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The cheapest and easiest way to get from Figueres to Cadaqués

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The easiest way to get from Figueres to Cadaqués is via regional bus. Here are our step-by-step directions for getting from Figueres to the Cadaqués city center/waterfront:

Step 1: Make your way to the Figueres Bus stations that provide access to Cadaqués via regional bus service.

Bus Ticket Line FIGUERES Estació

Step 2:  Purchase your bus ticket(s) from the ticket office. Cost is about 5.50€ per person. Click here to find more information about bus tickets.

Bus Information Board Figures

Step 3: Check the departures (sortides) information board to find the platform for your bus to Cadaqués.

Bus to Cadaqués

Step 4: Stow your luggage and board your bus.

Bus ride to Cadaqués

Step 5: Enjoy the one-hour, cliff-hugging ride.

Bus Station CADAQUÉS Spain

Step 6: Exit the bus in Cadaqués, and don’t forget your luggage.

Step 7: Enjoy the short walk to the city center or your hotel.

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