Exploring Prague’s iconic landmarks has never been easier than with the ‘7 BEST VIEWSPRAGUE Ebike TOUR‘. This comprehensive sightseeing experience covers the city’s key attractions, allowing travelers to effortlessly navigate the hilly terrain on electric bikes. From the grandeur of St. Nicholas Church to the vibrant John Lennon Wall, the tour immerses participants in Prague’s rich history and breathtaking vistas. With a knowledgeable local guide and a small-group setting, this tour promises an unforgettable journey – one that may just leave you wondering what other hidden gems Prague has in store.

Just The Basics

7 BEST VIEWS - PRAGUE Ebike TOUR - Just The Basics

  • The Prague Ebike Tour covers 9 miles (15 km) of the city’s key landmarks, including Letna Park and Petrin Park, offering stunning panoramic views.
  • The tour explores iconic sites like the Rudolfinum, Franz Kafka Museum, and the vibrant John Lennon Wall, providing a comprehensive sightseeing experience.
  • Riding electric bikes makes it effortless to navigate Prague’s hilly terrain, allowing participants to focus on enjoying the tour and taking in the views.
  • The small-group tour with a knowledgeable local guide provides personalized attention, ensuring a seamless and memorable sightseeing experience.
  • The electric bikes offer power-assist, preventing riders from getting worn out and allowing them to explore Prague’s varied topography with ease.

Tour Overview


Tour Overview

The Prague Ebike Tour offers a comprehensive sightseeing experience, allowing visitors to explore the city’s key landmarks using electric bikes that navigate the hilly terrain with ease.

The small-group tour covers around 9 miles (15 km), providing personalized attention from the local guide.

Guests can expect to visit iconic sites like St. Nicholas Church, Prague Castle, Letna Park, and the Petrin Park, among others.

The tour also includes stops at the Rudolfinum, Franz Kafka Museum, and the famous John Lennon Wall.

With the included helmet, basket, poncho, and bottled water, participants can focus on taking in the stunning views and learning about Prague’s rich history.

Highlights and Stops

7 BEST VIEWS - PRAGUE Ebike TOUR - Highlights and Stops


Highlights and Stops
The Prague Ebike Tour takes visitors on an immersive journey through the city’s iconic landmarks, showcasing St. Nicholas Church, Prague Castle, Letna Park, and the Petrin Park, among other must-see destinations.

Riders will coast past the historic Rudolfinum building, home to the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, before exploring the Franz Kafka Museum, which honors the renowned Czech writer.

The tour culminates at the vibrant John Lennon Wall, where visitors can admire the colorful murals and graffiti, all while experiencing the city’s rich cultural heritage.

The electric bikes make navigating the hilly terrain a breeze, ensuring a seamless and memorable sightseeing experience.

Meeting Point and Transportation

7 BEST VIEWS - PRAGUE Ebike TOUR - Meeting Point and Transportation

The Prague Ebike Tour starts at the I Like Ebike office, conveniently located near the Charles Bridge, and ends back at the same meeting point.

Guests won’t need to worry about transportation, as the tour is self-contained within this central location. The electric bikes provided make it easy to navigate the hilly terrain of Prague without getting fatigued.

However, the tour isn’t wheelchair accessible, and infants must sit on laps during the ride. With a maximum group size of 10 travelers, you can expect a personalized experience led by a knowledgeable local guide.

Once the tour concludes, you’ll be right back where you started, ready to continue exploring Prague’s historic sights.


7 BEST VIEWS - PRAGUE Ebike TOUR - Inclusions

The Prague Ebike Tour includes a knowledgeable local guide to lead the way, as well as bottled water, a helmet, a basket, and a poncho to keep you comfortable throughout the experience.

Travelers also receive an electric bike, which makes navigating the hilly terrain of Prague effortless. The electric bikes provide a smooth and efficient ride, allowing you to cover more ground and see more of the city’s iconic landmarks.

With the included gear and transportation, you can focus on enjoying the tour and taking in the stunning views of Prague without worrying about the logistics. The tour is designed to provide a hassle-free and immersive experience for all participants.


7 BEST VIEWS - PRAGUE Ebike TOUR - Policies

Travelers receive confirmation of their booking at the time of purchase. The tour operator accepts cancellations up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund.

