Free things to do in New Orleans – Stroll down Magazine Street

Looking for something to do in New Orleans, away from the crowds in the French Quarter, consider a stroll down Magazine Street. This 6-mile stretch of road Uptown, extends from Canal Street through the Garden District to Audubon Park.

Sidewalk Tiles Magazine Street New Orleans

Named for an 18th century munitions warehouse (magazine) once located in the area, Magazine Street today features an interesting mix of residential and retail properties. There are several pockets, or ‘hot spots’ as we call them, where you’ll find boutiques, specialty shops, and art galleries, as well as bakeries, cafés, and restaurants. Though technically it’s not possible to stroll down the full length of Magazine Street, you can easily visit these various hot spots. To get from one hot spot to the next, we recommend traveling by bike, bus, taxi, or car. However, those traveling by car will have difficulty finding a parking space. Besides, if you’re like us, you won’t want to drive because you’ll want to enjoy various cocktails along the way. There’s plenty here to keep you busy as you stroll (or bike) from one spot to the next.

We’ve broken it down into the two most popular pockets where we found several places we enjoyed visiting. Starting from Canal Street moving west toward Audubon Park/Zoo:

Between St Andrew Street and Philip Street (Blocks 1800-2200):

Thomas Mann Gallery Magazine Street

Thomas Mann Gallery – in this art gallery and studio you’ll find original handcrafted jewelry, home accessories, and more from designer Thomas Mann and other artisans. Thomas Mann Gallery is located at 1812 Magazine St.

Aidan Gill For Men Shop Sign Magazine Street New Orleans

Aidan Gill  – this retro barbershop is a throw back to the 19th century.

Aidan Gill For Men Interior Magazine Street New Orleans

You’ll find a store offering a wide range of men’s shaving supplies, hair and skin care products, and accessories.  The barbershop is at the back. Aidan Gill is located at 2026 Magazine St.

Derby Pottery and Tile Magazine Street New Orleans

Derby Pottery & Tile – offers reproductions of decorative Victorian tile and New Orleans inspired pottery. Derby Pottery & Tile is located at 2029 Magazine St.

Bella Umbrella Boutique Magazine Street New Orleans

Bella Umbrella – a quaint specialty shop selling, you guessed it…umbrellas. Bella Umbrella is located at 2036 Magazine St.

Miette Boutique Sign Magazine Street New Orleans

Miette – this shop offers a quirky mix of jewelry, purses, and other handcrafted items by various artists. Miette is located at 2038 Magazine St.

Trashy Diva Sign Magazine Street New Orleans

Trashy Diva – a boutique offering lingerie, vintage-inspired clothing, and accessories. Trashy Diva is located at 2048 Magazine St.

Grandmothers Buttons Exterior Magazine Street New Orleans

Grandmother’s Buttons –  A truly unique kind of jewelry store, they make and sell one-of-a-kind pieces crafted from antique buttons. Grandmother’s Buttons is located at 2105 Magazine St.

La Belle Nouvelle Orleans Antiques Sign Magazine Street New Orleans

La Belle Nouvelle Orleans Antiques – an antique store with some really unique and unusual finds, like the early-1900s scientific glass slides. La Belle Nouvelle Orleans Antiques is located at 2112 Magazine St.

Goorin Bros Hat Shop Sign Magazine Street New Orleans

Gooring Bros Hat Shop –  a 4th generation family run specialty hat shop. Gooring Bros Hat Shop is located at 2127 Magazine St.

Between Washington and Louisiana Avenue (Blocks 2800 – 3300):

Discoveries Furniture and Finds Exterior Magazine Street New Orleans

Discoveries Furniture and Finds – they sell imported furniture and home decor. Discoveries Furniture and Finds is located at 2850 Magazine St.

Exterior Sucre Magazine Street New Orleans

Sucré – a chic pastry salon serving a selection of artisanal sweets ranging from handcrafted French macarons and homemade gelato to chocolates, cupcakes, seasonal Mardi Gras King Cake, and more. Sucré is located at 3025 Magazine St.

Key Jewelry Sign H Rault Locksmiths Magazine Street New Orleans

H Rault Locksmiths – named for locksmith Henri Rault, whose father Joseph, a French immigrant, established the business in the French Quarter as a gunsmith shop in 1845, this is reportedly the oldest locksmith shop in the city and has been situated at its present location since 1926. Today, the shop, which specializes in antique locks, offers an interesting array of products and services, including one-of-a-kind jewelry fashioned from original hardware. H Rault Locksmiths is located at 3027 Magazine St.

Fluerty Girl Store Exterior Magazine Street New Orleans

Fleurty Girl – here you’ll find an eclectic collection of New Orleans and Louisiana-themed items, ranging from clothing and accessories, footwear,  home decor, and jewelry crafted by local artists. Fleurty Girl is located at 3117 Magazine St.

Funky Monkey Costumes and Vintage Clothing Magazine Street New Orleans

Funky Monkey – this specialty boutique sells new and vintage clothing, costumes, and jewelry. Funky Monkey is located at 3127 Magazine St.

Lush Cosmetics Exterior Magazine Street New Orleans

Lush Cosmetics Interior Magazine Street New Orleans

Lush Cosmetics – this store sells cosmetics, bath, and body products. Lush Cosmetics is located at 3129 Magazine St.

Petcetera Entrance Magazine Street New Orleans

Petcetera – a unique boutique offering all manner of products and services for your pet, including clothing and accessories, grooming, photography, and even baked goods. Petcetera is located at 3205 Magazine St.

Magazine Street also has quite a few good restaurants and bars worth checking out. Click here to see our post on “Eating your way down Magazine Street one dish at a time“.

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