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We are Mike and Gayla, natives of south Louisiana, who met while we both were attending the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.  We share a passion for travel and since 1995, we’ve spent the majority of our vacations traveling around Europe.  We loved Europe so much, we moved here in 2008.

In addition to travel, we also enjoy art, music and really good food.  We like seeing new places, meeting new people, and learning new things. We don’t like overpriced, mediocre meals, tourist traps and travel snobs.  We especially don’t like rude and inconsiderate travelers. When we travel we make an attempt to see things from the local perspective and to be open to new and different experiences. We hope to share with you some of the things we’ve learned over the years.  Our hope is for your travel experience to be easy and enjoyable.

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  1. Josie Young-Mom

    I realy like it, you see i found it and enjoy it very much. Keep up the good work. Mom

  2. First of all, thank you for your great and complimentary piece on our beautiful museum. Furthermore, you included some beautiful pictures of the Noordelijk Scheepvaartmuseum’s interior and exterior. We’re really glad you enjoyed your visit. We would love to know how you came across our museum. Like you mentioned, the proximity to water, shipping, trade and navigation were of huge importance to Groningen. We’re very proud that our museum offers the visitor an insight into the influence and signficance of maritime history. We do hope you’ve enjoyed our Titanic exhibition. As stated, our next exposition is “From Sint-Petersburg with Love”, this is a collaboration with the Synagoge Groningen and shows unique artwork of both Russian and Northern Dutch artists. We would like, when you’re ever in Groningen again, to invite you to pay another visit to our beautiful museum, where you will get a cup of coffee (on the house 😉 ), and enjoy both our interesting naval history and temporary exhibits.

    • Mikestravelguide

      Hello Marlies,

      Thank you for visiting our site and for your kind words regarding our photos. We truly enjoyed our visit to Het Scheepsvaartmuseum and learned interesting things about Groningen’s maritime history. We became aware of the museum during a previous trip to Groningen and are very glad we found it again. We look forward to returning to Groningen, hopefully in time to see ‘From St Petersburg with Love’. Travel writing and ‘blogging’ are new for us and we are grateful for positive feedback on our posts. We would be delighted to collaborate with Het Scheepsvaartmuseum, if possible, perhaps through ‘shares’ and ‘likes’ on Facebook, or via sponsorship of our site.

      Mike & Gayla~

  3. Hello Mike & Gayla,

    Even though you’re are new at it, you’re doing a great job with travel writing and ‘blogging’. We love your site. It offers, aside from beautiful pictures and a lovely description of our Noordelijk Scheepvaartmuseum, great destinations and travel tips. We’re glad to hear(well, read) that you’re planning to return to Groningen. We also hope you’ll be in time to visit our “From St. Petersburg with Love” exhibition. You can see it from March 3 – May 5, 2013. As promised, you’ll get a cup of coffee on the house. Unfortunately, we’re unable to sponsor your blog, because we desperately need the money ourselves. We will, however, visit your Facebook page and try to “like” and “share” your posts as much as we can. Especially the ones that mention our beautiful museum. 😉 You can be sure about that! So, see you (hopefully) soon in the Noordelijk Scheepvaartmuseum where the “koffie klaar staat” (coffee is ready)!

    • Mikestravelguide

      Hello Marlies,

      We’re really happy to hear that you love our site 🙂 Thank you for offering to ‘like’ and ‘share’ via Facebook. We are happy to do the same for your beautiful museum.

      And, dank jullie wel voor de uitnodiging!

      Mike & Gayla~

  4. Hey Gayla and Mike,
    I really like the lay-out of your blog! Now following your adventures!

    • Mikestravelguide

      Thanks, Tine! We’re glad you visited our site and signed up to follow our adventures. Hope you enjoy our travels 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.
      Gayla & Mike~

  5. Alexandra Oncu

    Hello Mike and Gayla,

    My name is Alexandra and I am a graphic design intern for The Local, a Swedish company trying to build a network of local news in English (www.thelocal.se).

    I’m writing to you to ask for permission to use one of your photos (http://mikestravelguide.com/a-great-photo-of-the-dancing-houses-in-amsterdam/amsterdam-canal3/), as part of the header image of a landing page for a contest we are hosting on our website. As the prize of the contest consists of two tickets to visit Amsterdam, we thought your image with the dancing houses would best fit the context.

    Please let me know as soon as possible if you agree to give us your permission, a fact that we shall greatly appreciate, as we are doing our best to present to our readers high quality images, such as yours.

    Best regards,
    Alexandra Oncu and The Local team.

    • Mikestravelguide

      Hi Alexandra,

      You have permission to use our photo, as long as you credit us (www.mikestravelguide.com), and provide a link to our website on your web page.

      Please notify us when it goes live.



  6. John

    Hey mike, i am going to new Orleans in march and was looking about taking a taxi there. i notice you saying the cheapest way is a taxi for $33 for a couple? is this really true? that’s seams awfully cheap… is there more to this? John

  7. Kristy Combs

    Hi Mike. You are an awesome travel guide. Thank you for everything!
    Kristy (FBRC8)

    • Mikestravelguide

      Thank you, Kristy! What a nice thing to say. I enjoyed taking you guys around Amsterdam! Gayla and I hope you’ll keep visiting our site 🙂

  8. Joe

    Mike: We are planning a trip to Venice in June and, because our flight will be arriving late I was stressing about finding reasonably priced accommodations that we could find in the dark — until I came across your Venice video on YouTube. Thanks so much for recommending Alloggi Barbaria, and taking the boat from the airport. It looks like it will be very easy to find, and will still be convenient even though it’s a bit off the beaten path. Thanks again, Joe

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