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  1. Margaret

    Thank you for such great detailed information I will be using it on our trips to siena and San Gimignano from florence. I am surprised you haven’t done one on Rome. We were there 2014 so have some experience where to go and what to do. So we will b able to enjoy it more this time round. Will let you know how we go.

    • Mikestravelguide

      Hi Margaret, Thanks for stopping by our site. We appreciate your comments and hope you enjoy your time in Italy. We look forward to hearing how things go for you. We are very interested in doing a page on Rome; we have visited, but don’t have the content needed to do it justice. Hopefully, we’ll return to Rome in the near future. It’s a beautiful city! Happy and safe travels.

  2. Nita

    I really appreciate your blog. I love your photos! It’s a shame that I just read the blog now that I am at my half way mark. But looking at your photos its like I went back again. Thanks and Mabuhay (Long live!)


    • Mikestravelguide

      Hi Nita, Thanks so much for your comments and for stopping by our site. We hope you enjoy the remainder of your trip and wish you many more happy travels!

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