Things to do in Amsterdam – Take a Small Boat Canal Cruise

Amsterdam is a city practically surrounded by water with plenty of canals running through it. And the best way to see the city is from the water. To do that, skip the large canned cruises offered by the big boats and venture out on one of the smaller boats. We found two companies that offer reasonable and enjoyable options.

Those Dam Boat Guys

Those Dam Boat Guys Canal Cruise Boat Amsterdam

Those Dam Boat Guys – three West Coast guys from North America, now residing in Amsterdam, offer laid back and interactive canal tours for up to 11 people.

In the Boat with Those Dam Boat Guys Amsterdam

The entertaining and informative tours last about 2 1/2 hours and include a bit of history, a few significant sights, and details about life in Amsterdam. Almost anything goes on these boats, so feel free to pack a picnic and BYOB. Those Dam Boat Guys lead three tours per day; select your cruise time when you purchase your tickets.

The Wester Cafe Meeting Place Those Dam Boat Guys Canal Cruise Amsterdam

Groups meet in front of Cafe Wester on Prinsengracht in the Jordaan Neighborhood, across from the Anne Frank House. Tour rates (20.00€ per person at the time of our visit) are reasonable and you may even get to man the helm.

Narrowest house in Amsterdam Those Dam Boat Guys Canal Cruise

Things you’ll see during your cruise include the narrowest house in Amsterdam,

Crooked Canal House Amsterdam Those Dam Boat Guys Canal Cruise

the crookedest house in Amsterdam,

Seven Bridges Amsterdam Those Dam Boat Guys Canal Cruise

various bridges including the famous ‘seven bridges’

Canal Draw Bridge Those Dam Boat Guys Canal Cruise Amsterdam

as well as operable drawbridges,

Sidewalk Urinal Amsterdam

canal-side outdoor urinals,

View of Canal Houses Those Dam Boat Guys Canal Cruise Amsterdam

houseboats and canal houses,

People on the Water Amsterdam Canal Cruise

and for added entertainment, other tourists and lots of locals out on the water.

Getting There:

The meeting point for tours with Those Dam Boat Guys is Cafe Wester located at Nieuwe Leliestraat 2  (Note: purchase your tickets online prior to the tour).

Amsterdam Canal Motorboats

Amsterdam Canal Motorboats

Amsterdam Canal Motorboats – is a good option for smaller groups (up to 6 people) who want to explore Amsterdam’s canals on their own.

 Instructions at Amsterdam Canal Motorboats

Following a brief ‘how to’ for operating the boat, you’re off on your own cruising the canals.  For groups of 5 or more, this is an extremely reasonable cruise option.

View from Those Dam Boat Guys Canal Cruise Amsterdam

No previous boating experience necessary (anyone in Amsterdam can operate a boat) and these electric boats are easy to operate and make for a quiet and enjoyable journey.

Getting There:

Canal Motorboats is located at Zandhoek 10 A.

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