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Interior Dali Jewels Figueres Spain

Situated in the same building as the Dalí Theatre Museum, but with a separate entrance (and ticket for admission) the Dalí Jewels (Dali-Joies) is a fabulous collection of unusual and unique jewelry. The 41 pieces, designed by artist Salvador Dalí and displayed alongside his original studies, reflect the same surrealist nature for which he’s known, and each is a unique and intriguing work of art. The stunning collection of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and brooches (all crafted from precious metals and brilliant gemstones, some with time pieces and mechanized parts) includes:

The Honeycomb Heart Dali Jewels Figueres Spain

a Honeycomb Heart (1949) of 18-karat yellow gold with diamonds and rubies;

Lapis Lazuli Cross Dali Jewels Figueres Spain

a Lapis Lazuli Cross (1959) with square and rectangular cut stone surrounded by diamonds and platinum rays, and overlaid with a gold cross adorned with rubies representing droplets of blood;

A series of macabre looking nature-inspired, hand-shaped objects, including:

Leaf Veined Hand Dali Jewels Figueres Spain

A yellow gold Leaf Veined Hand (1949) decorated with a round emerald cabochon and pear-shaped rubies,

Leaf Veined Case Dali Jewels Figueres Spain

and a similar Leaf Veined Case (1953), also of 18-karat gold and adorned with a single emerald cabochon and oval and pear-shaped rubies;

Ruby Lips Dali Jewels Figueres Spain

The radiant Ruby Lips (1949) fashioned from a multitude of tiny rubies and 13 larger pearls

Eye of Time Dali Jewels Figueres Spain

The Eye of Time (1949), a timepiece in the shape of an eye, crafted from enamel, platinum, round and baguette cut diamonds, and a ruby;

Pomegranate Heart Dali Jewels Figueres Spain

The 18-karat yellow gold, ruby and diamond Pomegranate Heart (1949);

Swan Lake Dali Jewels Figueres Spain

Swan Lake (1959) consisting of a yellow gold anthropomorphic female swan/fish resting on aquamarine and yellow beryl stones, and adorned with rock crystals and additional stones of sapphire and diamonds;

The Gold Cube Cross Dali Jewels Figueres Spain

The Gold Cube Cross (1959) fashioned from six textured 18-karat yellow gold squares surrounded by diamond encrusted platinum rays;

The Persistence of Memory Dali Jewels Figueres Spain

The Persistence of Memory (1949), an operable timepiece, inspired by Dalí’s 1931 painting, and crafted from black enamel, diamonds, and 18-karat yellow gold, and featuring a Jaeger-LeCoultre mechanism; 

Corset Ring Dali Jewels Figueres Spain

The yellow gold Corset Ring (1949) trimmed with 17 diamonds and 14 pearls;

The Royal Heart Dali Jewels Figueres Spain

The amazing Royal Heart (1953) – that actually beats – crafted from mixed-cut rubies, amethysts, aquamarines, diamonds, emeralds, garnets, pearls, peridots, and sapphires;

Space Elephant Dali Jewels Figueres Spain

A fascinating Space Elephant (1961) of yellow gold standing on a chunk of rough cut aquamarine, a small timepiece imbedded in a column of polished aquamarine balanced on its back, and embellished with diamonds, and teardrop emeralds and rubies;

The Spider of the Night Dali Jewels Figueres Spain

The Spider of the Night (1962), a spindly gold spider resting on a base of rough quartz and decorated with a rectangular kunzite stone, 49 diamonds, 37 emeralds, and 20 rubies;

Falling Angel Dali Jewels Figueres Spain

The platinum and yellow gold Falling Angel (1963) fastened to the side of a piece of rough quartz, and adorned with ruby ‘flames’, a ‘radiating’ emerald-cut sapphire, and diamond and sapphire encrusted wings that flutter; 

Daphne Dali Jewels Figueres Spain

Daphne (1967), which features an emerald cut topaz with a face magnified through the stone, and framed by ‘hair of gold, diamonds, and emeralds;

Pax Vobiscum Dali Jewels Figueres Spain

The fantasy-cut citrine ‘window’ of Pax Vobiscum (1968), framed by platinum rays, diamonds, and oval peridot stones, which opens to reveal the face of a woman;

Dolphins and Mermaids Dali Jewels Figueres Spain

Dolphins and Mermaids (1969) featuring a delicate waterfall of diamonds, red coral figures, gold dolphins, a backdrop of rough-hewn calcite resting on a bed of polished blue, yellow, and pink stones.

The Grapes of Immortality Dali Jewels Figueres Spain

The Grapes of Immortality (1970), a stunning and somewhat macabre cluster of gold and amethyst ‘grapes’ – some in the shape of human skulls – accented with emerald leaves, and a golden vine that partly frames a block of smoky quartz on which Dalí painted Angel of Eternity;

The Chalice of Life Dali Jewels Figueres Spain

The Chalice of Life (1965) an exquisite creation of jewel-encrusted butterflies that flutter their wings while resting on a chalice of gold and irregular shaped blocks of lapis lazuli.

The Angel Cross Dali Jewels Figueres Spain

The Angel Cross (1556), crafted from yellow gold, red coral, citrine and diamonds, and balanced on a ball of lapis lazuli with platinum spines that spin at its base.

Necklace with Entwined Limbs Dali Jewels Figueres Spain

and Necklace with Entwined Limbs (1964) – a sensual work of 18- and 16-karat yellow gold accented with diamonds and green sapphires, with a large fantasy cut amethyst stone at the center.

Getting there

Dalí-Joies is located at the corner between Carrer Maria Àngels Vayreda and Pujada del Castell Street.

Ticket Info

Adult Admission = 7.00€

Combo Ticket = 14.00€ (Dalí-Jewels + Dalí Theatre-Museum)

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