The Algarve, Portugal’s southern region – Tavira

Beach Barril Portugal

St. Luzia Portugal

Portugal’s southern region, The Algarve, with its warm Atlantic Coast beaches

White washed Tavira Portugal

and picturesque whitewashed villages, is a popular vacation spot for sun-starved northern Europeans, and many of the towns and cities have established English speaking communities. From Sagres in the west to Tavira in the east, there are a number of quaint towns and cities worth exploring. 

The city of Faro, quite centrally located in the Algarve, though not the most attractive of Portuguese cities, serves as the gateway to the region and is accessible by air and rail.

Tavira, Portugal

Forty minutes by train from Faro, you’ll find Tavira, a city at the mouth of the Gilão River. This quiet and pretty little town is a relaxing vacation destination with affordable accommodations, amazing views and access to beautiful and clean nearby beaches.

Tavira, Portugal

The Algarve makes for a pleasurable stop on your journey through Portugal.  So, take things a bit slower and enjoy this region as a vacation from your vacation.

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  1. Ruth H

    I’ve just started reading a book you might enjoy. It is on the voyage of Magellan. It starts in Portugal and Spain so I thought you might like it. The title is “Over the Edge of the World”; author is Laurence Bergreen; from Harper Perennial Books, published 2003. Very interesting history.
    I’m enjoying your travelguides.

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