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Cheapest way to get from the New Orleans Cruise Terminal to the French Quarter

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If you plan to visit New Orleans  after your cruise, you can easily access the French Quarter via a short walk (5 minutes) and streetcar ride. Note: this method depends upon the gate being open (see step 4).

Stairs up to Walkway Riverwalk New Orleans

Step 1: After departing the cruise terminal, make your way to the staircase located just north of the terminal.

Walkway Stairs Riverwalk New Orleans

Step 2: At the top of the staircase, make an immediate right turn and walk towards the walkway.

Walkway Riverwalk New Orleans

Step 3: Once you reach the walkway, take a left and continue toward the River Walk Entrance.

Walkway Gates Riverwalk New Orleans

Step 4: Next, pass through the gate. Note: if the gate is closed, you will NOT have access to the French Quarter and will need to go back and take another route.

Walk Through Riverwalk New Orleans

Step 5: Enter – and pass through – the River Walk, exiting at the doors shown in the above photo.

Exit Riverwalk New Orleans

Step 6: Continue to the end of the covered walkway until you reach the escalators.

Escalators Riverwalk New Orleans

Step 7: Take the escalators down.

Riverwalk Escalators to Julia Street Station New Orleans

Step 8: At the bottom of the escalators, take a left and continue down the ramp.

 Walkway to Julia Street Cruise Terminal New Orleans

Step 9: Continue walking on the road towards the train tracks.

Walk to Julia Street Station Cruise Terminal New Orleans

Step 10: Just pass the wall, take a left to reach the Julia Station platform.

Julia Street Streetcar Stop New Orleans

Step 11: Take the Red Streetcar (bound for the CBD/French Quarter)

Step 12: Exit at Poydras, Canal Street, Toulouse, or Dumaine depending on your destination.

Tickets and passes for the streetcars can be purchased onboard from the automatic ticket machine, which accepts bills and coins. Machines do not give change; you will receive a printed voucher for the difference.

Ticket options include:

1-day (24-hour) Jazzy Pass = $3.00

Single journey pass = $1.25 + transfer ($0.25)

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