Finding a Place to Eat

That long line out the door and down the sidewalk can be a sure sign that you’ve chosen the right place to dine.  I hate long lines and I have little patience for waiting, especially when I’m hungry, but I will subject myself to this punishment when it means getting a meal or pastry that’s top quality. Look for places that specialize in unique or higher quality products, like artisan bakeries.

Don’t necessarily be turned off by the look of an establishment.  I’ve learned that some of the best places to eat are little more than a ‘hole in the wall’ or the cart of a street vendor.

One major tip, however, stay away from places that hire people to solicit customers.  Most of these tend to be places that trap tourists with high cost, poor quality meals.  They also tend to be clustered together, as in Paris’ Latin Quarter. I recommend avoiding such places like the plague. Remember, in most cases, decent  places with great food don’t have to rely on sidewalk carnival barkers to draw the crowds.

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