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Getting from Barcelona to Cadaqués

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The best way to get from Barcelona to Cadaqués is via a train/bus combination. Here are our step-by-step directions for getting from Barcelona to the Cadaqués city center/waterfront:

Step 1: Make your way to one of several Barcelona train stations that provide access to Figueres via regional train service.

This includes Barcelona Sants (see above map),

or Passeig de Gràcia station (see above map).

Ticket kiosk Barcelona Sants Spain

Step 2: Purchase ticket(s) to Figueres (not Figueres Vilafant) from the Ticket Kiosks. Note: these are the orange and black kiosks (not the pink and gray kiosks). Cost is about 16.00€ per person. Click here to find more information about train tickets.

Estacio Barcelona Sants - 6 - 2010-10-18 - JTCurses

Step 3: Check the information board to find which platform services trains going to Figueres or Portbou (stopping in Figueres).

Turnstiles Barcelona Sants Train Station Spain

Step 4: Make your way to your designated platform (Destination: Figueres or Portbou).

Ticket into turnstile Spain

Note: you will need to validate your ticket by going through the turnstile,

or stamping it in the ticket validation machine (depending on the departure station).

Step 5: Check the information board on the platform to verify that this train stops in Figueres.

Train to Figures

Step 6: Board the train, take a seat, and enjoy the ride. Travel time is ~ 2 hours.

FIGUERES Train Station

Step 7: Exit the train in Figueres.

Exit Figures Train Station

Step 8:  After exiting the train, pass through the train station,

Walk to FIGUERES Estació Bus Station

and walk through the park in front of the train station.

FIGUERES Estació bus station

Exiting the park, cross the street to get to the bus station. The total walking time from station to station is under 2 minutes.

Bus Ticket Line FIGUERES Estació

Step 9:  Purchase your bus ticket(s) from the ticket office. Cost is about 5.50€ per person. Click here to find more information about bus tickets.

Bus Information Board Figures

Step 10: Check the departures (sortides) information board to find the platform for your bus to Cadaqués.

Bus to Cadaqués

Step 11: Stow your luggage and board your bus.

 Bus ride to Cadaqués

Step 12: Enjoy the one-hour, cliff-hugging ride.

Bus Station CADAQUÉS Spain

Step 13: Exit the bus in Cadaqués, and don’t forget your luggage.

Step 14: Enjoy the short walk to the city center or your hotel.

Note: you could also take a direct bus from Estació d’Autobusos Barcelona Nord. This option would eliminate the transfer in Figueres, however there are fewer scheduled buses per day.

Travel tip: You could plan your journey with enough layover time in Figueres to visit the Dalí Theatre-Museum. You can store your luggage at the Figueres Bus Station for a nominal fee.

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