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The cheapest and easiest way to get from Marseille to Avignon

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The cheapest and easiest way to get from Marseille to Avignon is by regional train. Here are our step-by-step directions for getting from the Marseille train station (Gare de Saint-Charles) to Avignon Centre:

Step 1: Make your way to the Marseille train station Gare de Saint-Charles. (See above map). Note: see the travel tip below if you are arriving via Marseille Provence Airport and you are not going to Marseille.

SNCF Ticket Kiosk

Step 2: Purchase ticket to Avignon Centre from the Ticket Kiosk. Cost is just over €20.00 per person. You will be required to enter the date/time of departure when purchasing. Because this information is pre-printed on the ticket, there’s no need to validate your ticket before boarding your train.

Ticket Validation Machine SNCF

Note: If you purchased an open ticket (one without a specified travel date), you will need to validate your ticket by stamping it in the ticket validation machine (usually located at the entrance to platforms).

Information Board Departure Platforms Train Station Marseille France

Step 3: Check the information board/large placard to find which platform (designated by letter) services trains going to Avignon.

Train Station Platform Marseille France

Step 4: Make your way to your designated platform (Destination: Avignon Centre).

Information Board on Platform Marseille Train Station France

Step 5: Check the information board on the platform to verify that this train is going to Avignon Centre.

Interior of Train Marseille to Arles France

Step 6: Board the train, take a seat, and enjoy the ride. Travel time is ~90 minutes.

Information Board at Platform Avignon Train Station

Step 7: Exit the train at Gare D’Avignon Centre.

Gare D'Avignon Centre

Step 8: After exiting the train, make your way to the front of the train station.
Avignon - Porte de la République

Step 9: At the front of the train station, cross Boulevard Saint Roch and walk through Porte de la Republique (the old city gates).

Step 10: Make your way to the city center.

Travel tips:

Purchasing your train ticket from the kiosk, instead of from the ticket office, will save you valuable time.

Vitrolles Aéroport Marseille Provence

If you are arriving at the Marseille Provence Airport, you can take the Shuttle bus to the VITROLLES AEROPORT MARSEILLE train station and purchase your tickets from the kiosk, then board the train to Avignon Centre, without having to go to Marseille.

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