Europe public transit

Don’t be frightened by the idea of traveling with the masses, public transportation is an efficient way to travel.  Its moderately priced, less stressful than driving, and a cultural education you may really enjoy.

In Paris, ride le Métro.  In London, go Underground with ‘the tube’ (but, don’t forget to ‘mind the gap’).  In Amsterdam, take a tram.  Almost all major European cities have great public transit systems that zip you from one end of the city to another, usually dropping you in close proximity to your desired point of interest or hotel.  Most even provide a link to the central train station and airport.

Consider planning your trip using public transit for most, if not all, of your transportation needs.  A rental car isn’t always necessary when touring Europe. Unlike the US, Europe’s cities are compact, offering most everything worth seeing within the city center. Also, almost all major cities in Europe are linked by rail service, some of it high-speed.  You can easily get from London to Paris in about 2 hours via the Channel Tunnel aka the Chunnel (Eurostar), or from Amsterdam to Paris in 4 hours via rail (Thalys). We can honestly say that ‘happy hour’ on board Thalys is a most enjoyable and memorable experience, and something you don’t get if you’re doing the driving and your passenger is trying to navigate in a foreign language.

We’ve conveniently provided public transit links for the most common European cites, and we’ve also provided links to the most used rail services.

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