Bodyflying and indoor skydiving at FlyStation Munich offer an exhilarating way to experience the thrill of freefall without the need to jump from a plane. Participants float on a powerful stream of air, allowing them to maneuver their bodies and perform various techniques under the guidance of professional instructors. The facility is accessible and provides optional experiences to commemorate the adventure. But what makes this experience truly unique, and why is it gaining popularity among adventure-seekers and thrill-chasers? Let’s delve deeper into the world of bodyflying and discover the reasons behind its growing appeal.

Key Points

Bodyflying & Indoor Skydiving at FlyStation Munich - Key Points

  • FlyStation Munich offers indoor skydiving and bodyflying experiences in a specialized wind tunnel, providing the thrill of freefall without jumping from a plane.
  • Participants receive personalized guidance from experienced instructors, who teach the fundamentals of bodyflying and ensure a smooth and enjoyable session.
  • The facility is wheelchair and stroller accessible, with transportation options available, making the experience inclusive and accessible to all.
  • Visitors can capture their experience with optional video and photo packages, as well as extend their flight time for further skill development.
  • Safety is a top priority, with comprehensive safety briefings, strict protocols, and personalized instructor assistance throughout the indoor skydiving session.

Overview of Bodyflying and Indoor Skydiving

Bodyflying & Indoor Skydiving at FlyStation Munich - Overview of Bodyflying and Indoor Skydiving

Bodyflying and indoor skydiving provide the exhilarating sensation of freefall without jumping out of a plane. Participants float on a powerful updraft of air in a specially designed wind tunnel, allowing them to experience the thrill of skydiving in a completely safe and controlled environment.

The experience at FlyStation Munich offers a unique opportunity for both beginners and experienced enthusiasts to explore the art of bodyflying. Visitors receive a thorough safety briefing and personalized instructions from professional instructors, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable session.

The wind tunnel simulates the skydiving experience, enabling participants to maneuver their bodies and perform various techniques under the guidance of the experts.

Inclusions and What’s Included

The experience at FlyStation Munich includes a flight session in the wind tunnel with an instructor, who provides a bodyflying demonstration.

Participants also receive a personalized certificate of accomplishment upon completing their session.

During the flight session, the instructor guides the participant through the fundamentals of bodyflying, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.

The bodyflying demonstration showcases the instructor’s skills and techniques, inspiring participants to push their own boundaries.

The personalized certificate serves as a memento of the accomplishment, commemorating the participant’s newfound abilities in indoor skydiving.

These inclusions contribute to an immersive and memorable experience at FlyStation Munich.

Optional Experiences and Extras

Along With the included flight session and bodyflying demonstration, travelers can purchase video and photos of their experience at FlyStation Munich.

On top of that, they can also buy discounted repeat flights to extend their indoor skydiving adventure.

The video and photos allow guests to capture and relive the excitement of their bodyflying experience.

Meanwhile, the discounted repeat flights give them the chance to further hone their skills and explore the wind tunnel.

These optional extras complement the core offering, providing travelers with additional ways to personalize and maximize their time at FlyStation Munich.

Whether it’s commemorative footage or extra time in the air, these options enhance the overall indoor skydiving experience.

Important Restrictions and Requirements

While the indoor skydiving experience at FlyStation Munich offers thrills and excitement, there are important restrictions and requirements participants must be aware of before taking to the wind tunnel. The activity isn’t recommended for pregnant travelers, those with prior shoulder dislocations, acute injuries, communicable diseases or open wounds. There’s also a maximum capacity of 100 travelers per tour.

The facility is wheelchair and stroller accessible, and transportation to the location is also wheelchair accessible. Participants can expect a full safety briefing and instructions from experienced instructors before their flight session in the wind tunnel.

Departure Point and Accessibility

FlyStation Munich is located at Bajuwarenstr. 1, 85375 Neufahrn bei Freising, Bavaria Germany, and the facility is both wheelchair and stroller accessible.