Group size is limited to a maximum of 10 participants. This policy ensures a personalized and intimate experience for all guests.

The tour’s policies are designed with the customer in mind:

  • Flexible cancellation policy allows for last-minute changes
  • Small group size guarantees individual attention from the guide
  • Confirmation provided immediately, offering peace of mind

These policies reflect the tour operator’s commitment to providing a seamless and enjoyable experience for all visitors to Prague. Guests can book with confidence, knowing their needs will be prioritized throughout the tour.

Electric Bikes

7 BEST VIEWS - PRAGUE Ebike TOUR - Electric Bikes


Electric bikes power the Prague Ebike Tour, providing an effortless and efficient way for participants to navigate the city’s hilly terrain. These state-of-the-art bikes offer pedal assistance, boosting riders’ speed and endurance.

With the electric motors, even the steepest inclines become a breeze. The tour uses high-quality, well-maintained electric bikes that are easy to control and handle. Riders can adjust the level of assistance to suit their fitness and preferences.

The electric bikes allow the group to cover more ground while minimizing fatigue, ensuring an enjoyable and immersive sightseeing experience. Exploring Prague’s historic landmarks and charming neighborhoods has never been so effortless.

Terrain and Distance

7 BEST VIEWS - PRAGUE Ebike TOUR - Terrain and Distance

In the BEST VIEWS – PRAGUE Ebike TOUR, the electric bikes make it a breeze to cover the 9 miles (15 km) of ground across Prague’s hilly terrain.

The tour takes cyclists on an exhilarating journey, allowing them to:

  • Easily navigate the steep inclines and slopes around the historic city center
  • Cover more ground than a traditional bike tour, allowing them to see more of Prague’s key sights
  • Enjoy the ride without getting worn out, thanks to the power-assist from the electric motors

The tour’s electric bikes give participants the freedom to explore Prague’s varied topography with ease, making it an ideal way to see the city’s most iconic landmarks and hidden gems.

Group Size

7 BEST VIEWS - PRAGUE Ebike TOUR - Group Size

The tour groups are kept small, with a maximum of 10 travelers, ensuring a personalized and intimate experience for participants. This small group size allows the guide to provide focused attention and tailor the tour to the interests and needs of each guest. The intimate setting also fosters a sense of camaraderie among the group, making it easier to interact with fellow travelers and create lasting memories.

Group Size Advantages Disadvantages
Small (≤10) Personalized attention, flexibility, easier interaction Limited capacity, may sell out quickly
Medium (11-20) More options, potentially lower cost per person Less individualized experience, harder to manage
Large (≥21) Higher availability, potentially lower cost Impersonal, less flexibility, challenging logistics

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Minimum Age Requirement for Participants?

The minimum age requirement for participants is not specified. However, the tour notes that infants must sit on laps, indicating the tour may not be suitable for very young children.

Are There Any Restrictions on Bringing Personal Items?

There are no restrictions on bringing personal items on the tour. Participants can bring items like cameras, phones, and small bags, which can be stored in the bike’s basket during the tour.

How Do I Redeem My Tour Voucher Upon Arrival?

To redeem the tour voucher, the traveler simply needs to present it at the I Like Ebike office near the Charles Bridge meeting point. The staff will then check them in and provide the necessary equipment and instructions for the tour.

Is There a Weight Limit for the Electric Bikes?

The ebike tour does not have a strict weight limit, but riders should be able to comfortably control the bike. Riders exceeding 300 lbs may have difficulty with the electric assist and handling the bike.

Can I Bring My Own Helmet Instead of Using the Provided One?

You can bring your own helmet instead of using the provided one. The tour company allows participants to use their own helmet if they prefer. This provides more comfort and flexibility during the bike tour.

Final Words

The ‘7 BEST VIEWS – PRAGUE Ebike TOUR’ offers an exhilarating way to explore Prague’s iconic landmarks.

With electric bikes making the hilly terrain effortless, participants can enjoy the city’s stunning vistas and captivating history, all while receiving personalized attention from a knowledgeable local guide in a small-group setting.

This tour provides an unparalleled sightseeing experience, making it a must-do for anyone seeking to discover the best of Prague.

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