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If you’re looking for something to do in Barcelona with kids, consider visiting the Barcelona Aquarium (L’Aquàrium de Barcelona). Their exhibition lets you get up close – and sometimes personal – with a variety of sea creatures; most of them – as befits the world’s largest Mediterranean-themed aquarium – are indigenous to the Spanish coastline and the Mediterranean Sea.

Fish Barcelona Aquarium

Though the Aquarium’s main focus is on the Med Sea, it’s home to 450 species of marine life, including several from cold-water and tropical habitats outside of the region. Among the many inhabitants, you’ll see:

School of Fish Barcelona Aquarium

Schools and more schools of fish, from grouper, mullets, and sea bream, to silvery pompano, creole-fish, unicorn-fish,

Shark Barcelona Aquarium

and impressive sharks, seahorses, spiny lobsters, starfish, prickly sea urchins, slithery moray eels, and bulbous octopus.

Special attractions at the Aquarium include: 

Reef Aquarium Barcelona

A series of mini-tanks filled with colourful corals, 

Clownfish Barcelona Aquarium

clownfish, and flashy Yellow and Royal Blue Tangs, tropical reptiles like the camouflaged iguanas, and even a colony of mischievous South American Humboldt penguins (try to catch them around feeding time).

Other unique attractions include:

Stingray Tank Barcelona Aquarium

A crawl space beneath the stingray tank where children (and maybe some adults) can squeeze in to watch the ‘smiling’ stingrays swimming above;

Walking at the Bottom of the Sea Barcelona Aquarium

A moving walkway, inside of a glass tunnel, which takes visitors on a virtual walk on the bottom of the sea;

Jellyfish Barcelona Aquarium

And tanks of luminescent jellyfish and other inhabitants of the deep sea,

Whale Barcelona Aquarium

displayed in the belly of a life-size whale.

Feeding the Koi Barcelona Aquarium

Kids visiting the Aquarium may even get a chance to feed some of the animals.

Getting there:

The Aquarium is located at Moll d’Espanya del Port Vell,s/n, in the Old Port.

Ticket info:

Adult Admission = 20.00€

Child Admission (Ages 5 – 10) = 15.00€

Child Admission (Ages 3 – 4) = 7.00€

Discounts apply for tickets purchased online. Reduced priced ticket packs are available for small groups. Check the Aquarium website for details. 

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