Affordable shooting packages provide a focused activity for diverse groups. These 2-hour sessions include all necessary equipment, fees, and instructor services, creating a secure and engaging environment. Participants can choose from standard, advanced, or custom packages to suit their skill levels and interests. With transparent pricing and clear policies, customers can plan their shooting experience with confidence. While transportation and snacks aren’t included, the convenience and flexibility of these packages make them an enticing option for those seeking an accessible, yet thrilling, shooting experience.

Key Points

Afordable Shooting Packages | No Transport & No Snack Incl. - Key Points

  • Shooting packages starting at €39 per person for 2 hours, with options for longer durations and advanced training.
  • No transportation or snacks included, but all necessary equipment, fees, and instructor services are provided.
  • Private tours with the customer’s group only, ensuring a secure and tailored experience.
  • Flexible scheduling options to accommodate customer needs, with morning, afternoon, and select evening sessions.
  • Comprehensive safety protocols and instruction, suitable for both novices and experienced shooters.


Afordable Shooting Packages | No Transport & No Snack Incl. - Overview

The article provides an overview of affordable shooting packages, highlighting the activity’s focus on fun and safety, with adjustable options catering to diverse groups, including families and bachelor parties, and a short duration of around 2 hours.

With 369 positive reviews, the shooting experience offers an engaging and secure environment for participants. The packages include all necessary fees, equipment, and instructor services, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

The shooting range is conveniently located and accessible via public transportation, with ample parking available.


Afordable Shooting Packages | No Transport & No Snack Incl. - Inclusions

All fees and taxes are included in the shooting packages, providing a hassle-free experience. Participants receive the necessary guns, ammunition, and personal protective equipment as part of the package.

Plus, the packages cover the cost of instructor services and shooting range rental, ensuring a well-supervised and secure activity. Complementary soda/pop and snacks are also provided to enhance the overall experience.

The packages include:

  • All necessary equipment and supplies
  • Instructor services and shooting range rental
  • Refreshments to enjoy during the activity

Meeting Point

Afordable Shooting Packages | No Transport & No Snack Incl. - Meeting Point

The shooting packages are accessible, with the meeting point being at the Prague Armory in the Vysočany district.

Participants can conveniently reach the location via public transportation, as it’s situated near the Kolbenova metro station. Ample parking is also available in front of the shooting range.

The venue’s location makes it easy for visitors to arrive and participate in the activities. Whether you’re using public transport or driving, the Prague Armory provides a centralized and convenient meeting point for the shooting packages.

The accessibility of the location ensures a smooth start to the experience, allowing participants to focus on the fun and safety aspects of the activity.


Confirming the start time with the local provider in advance is recommended, as the opening hours for the shooting activity options may vary. Customers should be prepared to coordinate their schedule with the provider to ensure they arrive at the appropriate time for their chosen package.

The shooting range typically offers:

  • Morning sessions starting as early as 9 AM
  • Afternoon sessions in the early to mid-afternoon
  • Special evening sessions for select packages

Ultimately, the schedule flexibility allows the shooting experience to accommodate a variety of customer needs and preferences. Discussing the desired start time when booking is the best way to secure the optimal time slot.


Afordable Shooting Packages | No Transport & No Snack Incl. - Policies

Customers can receive a full refund if they cancel up to 24 hours before the scheduled experience.

The shooting packages, however, aren’t wheelchair accessible and aren’t recommended for pregnant travelers.

Participants will have a private tour, with only their group taking part in the activity. This ensures a personalized and focused experience for each customer.

The range takes safety seriously, providing all necessary equipment and expert instruction.

While not suitable for all, the shooting packages offer an exciting and thrilling activity for those who are able to participate.

The clear policies allow customers to plan their visit with confidence, knowing what to expect and what’s expected of them.

Activity Options

The shooting packages offer a variety of adjustable activity options to accommodate different group sizes and skill levels. Participants can choose from:

  • A standard package with basic instruction and target practice
  • An advanced package with more challenging shooting scenarios and tactical training
  • A custom package tailored to specific interests, such as precision shooting or combat simulation

Each option provides the necessary equipment, expert guidance, and allocated time on the shooting range. With these flexible choices, the shooting experience can be customized to suit the preferences and abilities of the participants, ensuring an engaging and rewarding activity for all.

Pricing and Packages

Affordable shooting packages start at €39 per person for a basic introduction to target shooting, with more advanced options available up to €99 per person. The packages can be tailored to individual needs, from families to bachelor parties.

Package Duration Price per Person
Basic 2 hours €39
Intermediate 3 hours €59
Premium 4 hours €99

All packages include the necessary equipment, instruction, and access to the shooting range. Customers can choose from a variety of firearms and ammunition to suit their preferences. The pricing is transparent, with no hidden fees or surprises.

Frequently Asked Questions

Afordable Shooting Packages | No Transport & No Snack Incl. - Frequently Asked Questions

What questions do people commonly ask about the shooting packages?
Individuals often inquire about the required safety protocols, whether any prior experience is necessary, and if the activities are suitable for mixed-ability groups.

The shooting packages prioritize safety above all else. Participants receive thorough safety instruction and guidance from experienced instructors throughout the activity.

No prior shooting experience is required – the packages cater to both novices and seasoned shooters alike. Whether you’re looking for a fun group activity or a personal challenge, the adjustable packages can accommodate a wide range of skill levels and interests.

Comprehensive safety protocols are in place.
No prior shooting experience is required.
The packages are suitable for both individuals and groups of mixed abilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Minimum Age Requirement for Participants?

The minimum age requirement for participants is not explicitly stated in the provided overview. However, the activity is described as suitable for families, suggesting the range may accommodate younger participants with appropriate supervision.

Are There Any Medical or Physical Restrictions for Participation?

The shooting packages have some physical and medical restrictions. Pregnant travelers and those with mobility issues may not be able to participate. It’s best to check with the local provider for specific requirements.

Can the Booking Be Modified or Rescheduled?

According to the information provided, the booking can be modified or rescheduled. The policy states that a full refund is available for cancellations up to 24 hours before the scheduled experience.

How Are Safety and Security Measures Enforced During the Activity?

The shooting range has strict safety protocols. Instructors closely monitor participants, ensuring proper firearm handling. All guests must wear provided protective gear and follow the range’s rules to maintain a secure environment throughout the activity.

Are There Any Additional Fees or Hidden Costs Not Included in the Package?

The package includes all fees and taxes, guns, ammunition, personal protective equipment, instructor services, and shooting range rental. There are no additional fees or hidden costs mentioned in the overview.


Shooting packages provide a focused activity in a secure environment.

Participants can choose from standard, advanced, or custom options to suit their skill levels.

Transparent pricing and clear policies help customers plan their shooting experience with confidence, though transportation and snacks aren’t included.

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