Things to do in Vaison-la-Romaine – Visit the Ancient Site of La Villasse

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Entrance to La Villasse Vaison la Romaine France

La Villasse takes visitors back 2000 years to the Roman city of Vasio. And, in combination with Puymin, its sister site across the street, it’s one of Vaison-la-Romaine’s main tourist attractions.

Exercise Area with Columned Porticoes La Villasse Vaison la Romaine France

As you wander amidst the stone ruins of La Villasse, once home to the well-to-do of Roman Vasio, you’ll see the remains of colonnaded boutiques, private villas, thermal baths,

Pool with Fish La Villasse Vaison la Romaine France

fish-filled pools,

Ancient Toilets La Villasse Vaison la Romaine France

rows of public toilets,

Roman Archway La Villasse Vaison la Romaine France

and an ancient archway.

Column Lined Street La Villasse Vaison la Romaine France

You’ll enter the site at the top of rue des Boutiques. Paved with slabs of limestone, this wide, colonnaded ‘street of the boutiques’, served as a covered shopping area, and allowed access to the public baths.

Ruins of Roman Villa La VillasseVaison la Romaine France

From here, follow the narrow paths to stroll amidst the remains of the once luxurious villas, among which are:

View of Maison du Buste Argent La Villasse Vaison la Romaine France

La Maison du Buste en Argent – at over 16,000 square feet, this expansive residence is reportedly the largest home discovered in Vaison and takes its name from the silver bust of a wealthy Roman citizen found during excavations. The home included a vestibule, an office space, peristyle, kitchen, garden, a thermal spa (formerly the public baths constructed in the 1st century B.C.), a gymnasium with swimming pool and communal toilets.

Maison au Dauphin La Villasse Vaison la Romaine France

La Maison au Dauphin – a former 1st-century B.C. farm and 2nd -century B.C. urban dwelling, this villa takes its name from a marble dolphin discovered on the site. The property is known to have featured several reception rooms, a winter dining room, kitchen, toilet room, large garden and pond.

Mosaic Floor La Villasse Vaison la Romaine France

Maison aux animaux sauvages – known as the ‘house of the wild animals’, this residence takes its name from 1st-century A.D. wall murals depicting hunting scenes. Visible here are remnants of painted walls and decorative mosaic tiled floors.

Getting there

Entrance to the Ancient Site of La Villasse is located on Avenue Général de Gaulle, across the street from the Tourist Information Center and the Ancient Site of Puymin.

Ticket info: 

Adult Admission = 9.00€

Child Admission (Ages 10 – 17) = 4.00€

Child Admission (Ages 9 and Under) = Free

Tickets are valid for 24 hours and allow access to  La Villasse + Puymin + Museum + Antique Theatre.

View of La Villasse from Path Vaison la Romaine France

Travel tip:

Sections of the Ancient Site of La Villasse can be seen from the pathway leading to the Our Lady of Nazareth Cathedral.

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The Ancient Site of La Villasse
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