Things to see in Cadaqués – Sculptures and Street Art

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The quiet seaside village of Cadaqués – a place that has attracted such artists as Salvador Dalí (who lived nearby in Port Lligat), René MagritteJoan Miró, and Pablo Picasso –   offers spectacular views worthy of any painting.  And as you stroll through the village, you’ll see plenty of art – mainly street art – and a rather large amount considering the small size of the village. There are sculptures and statues; tile murals; inlaid stone mosaics; paintings on doors, walls, and access panels; and various advertisements/posters.

The sculptures and statues you’ll see in Cadaqués include:

Statue of Salvador Dali Cadaques Spain

A bronze Salvador Dalí, created in 1972 by sculptor Joaquim Ros i Sabaté;

Sculpture of Four Winds by Francois Stahly Cadaques Spain

A stone sculpture, by François Stahly, in tribute to sailors lost to the four winds of the Mediterranean;

Freedom Sculpture Cadaques Spain

Freedom, a Dalí-inspired bronze of Lady Liberty holding two torches;

Freedom Sculpture Cadaques Spain

and Lidia of Cadaqués, the former owner of the Dalí residence in nearby Port Lligat, she’s depicted in two bronze silhouettes created by Ramón Moscardó;

Bust of Carles Rahola i Llorens Cadaques Spain

A bust of journalist Carles Rahola i Llorens in the courtyard of Teatre Art i Joia;

Slate Fish Wall Plaque Cadaques Spain

A slate fish;

Relief of Saint George and the Dragon Cadaques Spain

and a relief of George and the dragon.

Among the tile murals are:

Tiles Mural of Compass Rose with Boat Cadaques Spain

Two renderings of the Mariner’s Compass Rose – one with the image of a boat;

Tile Mural of Mary and Fishermen Cadaques Spain

Mary appearing to the fishermen of Cadaqués;

Tile Mural of Dancers Cadaques Spain

Scenes of village life, including a group of dancers in historical dress;

Sun Dial Tile Mural Cadaques Spain

A sun dial;

Son Bell Aire Tile Mural Cadaques Spain

Son Bell Aire;

Can Zendrera Tile Mural Cadaques Spain

Can Zendrera, a marker on the late-19th-century building at Plaça des Portitxó, 8;

Tile Mural of Old Town Cadaques Spain

And a map of the Old Medieval Quarter.

The many painted or stenciled images include:

Painted Doors Cadaques Spain

A young girl holding a bunch of balloons;

Doll of Cadaques Cadaques Spain
A green water jug or ‘Doll de Cadaqués’;

Access Panel Painting of Miniature Boat Cadaques Spain
A miniature boat;

Hanging C Cadaques Spain
A letter C;

Girl with Rifle Street Art Cadaques Spain
A child holding a gun;
Weeping Wall Cadaques Spain
A ‘weeping’ wall;

Smiling Man Street Art Cadaques Spain
A cartoonish smiling man;

Access Panel Painting of a Boat at Sunset Cadaques Spain

Scenes of boats at sunset,

Access Panel Painting of Two Boats on the Beach Cadaques Spain

on the beach,

Access Panel Painting of the Illa Blanca Cadaques Spain

and on the water;

Access Panel Painting of Church of Santa Maria Cadaques Spain

of rooftops,

Access Panel Painting of Port d'Alguer Cadaques Spain

and Port d’Alguer;

Painted Doors Cadaques Spain
A room interior painted on the windows of a door;

Dali Painted on Door Cadaques Spain

A likeness of Dalí painted on an arched doorway;

Rain Spout Street Art Cadaques Spain

A rain spout painted with people and the words ‘l’amour est ici’;

Painted Doormat with Fish Cadaques Spain

And a painted stone doormat.

Unique posters include:

Poster of Dali Underwater Cadaques Spain

Poster of Picasso Underwater Cadaques Spain

Salvador Dalí and Pablo Picasso wearing goggles underwater.

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