Public transportation is available nearby, and the transportation provided to the location is also wheelchair accessible.

The departure point is easy to reach, making it convenient for travelers.

The facility’s accessibility ensures that visitors with mobility challenges can also enjoy the thrilling indoor skydiving experience.

Whether you’re arriving by public transport or your own vehicle, FlyStation Munich‘s central location and inclusive design provide a seamless start to your bodyflying adventure.

Safety and Instructor Guidance

Safety is paramount at FlyStation Munich, where travelers receive comprehensive guidance from experienced instructors. Participants go through a full safety briefing, learning proper techniques and expectations before entering the wind tunnel.

The instructor’s expertise is essential for a safe and enjoyable experience. Participants can rely on the instructor to:

  1. Provide hands-on assistance and coaching throughout the flight session.
  2. Maintain strict safety protocols within the wind tunnel.
  3. Ensure a smooth and thrilling indoor skydiving adventure.

The instructor demonstrates bodyflight maneuvers, ensuring participants feel confident and in control during their exhilarating indoor skydiving session. With the instructor’s guidance, first-time flyers can fully enjoy the sensations of bodyflying without worry.

Preparing for the Experience

To prepare for the bodyflight experience at FlyStation Munich, participants first check-in at the reception area. There, they receive a thorough safety briefing and instructions on the proper technique for indoor skydiving.

After suiting up in a flight suit and helmet, participants are escorted to the wind tunnel observation area. Instructors demonstrate the correct body positioning and hand signals to use during the flight.

Once ready, participants enter the tunnel one at a time, where they’ll experience the rush of wind and the sensation of effortless flying. Throughout the session, instructors provide guidance and support to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

Memorable Moments and Takeaways

Once in the wind tunnel, participants can’t help but feel a sense of exhilaration as they experience the sheer power of the rushing air. The instructors’ guidance ensures they maintain proper form, allowing them to glide effortlessly and truly savor the thrill of bodyflight.

The most memorable moments often include:

  1. Mastering new flying techniques and feeling the rush of weightlessness.
  2. Seeing the world from a new perspective, suspended in the air.
  3. Receiving a personalized certificate commemorating their accomplishment.

Participants leave FlyStation Munich with a profound sense of accomplishment, having conquered their fears and experienced the extraordinary sensation of indoor skydiving. The unforgettable memories made here will stay with them long after the flight.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Minimum Age Requirement for Bodyflying?

The minimum age requirement for bodyflying is typically 3 years old, though some facilities may have a higher minimum age. It’s best to check with the specific bodyflying provider for their age restrictions.

Is There a Weight Limit for Participants?

There is a weight limit for bodyflying participants, typically ranging from 35 to 260 pounds. This is to ensure the safety and stability of individuals in the wind tunnel. Exceeding the weight limit may not be permitted.

Can I Bring My Own Camera or Gopro?

Participants can bring their own cameras or GoPros to capture their indoor skydiving experience. However, they’ll need to check with the facility beforehand to ensure they comply with any safety or usage guidelines.

Are There Any Health Conditions That Would Prohibit Participation?

There are some health conditions that may prohibit participation, including pregnancy, prior shoulder dislocations, acute injuries, communicable diseases, and open wounds. Travelers should check with the provider about any restrictions or medical requirements.

How Do I Get to Flystation Munich From the City Center?

To get to FlyStation Munich from the city center, travelers can take public transportation. There are several options, including taking the S-Bahn train or a bus, which will drop them off near the facility’s location.


Flystation Munich delivers an exhilarating bodyflying and indoor skydiving experience. Participants can maneuver their bodies in a wind tunnel under the guidance of professional instructors.

The facility is wheelchair and stroller accessible, and offers optional extras like personalized certificates and video captures to commemorate the unforgettable adventure.

With proper safety precautions and preparation, visitors can enjoy this unique and thrilling experience.

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