Where to eat in Amsterdam near Het Spui

There are quite a few cafes and restaurants in the area around het Spui.  We’ve picked a few that we like based on quality and value for the money.

Broodje Bert Amsterdam

Broodje Bert – This little eatery on the corner of Singel (#321) and Wolvenstraat canal bridge is not your ordinary sandwich shop.  The food has a slight Mediterranean flavor and, for a sandwich, the portions are sizable, so come here with an appetite!  We liked the two house specials:

Grilled Chicken at Broodje Bert

grilled chicken filet with garlic sauce

Lamb Burger at Broodje Bert

and the ‘Homemade Broodje Bert Burger’ (a juicy lamb burger). Both were served on a pile of wild greens, tomato, and fresh corn with ciabatta bread on the side.You can assemble your own sandwich, or eat these as a salad with the bread on the side and the sauce for dipping. It was much easier to eat using knife and fork. The interior of Broodje Bert is a tight squeeze, but there’s seating at the bar where you can watch the cooks, at the window with a view of the canal, or outside at one of the few sidewalk tables.

Kantjil To Go Take Away Amsterdam

Kantjil To Go – We like this place for its quick and inexpensive Indonesian-influenced fast food.

Kantjil To Go Amsterdam

The menu consists of nasi (rice) and bami (noodles) and the concept is ‘create your own’ meal:  First, choose the base – steamed white rice, fried rice or fried noodles. Then, add your choice of vegetables and/or meat, with sauce. Once you make your selections, the server reheats the meal in a microwave.

Bami Goreng Kantjil To Go Amsterdam

Since this is Kantjil To Go, it’s ‘take-out’ only and there’s no seating available, so scout out a park bench (there are a few in Spui Square, a short walk south) or eat as you stroll.  Located at Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 342, right around the corner from…

Kantjil & de Tijger Restaurant Amsterdam

Kantjil & de Tijger – A popular restaurant for the dinner crowd, offering a more extensive Indonesian-style menu than their take-out bar around the corner.  During the day the restaurant morphs into the New Asian Brasserie, offering a cosmopolitan Asian-influenced lunch menu, high tea and high wine.   If you’re looking to try the Indonesian-inspired rijsttafel or rice table, this might be your chance, since it’s offered on both the lunch and dinner menu.  Served communal-style, the rijsttafel consists of rice and various types of stews, sauces and vegetables.  Typically, the rijsttafel is priced per person (for a minimum of two people) and usually includes 10 or more separate dishes.  It’s also an interesting way to sample a number of different items.  Kantjil & de Tijger and New Asian Brasserie are located at Spuistraat 291-293.

Singel 404 Amsterdam

Singel 404 – a nice place for lunch offering typical Dutch style open-faced sandwiches and really good coffee.

Singel 404 Amsterdam

We enjoyed the brie, bacon, honey and pecan sandwich.

Pumpkin Soup and Brown Bread Singel 404 Amsterdam

and pumpkin soup. As the name indicates, Singel 404 is located at Singel 404, a 2-minute walk from Het Grachtenhuis Museum.

Vlaams Frites Amsterdam

Vlaams Friteshuis ”Vleminckx Sausmeesters” – The very popular ‘Flemish Fry House” serves homemade Belgian fries (they’re fried twice!) with your choice of sauce. This is not your standard ‘fries with ketchup’ kind of place. The typical sauce for fries in the Netherlands is fritessaus, a sort of mayonnaise, and most places offer additional flavors, such as currysaus (curry sauce) and satésaus (peanut sauce), but Vleminckx offers over 30 different sauces…which is why they’re known as ‘Sauce Masters’. By the way, frites are a popular snack throughout the Netherlands (and Belgium) and we recommend trying them while you’re here. The frites from Vlemincks are some of the best; they’re light, crispy and, in our opinion, perfectly salted.

 Vlaams Frites with Joppie Sauce

We recommend trying them with the joppiesaus. Vlaams Friteshuis Vleminckx is located at Voetboogstraat, 33 an easy 6 minute walk from Museum Het Grachtenhuis.

Travel Tip:

To try a less expensive lunchtime version of the rijsttafel, consider the Rijsttafel Preview or the Rijsttafel Preview Special from New Asian Brasserie.  With fewer dishes, both are lighter options and about half the price of the dinner versions.

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