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The Fundació Joan Miró, housed in a uniquely quintessential 1970s building, will appeal to fans of contemporary and experimental art.

Gallery Fundacio Joan Miro Barcelona

Created by artist and Barcelona native Joan Miró and opened to the public in 1975, the Foundation features a vast collection of over 14,000 works—many donated by the artist himself—ranging from paintings, drawings, and sculptures, to ceramics and textiles.  

Sobreteixim with Eight Umbrellas Fundacio Joan Miro Barcelona

Some of what you’ll see displayed, in the large galleries and along sloping walkways, includes several immense tapestries, such as Sobreteixim with Eight Umbrellas (1973)

Tapestry of the Fundacio by Joan Miro Barcelona

and Tapestry of the Fundació (1979). 

Interior Fundacio Joan Miro Barcelona

Portrait of a Little Girl Fundacio Joan Miro Barcelona

Of the thousands of drawings/paintings in the collection are such works as Portrait of a Young Girl (1919),

Pair of Lovers Playing with Almond Blossoms Fundacio Joan Miro Barcelona

and among the many sculptural works are Man and Woman in the Night (1969) and Pair of Lovers Playing with Almond Blossoms (Model for the sculptural group at La Défense, Paris, 1975).

Mercury Fountain by Alexander Calder Fundacio Joan Miro Barcelona

Works by other artists include a mesmerizing fluid sculpture of iron, aluminum, and mercury titled Mercury Fountain by Alexander Calder (1937).

The Caress of a Bird Sculpture Fundacio Joan Miro Barcelona

Girl Escaping Fundacio Joan Miro Barcelona

The rooftop terrace, partly shaded by the surrounding wooded area, is a maze studded with sculptures such as Miró’s Girl Escaping (1976).

Getting there:

The Fundació Joan Miró is located in Parc de Montjuïc.

Ticket Info: 

Adult Admission (Permanent Collection + Temporary Exhibition) = 12.00€

Adult Admission (Temporary Exhibition) = 7.00€

Adult Admission (Espai 13 special exhibitions) = 2.50€

Child Admission (ages 14 and under) = Free

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