side Food Tour - Savor Typical Tuscan Cheeses

The tour continues its gastronomic journey with a sampling of authentic Tuscan cheeses, each offering a distinct flavor profile that showcases the region’s renowned dairy heritage.

The group delves into the rich, creamy texture of pecorino, a sheep’s milk cheese that’s been produced in Tuscany for centuries. They also savor the nutty notes of aged parmesan and the tangy, crumbly bite of the classic Finocchiona salami.

As they indulge, the guide shares insights into the artisanal techniques and family traditions that make these Tuscan specialties so beloved. The tasting provides a well-rounded exploration of the area’s culinary roots, whetting the appetite for more delectable discoveries to come.

Explore the Bohemian Atmosphere

Eating Florence: The Other Side Food Tour - Explore the Bohemian Atmosphere

As the tour ventures into the Oltrarno neighborhood, travelers are instantly enveloped within the bohemian ambiance that permeates the streets.

Quaint artisan workshops, cozy cafes, and vibrant murals lend the area a distinct character, where creativity and community intertwine to forge a captivating atmosphere.

The guide leads the group through the winding alleys, pointing out local artisans showcasing their handmade crafts in storefront windows.

Sipping on a robust cup of Italian coffee, visitors can’t help but feel the relaxed, unpretentious vibe that radiates from the Oltrarno.

This artistic enclave offers a refreshing contrast to the grandeur of central Florence, inviting travelers to enjoy the city’s more eclectic and authentic side.

Indulge in Finocchiona Salami

Eating Florence: The Other Side Food Tour - Indulge in Finocchiona Salami

Finocchiona salami, a Tuscan specialty, tantalizes the taste buds as the guide leads guests through its savory characteristics. Its fennel-infused flavor profile and chewy texture offer a delightful contrast to the softer cheeses sampled earlier on the tour. The group eagerly anticipates this next tasting, excited to learn more about the history and production of this iconic Italian cured meat.

Ingredient Origin Curing Process
Pork Locally-sourced Seasoned with fennel, pepper, garlic
Fennel Seeds Tuscany Air-dried for several weeks
Garlic Regional Slow-aged to develop rich, complex flavors
Black Pepper Global Carefully monitored for optimal texture and taste
Salt Coastal Preserves the salami while enhancing the overall profile

The guide describes how the family-run business behind this Finocchiona salami has perfected the recipe over generations, making it a must-try for any food enthusiast exploring the flavors of Florence.

Enjoy Included Refreshments

Eating Florence: The Other Side Food Tour - Enjoy Included Refreshments

Guests quench their thirst with the included local wines, water, and coffee, a refreshing complement to the savory flavors they’ve been sampling.

The tour provides two Tuscan wines to enjoy, offering a chance to taste the region’s renowned vintages.

Between bites, sips of cool water provide a palate cleanser, while a strong cup of Italian coffee gives an energizing boost.

These beverages not only hydrate and re-energize the participants, but also enhance the overall experience by allowing them to fully savor the nuances of the various foods.

The included drinks ensure guests stay refreshed and engaged throughout the flavorful journey through Florence’s Oltrarno neighborhood.

Understand the Tour Logistics

Eating Florence: The Other Side Food Tour - Understand the Tour Logistics

The Eating Florence: The Other Side Food Tour is designed with convenience and accessibility in mind. Confirmation is provided at the time of booking, and the tour is wheelchair and stroller accessible, making it easy for guests to participate. The tour’s location near public transportation further enhances its convenience.

Infants are welcome, with infant seats available for them to sit on laps. A minimum of 2 guests is required, and the tour can accommodate up to 12 travelers, ensuring an intimate and personalized experience.

The cancellation policy is flexible, with a full refund available up to 24 hours before the tour. The tour’s logistics prioritize the comfort and convenience of its participants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Book This Tour for a Private Group?

Yes, you can book this tour for a private group. The tour allows for a minimum of 2 guests and a maximum of 12 travelers, making it suitable for private group bookings.

Do I Need to Bring Any Cash for the Tour?

No, you don’t need to bring cash for the tour. The cost of the 6 food and drink samples is included in the tour price. You only need to bring cash if you want to purchase the optional Premium Drink Package or additional items.

Is This Tour Suitable for Vegetarians or Vegans?

The tour appears suitable for vegetarians, as it includes tasting typical Tuscan cheeses. However, it may not be the best fit for vegans, as many Florentine food specialties contain animal products. Guests should communicate any dietary needs when booking to ensure an enjoyable experience.

Can I Request a Specific Language for the Tour Guide?

Yes, guests can request a specific language for the tour guide. The tour operator is accommodating and will provide an English-speaking guide unless another language is requested in advance. This can be arranged at the time of booking.

Is There a Discount for Seniors or Students?

There doesn’t appear to be a specific senior or student discount mentioned for this tour. However, the tour does have a minimum group size of 2 guests, so larger groups may be able to negotiate a discounted rate directly with the tour provider.


The Eating Florence: The Other Side Food Tour immerses guests in the vibrant culinary scene of the Oltrarno district.

From savoring family-owned specialties to sipping local Tuscan wines, the tour provides an authentic taste of Florence’s rich gastronomic legacy.

Explore the bohemian atmosphere and indulge in traditional charcuterie and artisanal cheeses, leaving with a deeper appreciation for the passion behind the city’s beloved food products.

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